Jon Gedge dot com

Maintenance Update: 20211026 DTE.

Be advised that I’m going to be converting this site form WordPress to . . . something else. Right now, I have over 100 active unique pages on this site and WordPress is having trouble processing and handling all of this data. And if I had my way, I’d double the size of this site as quickly as my fingers could type!

Until we complete this transition, the only updates that I’ll be doing will be the Cyberpunk Session Logs.

When Ian Flemming created his eponymous super spy character for his super spy novel series he wanted to select a name for this character that was so droll, so boring, so plain that it would defy anything approaching an exotic nature.

One day he came across a botany book authored by one James Bond and Flemming knew that he had found the most unpretentious name that an Englishman could possess.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for our Botanist friend, James Bond is now the epitome of the heroic super capable (and super sauced) super agent!

But what does this have to do with me?

I’m glad you asked!

Ever since I began interacting on the internet, I intuitively understood that I should present myself with pseudonyms. After all, the internet is a dangerous place!

In 2020 AD I had the opportunity to FINALLY set up a website. A task that I had neglected for far too long but by then all the good short website names were gone. Right?

Let’s perish that thought for a moment as I too decided to introduce yet another new pseudonym.

Jon is a pretty run of the mill English name but we’re trying to keep the name short and I wanted to drop the pretentious silent ‘h’. That’s three characters long but how about a surname?

I wanted something with a bit of an edge to it. Something Edgy . . .,

“Hedge?” Nah. I might be mistaken for starting a horticultural website and that won’t do.

“Wedge?” Yeah, that’s cool, but George Lucas beat me to that name and otherwise it might sound a bit divisive. So I opted to avoid looking like an unoriginal Star Wars fanboi or a basic internet troll. (Even though I am both).

“Sledge?” Eh? I’m not to partial to the Barbaric approach of “SMASH” and SMASH more so let’s skip Sledge.

Aedge? Bedge? Cedge? Dedge? Eedge?

Oh no. None of that will do.



Wait a moment. What if we hit that with a Hard ‘G’ instead of a soft ‘g’ followed by that sharp ‘edge?’

Hard ‘G’ and sharp ‘edge’? That has a ring to it.

Gedge. Jon Gedge

But is that domain available in 2020?

Yes! And so here we are!


This site is primarily devoted to Role Playing Games. I had (sniff) a long running Star Wars RPG that‘s going went very well and I’ll be posting information specific to that campaign. If you are a new and open to learn new stuff as a Game Master (or Referee) for RPG’s some of this content might help you see how I prepare for my regularly scheduled sessions. And this website should, in time, become a nice repository for all of the information relating to my Star Wars Universe

Additionally, RPG’s are becoming more popular and one thing that new and aspiring Game Masters seem to yearn for is advice. Check that out in my “RPG Articles” section as I’ll try to post nuanced and unique thoughts and perspectives to this hobby.

If you’re looking for advice or counsel on anything not related to RPG’s you can check out the generic articles.
Keep in mind that I’m not a Lawyer so nothing here should be considered ‘legal’ advice, but some of it will be ‘professional’ advice (which should be pretty obvious when you see it), but I do intend for all of it to be good advice

I have a section for Odd projects and I think the adjective ‘odd’ fits nicely. It’s a random assortment of real world projects that my eclectic imagination has puzzled over. Some of these projects are ready for sale, but most need further development. A lot of these projects are stuck!

Reviews! There are some books and movies that I think need a closer look. Do NOT expect to find the traditional fare here! Most of the books and movies discussed will be outside the realm of traditional popular entertainment (usually) but all of it should be included for its insightful content or unique quality.

I do want to try to frame some of my thoughts on the subject of Religion and if that’s something that might inspire you, check it out. There won’t be anything earth shattering or ‘new’ in this area. Maybe my unique perspective might illuminate you, but if you’re not interested in religious discussions, skip this part, for now.

Lastly, one of the key reasons that I want to set up my own home page is so that I can learn html better. I’ll have a page that I use as a test bed as I learn and try out advanced code. Don’t expect much as the content will be totally random and only serve to display what is possible with advanced html.

Hopefully there’s something of value for you here. Enjoy!