Frank the Fixer

Frank the Fixer

Monthly COLA $1,000

Frank Stella was working for DARPA in the drone warfare department. Frank Stella was presented with a prototype which Stella found was unworkable. Stella took apart the prototype that to confirm his reports.

Management wasn’t pleased with his conclusion and Frank’s security clearance was pulled and Frank was fired on the spot.

Frank returned home to pick up the pieces of his shattered life due to family ties.

Technically Frank isn’t a ‘fixer’ but is a capable technician. However the consenation sounds melodic so Frank keeps the moniker ‘fixer’ despite the confusion it may cause.

Renting a floor in a three story row house in Dixwell, Frank pays extra to rent out the detached garage, that he can use as a makeshift shop.

Having access to a van comes in handy for this handyman as he can take his tools to his clients.