Peppermint: Awww Yeah!

No Spoilers on this one

Bottom line up front: Yes! Enthusiastically.

To start off with this review I want to start by saying something negative about the star, Jennifer Garner. I’ll follow that with a compliment and then explain how this fits with the movie “Peppermint.”

As I have watched entertainment projects that Jennifer Garner has participated in, I have found that Jennifer is not the most dynamic actress. There are parts that Ms Garner isn’t always well suited for.


Jennifer Garner is an incredibly athletic physically talented actress. Jennifer does ‘sweet’ well. She does ‘stern’ well. Jennifer can do ‘determined’ incredibly. And she conveys righteous indignant anger to perfection!

And in “Peppermint” Jennifer Garner gets to shine. To use industry parlance, “Peppermint” is a Jennifer Garner vehicle.

And oh my does she take the wheel and drive this story with supreme skill!

As I think about “Peppermint” I think the closest movie that I can compare it to is Keanu Reeves’ “John Wick” movie. (And yes, I’m assuming you’ve already watched “John Wick” and enjoyed it).

Both movies involve the protagonist dedicated to their family and having a family tragedy disrupt their life by vile evil men.

Both movies involve protagonists incapable of turning to traditional justice for relief.

And both protagonists retaliate with awesome levels of physical violence and Gunfu!

Need I say more?

I love “Peppermint.” I’ve seen it multiple times since it was released in 2018.

“Peppermint” is rated R (in the USA) and easily earns that R rating with a copious body count (but not quite as high as “John Wick”), violence, red corn syrup, and some harsh language not “mommy” appropriate. (But this mommy has just cause)!

The Gunfu driven Revenge Flick Peppermint is available on Amazon Prime.