Inside a Jury

Walk inside an actual Jury Room and see the compelling dramatic events as they unfolded in a drama that was way more dramatic than the crime itself!

I’m overselling a bit here as we concluded that there wasn’t an actual crime committed so ANYTHING would have been more dramatic than “nothing.” Right?

However, Inside a Jury is a seven part series of articles chronicling a real life jury of a real case.

I originally compiled these articles with the intent to submit them for publication in a Law Journal or similar publication for the edification of Lawyers. No one knows what actually happens in a Jury Room and this is a fact that drives Lawyers crazy!

What are Lawyers doing that works? What are they wasting time on?

However when I submitted this, none of the publications that I approached were interested.

So, now that I have a website, I’m presenting it HERE. So that you can go inside the secretive halls of a room that no trial Lawyer will find themselves in and pull back the curtain!

Inside the Jury

Voir Dire
Opening Statements
Witness Theresa Derringer
Witness Valery Keesh