The Great Escape

The Great Escape: Recommended!

This came out in 1963. Spoilers!

While talking to my Father on Father’s Day, he recommended this movie. It’s been a while since he’s seen this movie and I hadn’t actually had a chance to watch this until 2021. His impressions were that this movie probably wasn’t all that ‘realistic’ but that the theme song was popular on the radio back in the 1960’s. To be fair it’s a pretty catchy tune.

While I’m not familiar with the events portrayed in this movie, I actually found it handled my desires for verisimilitude quite nicely. My suspenders of disbeliefe were never stretched during this movie and I found everything quite plasible.

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Being that this movie was shot and released in the early 1960’s (and ultimately released in 1963), everything was shot practically. So no Computer Generated Imagery was available for special effects.

One other cool thing about this movie was how close to World War II it was filmed, so all of the practical vehicles and equipment was still available for practical setting and props. So if you want to see a technicolor version of a World War II prison camp and what portions of Nazi Germany and France looked like, check this movie out.

As a story, I enjoyed this movie too. The story is about a group of troublesome Allied Prisoner’s of War (POW’s) who had become so burdensome at their attempts to escape POW camps, that the Nazi’s had built a special camp to house all of these escape artists.

So naturally all of these specialists set about to pull off the biggest POW escape EVER!

The Great Escape is a nifty docudrama about the techniques and methods used by these intrepid Allied officers to undermine and thwart and deprive the Nazis of essential personnel and war materiel toward the recapture of the POW’s, rather than toward the defense of Nazi held Europe.

This movie is a star studded ensemble movie featuring Steve McQueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough, Charles Bronson, James Donald, Donald Pleasence, James Coburn, Hannes Messemer, David McCallum, Gordon Jackson, John Leyton, Angus Lennie, Nigel Stock, and Robert Graf. Most of whom you may recognize as they are all excellent actors, in their own right and enjoyed lengthy acting careers. Some of you older movie watchers will no doubt recognize most of the cast!

With good pacing, solid tension that running throughout the film, and great acting all around, I’m going to recommend checking out this film. It’s not a gritty war movie with tons of combat (per se) but it’s a good look at one facet of the war.

The Great Escape was produced before the MPAA rating association so it’s “unrated.” However, this movie is pretty close to what would currently be a rated PG movie as it does have some violence and death, including a scene were Nazi Gestapo soldiers machine gun down 50 of the POW’s.

Available on Amazon Prime The Great Escape is a movie that I recommend you consider. It’s a classical movie for all the right reasons and stands the test of time nicely.