Book and Movie Reviews

I don’t run out and watch movies in the theater so these reviews are WAY after the fact. Please note that Spoiler Warnings are in effect for everything on these pages!

As for the books on these lists my intention is to focus on informative or unique books that you may not have heard of.

As I assemble my Movie Reviews, I find myself focusing and movies that I enjoy. And lets face it. Life is short and I think that I’d rather recommend good movies than complain about bad movies.

  • Citizen Kane-1941 (Movie) Considered Orsen Well’s best movie ever! Skip this one folks. I didn’t enjoy this movie.
  • Danger Close-2019 (Movie) I enjoyed and recommend this war movie!
  • Generation War-2014 (Movie) A brutal, unflinching, and well done Docudrama about World War II.
  • The Great Escape-1963 (Movie) that I enjoyed. This is a World War II prisoner escape Docudrama.
  • Hacksaw Ridge-2016 (Movie) Best War Movie Ever? Probably. I’m strongly recommending this movie.
  • Peppermint-2018 (Movie) Like Gunfu? Want Gunfu? Enjoy this Jennifer Garner vehicle!
  • Sands of Iwo Jima-1950 (Movie) starring John Wayne! Good War movie that I recommend.
  • So I Married an Axe Murderer-1993 (Movie) Fun multi genre Rom/Com movie that I recommend.
  • The Thin Red Line-1998 (Movie) Horribly adapted World War II Movie. Skip this one! Not worth the money spent to produce.