Busted. Twice.

Friday October 8th, 2049. A leisurely but cold rainy day.

New Hampshire Police Department

Sgt Ogden introduces Brody and Stella to Detective Monroe, who is in the drug department and is supervising this arrest.

The NHPD techs install some surveillance equipment in the van, but Stella declines an on body camera in spite of the techs assurance that they can shut off the RF channel in case the BDB wand or search him.

With everything set up, the team rolls out so that Stella can meet up with the BDB to purchase $500 worth of “glitter.”

Brody is invited to ride in the surveillance van with two responding officers, a driver and the technician.

Stella rolls up on time and his three BDB friends from the previous day show up for the transaction.

The sale goes well enough, but when the NHPD kick off their sirens and begin to roll in, the three BDB kids bolt!

Stella races to get into his van to ‘escape’ and one of the kids dives into the van urging Frank to gun it!

Stella drops his keys on the floorboards and the two cops from Brody’s van close in and capture the kid.

The other two BDB race away from the convenience store and down the street, but are pursued by other units. The other two suspects ultimately escape.

Brody asks the arresting officers if he can ‘talk’ to the BDB suspect and the cops allow him.

Brody puts the mouthy kid in his place and learns that the name of the BDB gang leader is ‘Ricky’ and that the gang stashes their product at Ricky’s home.

Stella and the BDB kid are ‘processed’ and sent to the Police Department.

Just after getting the ‘prisoners’ to the station, Detective Monroe offers to cut Stella loose, but Stella offers to be placed in the same holding cell to see if he can get more information or a confession out of the kid.

Monroe decides to move the two into an interrogation room (with cameras and microphones), but he want’s Stella to sign a release so that they can use the footage in court.

Stella refuses to sign the release until after the kid signs his.

Monroe places Stella in the holding room and then grabs Brody and asks Brody to convince his friend to sign the waiver!

Brody and Stella discuss the situation and Brody is convinced by Stella not to press the waiver signature.

Stella and the kid are set up in Interrogation Room 4. Detective Monroe offers the waiver to the suspect (named Jessy Devane) is convinced and signs the waiver. Monroe makes the same pitch to Stella, who finally relents.

Monroe then leaves the two alone for several minutes.

Stella and Devane have a sit down, ultimately both accuse the other of being a snitch.

Devane is definitely a juvenile and he’s waiting for his dad, (a lawyer) to come and pick him up.

Stella does gain some confidence and is able to help NHPD acquire collaboration that the group is trafficking “Glitter” and “Booster.”

Ultimately, Jesse’s father arrives at the station and, as his lawyer, remands his son into his custody.

Stella is released a couple of minutes later, after the Devane’s depart the station.

Brody and Stella leave the NHPD at 7:30 p.m.

The two decide to check out the New Haven downtown club scene, specifically to see if they can track down “Essential” and see if they can rescue her.

As they arrive, The Voice calls Brody and acts surprised that Brody is ‘in the area.’ If they’re interested, he can hook the two of them up with tickets to “Froggers.” If they can get there by 9:30 (in about 90 minutes) they should check out Butterfly Boo during their amateur hour. After his set, they can approach Buttery Fly boo and let them know that “The Voice” referred them, Boo has a job for Brody that pays $500 credits.

Once getting to the Crown and George section of town it’s easy to spot the call girls.

They stop and have a chat with “Dusty” a spiky bob haired brunette who is willing to provide ‘the essentials’ for $40. She has a blond girl friend who’s willing to join the two guys for their ‘party.’

Dusty isn’t catching on, that the two guys just want information, but she’s willing to ‘service’ the two guys for $40 each. No group discounts!

With the deal set up, she hops into the van and decides to sit on Stella’s lap (as Brody is driving).

Dusty remains quiet as they drive away, but both Brody and Stella notice that her girlfriend takes several pictures of the van as they pull away.

They drive a bit and once Brody finds a quiet alley, they ask Dusty about their preferred girl, “Essential.”

Dusty knows about her, but hasn’t seen her in a couple of days. Rumor has it that she fell down a flight of stairs recently. She works for Recycle just one block down from Dusty’s regular corner. Dusty gives them a good physical description of Recycle: 6′ 04”, 300 lbs all muscle, black hair, and black evil eyes.

Dusty is surprised that all they wanted was information and she charges the two $80 using a card reader. Dusty has Brody drop her off at a nearby restaurant.

Circling back, they find the intersection that Essential would likely be posted at and notice a guy matching Recycle’s description loitering in a nearby alley.

They park the van and grab their gear. Stella gets the keys to the van and will focus on driving if they need to make a hasty retreat, while Brody grabs his Desert Eagle.

Bracing themselves for the cold the two head out to the dark alley.

Stella leans himself at the end of the alley watching for any surprises while Brody squares off with Recycle.

Brody asks if the stranger is (indeed) Recycle, but the tall guy evades with “Who’s asking? Who want’s to know?”

Brody points out that he’s there for a friend, and Recycle demands to know who the friend is.

Being very dark and with the abrupt intrusion, Recycle activates a glow stick and drops it in the alley, providing very light illumination.

Brody demands to know where Essential is to which Recycle reports that she’s ‘under the weather’ with some sort of flu.

Brody gruffly demands to know where she is and that Brody want’s her!

Recycle laughs at Brody and tells the stranger that he’s only willing to give her up for $25,000!

Brody can’t ‘afford’ to by the prostitute and is not interested in paying for her if he did have the cash!

Frustrated, Brody pulls out his Desert Eagle to knee cap Recycle.

One very loud .44 Magnum gunshot later, Recycle drops to the ground with a crippled leg, screaming at the top of his lungs!

Stella is shocked by the weapon discharge and glancing about the street, so is most of the crowd! Including two pairs of cops, cautiously begin proceeding toward the alleyway from either side.

Stella exits the alley and starts walking cautiously toward his van, while looking and pointing across the street.

Further down the alley, is a cluster of people and they begin fleeing the alley away from Brody.

With Recycle down, Brody menaces the pimp and demands to know where Essential is! Unfortunately (for Brody) Recycle is falling into shock and while he tries to answer, he can’t form intelligible words.

Stella is about to get to the driver’s side door, but a pair of the cops order him to stop! Stella is ordered up against the wall, and the two officers begin to question Stella.

The only ‘weapon’ that Stella has is a set of darts. He explains to the cops that he has them for a game of darts.

Meanwhile, Brody heads further down into the alley with the hope of popping on of the back doors open. Brody races down and tries to pick the lock on the back doors of two businesses but is only 2/3rds of the way down the alley by the time the second pair of cops arrive at the alley and shine a flashlight beam at Brody.

Brody is ordered to stop and the second pair of cops approach Brody. They think that they have their shooter, and the first pair of cops are called to help back up the second pair. Stella is free to go.

Once the cops enter the alley, Stella hops into the van and powers it up. He drives around hoping to pick up Brody from the other side of he alley (unaware that Brody is about to turn himself in).

While the cops carefully approach their suspect, Brody calls Ogden using his cyberware.

Ogden is relaxed and trying to enjoy the Steelers game and isn’t interested in being interrupted by Brody.

Brody asks for help and informs Ogden that he’s downtown, about to be arrested and he needs help now!

Ogden is put out, but he’s on his way . . .

One cop is tending to Recycle, trying to apply first aid while the other three question Brody.

Brody cooperates and gives up his Desert Eagle, when asked if he’s armed. So far it looks like Brody is going to spend the evening in prison!

Stella circles the block and in returning to the alley, finds that Brody has been detained!

Stella calls Svetlana and after several rings, she finally answers, explaining that she was deep in a brain dance.

Frank asks Svetlana if she can hack into the NHPD and to report a shooter suspect sighted at a location a couple blocks south of his current location.

Svetlana sighs and reports that she’ll give it a try.

A couple of moments later, the cops, who were detaining him, all leave, racing south.

Not wasting any time, Stella pulls up and Brody hops into the van! They exfil the area!

Brody calls Ogden and explains that he got away! (For now).

Brody describes the incident and asks for Ogden to “make this case go away.”

For a favor, Ogden can make that happen.

However, Brody want’s his Desert Eagle back too!

Ogden: “That’ll cost two favors!”

Brody doesn’t want to part with his hand gun and so agrees.

Checking the time, they also have enough spare time to catch Butterfly Boo’s show at Froggers!

That might be a nice way to unwind after their brush with the law . . .


It’s amateur talent night!

Butterfly Boo takes the stage, shirtless, but wearing a butterfly wing harness. As an artiste Butterfly Boo has captured the teen angst of a Yalie. Fortunately he’s gathering an enthusiastic audience.

After Boo finishes his set, his entourage cheers wildly.

Brody approaches the cluster of fans but Matt stops him short.

Brody claims to be a reporter with the Independent and asks Matt for an interview.

Matt will ask Butterfly Boo, but his set is pretty draining as the artist puts his whole energy into his performances.

Boo expresses interest in an interview but needs to check his calendar.

Brody, once face to face with Butterfly Boo, informs the guitarist that he was sent by “The Voice.”

Instantly Boo changes his tune!

The struggling artist is attending Yale as a freshman and has a Biology final coming up that he needs to pass!

Boo has no interest in repeating the class and has no time to study. Boo is willing to pay $500 for Brody to break into Professor Spinetti’s office which is located on the third floor of the Bass Center. The tests are located on his computer.

Further, Brody and Stella will need to fill out the test so that the artist passes the test but just barely. A C to D- is preferred. Closer to a D-. If he scores any better than that, it will be suspicious.

Brody: “You want to pay me to cheat on a test?”

Butterfly Boo: “Yes!”

Job Accepted

Saturday morning October 9th.

Ogden calls Brody and confirms that his situation from the previous evening has been “taken care of.” They just need to meet up so that Ogden can deliver Brody’s firearm.

Ogden reports that Recycle survived the incident and was sent to a hospital. Recycle’s leg wasn’t amputated so he will recover. He’s expected to stay in the hospital for three days to recover from his wound.