Treating Watson

Late Wednesday October 6th.

On the drive back from East Haven, Jet Brody turns into a Bar.

GM Note: It’s been a stressful day and Brody’s character has the addiction disadvantage; Alcoholism and players fails a willpower check by 1.

Stella: “What gives? Why are we stopping here?”

Brody: “I need a drink.”

Knowing Brody’s weakness, Stella protests and insists that his friend just go home.

Brody declines and heads into the bar.

Brody orders a drink and, kind of being trapped, Stella follows Brody into the East Haven bar.

They get dinner (Stella’s is free as he’s the designated driver, but the bar tender insists that Brody hand his keys over to Stella) and after one drink, Brody is sated.

Without further incident, Stella drives Brody to his apartment and he returns home.

Both guys separately wind down for the evening and go to sleep as the thermostat races down into the low 40’s.

Brody’s Apt. 10:47 p.m. Still October 6th.

Brody is awakened by his cybernetics. He has received a text message from a known contact tagged as an emergency.

Padre Lopez Message, “911! Need transportation help. Bring Van. Plz meet me at St Mary’s!”

Brody calls Stella (waking him up) and conveys the message.

In frigid low 40’s degree weather, Stella bundles up and heads out to swing by Brody’s and then on to St Mary’s.

Brody tries to call the Church to contact Padre Lopez but he get’s one of the lesser Deacon’s who informs Brody that the Padre is preparing his homily for Midnight Mass.

Brody and Stella are able to get into St Mary’s and Padre Lopez is waiting for them and pacing in his office.

Padre Lopez asks if the two can discretely help with some transportation issues relating to a medical emergency.

Deacon Ryan Watson was injured earlier this evening in the George and Crown area of New Haven. For their cooperation Lopez is will pay for discrete transportation services and understands that the ambulance rate is $500. Lopez produces $250 in clips and offers them to Brody.

Stella asks where Watson is so that they can transport him to the hospital, but Padre Lopez explains that the Church wishes to avoid any ‘official documentation’ or ‘publicity’ regarding this incident so they want to avoid a hospital visit.

Understandable. Padre Lopez adds that the Church has a policy to take care of their own issues internally.

Stella asks where they need to pick up the Deacon and where they need to transport the cleric.

Lopez explains that Watson has already been transported to a safe location. What Padre Lopez needs, is for the two to transport a willing medical professional to and from Deacon Watson’s current location.

Lopez gives Brody and Stella the addresses for two locations. One is a Yale Dorm and the other is a residence in Eastport. (Neither terribly far from St Mary’s).

At the dorm, they’ll pick up a young blond lady named Sydney Morrison. They need to transport her to the address in Eastport and then to get her back home when she is completed.

Easy enough.

Whitehall Apartments

Frank Stella is driving (he still has the keys) and explains that he won’t let Brody drive as “he’s been drinking recently.”

Brody protests. It’s been several hours for his body to process a single pint! He’s fine!

When they arrive at the Whitehall Apartments, they park as directed by Padre Lopez and flash the headlights (as directed).

Not one but two women emerge from the Apartments, (bundled up against the near freezing cold). One of them is blond and she is carrying a medical style bag.

The other young lady is a curly haired brunette and she leads the way. She stops beside the passenger door to talk to Brody.

She recognizes Brody claiming that he was helping Padre Lopez and he and his friend brought the cabbages.

Brody realizes that this brunette was one of the Yale volunteers working at St Mary’s to feed the poor for lunch.

Brunette then opens up the door to let her blond friend in, but Morrison asks where she’s supposed to sit! The back of the van is a dedicated work van and doesn’t have any seats!

Her friend directs her to sit on the floor and then joins her.

Stella takes off and Brody notices that Brunette is packing heat! Brody makes a comment letting the brunette know that she’s ‘safe’ and lets her know that he knows that she’s brought along some hardware.

Stella picks up on the clue, but Morrison is confused. “What are you two talking about?”

Brunette hints to Brody that the two ought to drop the subject.

The trip to Eastport isn’t long.

An elderly Hispanic man is waiting for them when they arrive and he directs Stella to bring his van into the driveway and guides the four into the side entrance into the home and eventually upstairs to a guest bedroom where Deacon Ryan Watson is lying on a bed with crude bloody bandages, the victim of a gun shot wound.

Deacon Watson is being tended to by an Elderly Hispanic woman, but now that help has arrived, and the room is filling up, she and her husband quietly depart.

Blond freaks out a bit! She’s not ready for this! She turns to Stella for reassurance.

Frank gives her some words of reassurance and encourages her to tend to the barely conscious cleric.

Meanwhile Brody moves close to ask Deacon Watson what happened and to learn how the cleric is doing.

Watson reports to Brody that he needs to get “Essential.”

Morrison jumps in and starts evaluating the gun shot wound. She asks for hot water plus more towels. She then asks Stella to go get her a soldering iron and a pair of needle nose pliers from his work truck. Stella, goes and grabs the tools and then adds a stapler to his list.

Meanwhile, Blondie asks Brody what drugs he has on hand to help Deacon Watson cope with the pain.

Indignantly, Brody reports that he doesn’t do drugs!

Blondie is disappointed and comments that Brody looks like a druggie. She will have to do this surgery without pain meds or antibiotics.

Once she has all of her tools, she begins operating on Watson, but the operation is terribly taxing on Watson and he lapses into unconsciousness during the operation and is out for the count by the time Morrison completes her operation.

One of the players receives a phone call from a family member with a medical emergency. We wrap the session early for the night.