Cyberpunk Red . . . Painted Black!

In polling the players for this campaign the recurring request was something Cyberpunk!

Campaign Details

Cyberpunk is a dark gritty near future existence eeked out in the gutters of a post apocalyptic dystopian future with access to cybernetic replacements. For when your character’s limbs get blown off.

My initial introduction to the source material is “Cyberpunk Red.” I’m a bit disappointed by the rules but I like the setting information. We’re going to use Steve Jackson Games Generic Universal Role-Playing Game (Fourth Edition) aka GURPS!

Let’s see if this campaign works out!

Disclaimer: Cyberpunk is a dystopian style setting in the not so distant future and we’re setting this Role Playing Game campaign in New Haven CT. As the Game Master, I’m trying to establish a fictitious game with lots of verisimilitude, including researching what things are really like in New Haven currently. Then I’ll make some pessimistic assumptions for a dark future.

Please note that though some location names bear resemblance to current locations, the content on this website does not reflect actual locations and should not be used for the purposes of referral or reference.

Additionally, all characters depicted are purely fictional. Most Non-Player Character (NPC) names are generated randomly using the Fantasy Name Generators website. Any resemblances to people real or imagined are purely coincidental.