James Vandeau

James Vandeau

James Vandeau looked like Gabriel’s Brother. He was muscular and walked with a worker’s gait. He was dressed in a pattern shirt and casual slacks. Like Gabriel, he wore his hair in thin dreadlocks and a short mustache and beard.

He was sworn in and waited for Mr. Jones to ask his questions.

“Did you help Theresa on the move in February?”


“How did you get roped into this move?”

“I am a friend of Theresa and she call me.”

“How do you know this man,” Pointing to the defendant, “Gabriel Jackson?”

“I met him a week or two before the move.”

“And you’re friends with Theresa?”


“And Gabriel?”


“Did you notice anything out of the order during that move?” Jones asked.



“No, it was a happy move.”

Jones paused a moment and then reported that he had nothing further.

The Judge asked Mr. Smith to cross, which was declined.

Five minutes after he was sworn in, Mr. James Vandeau was dismissed.

James looked a bit shocked as he was dismissed and wore a expression clearly demanding, “Is that all?”