Bass Building Break In

Saturday Morning October 9th, 2049.

Donut Shop

Brody meets up with Sgt Ogden at the local corner donut shop. Ogden hands Jet Brody an NHPD evidence box (pistol) that does contain his beloved Desert Eagle.

However the evidence techs have dusted the pistol and the bullets are gone. There’s nothing more that Sgt Ogden can do for Brody, but he’ll be in touch to call in his two favors.

Later . . . at home.

Brody heads home and gives his Desert Eagle a good cleaning and makes sure that he has his mags loaded up and ready.

Later that morning The Voice calls him, inquiring whether he’s accepted Butterfly Boo’s job.

The Voice has an electronic key card that will get Brody into the Bass Center. However, Brody will need to find a way to bypass Professor Spinnetti’s office and to access his computer.

Brody assures The Voice that he can take care of that, no problem. The Voice lets Brody know to head to a coffee shop on campus (providing the address) and to meet up there. The Voice will send someone that will recognize Brody.

Brody calls Stella and catches him up on the meet up. Since Stella has the van, he swings by to pick up Brody and the two head over to the coffee shop.

Yale Coffee Shop

Brody and Stella recognize the brunette student sitting in the main lobby. Trish Warner also recognizes the two and produces a simple manila envelope.

Stella: “So you’re ‘the Voice!”

Trish: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just being paid to give this to him.”

Trish drops the envelope on the table, picks up her backpack and departs.

Planning Time!

Brody and Stella depart and head Stella’s to figure out a game plan.

Stella has the needed equipment to slice Professor Spinnetti’s PC and Brody can bypass the office door.

The two decide that they’ll make their attempt early the next morning about 5:00 a.m. via the back entrance to the Bass Center.

Satisfied with their plans, the take it easy for the rest of the day.

After all. What could possibly go wrong?

A freezing rain is followed immediately with snow during the overnight hours.

It’s still snowing when the two head out into the icy and snowy streets and since Brody is a better driver, he takes the wheel to the van. In spite of the hazardous streets Brody arrives to the rear of the Bass Center without incident.

The key card works like a charm and the two find themselves entering the warmth of the Bass Center. The two know that Professor Spinnetti’s office is number 318 but neither are familiar with the layout of the building.

Brody suggests that they walk to the front end of the Bass Center and see if there’s a directory that they can get more information from.

As they proceed west down the north side hall, the two hear the distinct footsteps of another person, located somewhere in front of them!

Stella decides to test his bluffing capabilities and urges the two to continue toward the other person.

Eventually that person notices the sound of the two as they approach.

“Security! Who’s there?”

Frank responds and announces that he’s a repair technician.

The two meet up with the edgy security guard. Stella explains that he’s been hired to conduct some repairs.

Security Guard: “At 5:00 a.m.? On a Sunday?”

Stella assures the guard that he’s okay working early hours during the weekend and the Security Guard informs Stella that he wasn’t notified about any scheduled repairs. He’ll need to see Stella’s work order.

Stella “Oh my! I’d love to show that to you, but I left that in my truck. Out back.”

The Security guard asks if Brody is with the Repair Tech and how the two accessed the building.

Stella explains that he just followed Brody into the building.

Brody explains that he’s a new law professor and his office is located in the Bass Center.

GM Note: Security guard mentally to himself: “A law professor was assigned an office in the Biology building?”

The Security Guard asks to see the ‘professor’s’ Yale University credentials.

Brody explains that’s actually why he’s here! He left them in his office upstairs and that he came by early this morning to pick them up! He’s located on the third floor . . .

The Security Guard orders Stella to stay in the lobby as he accompanies the professor to his office. Once he’s taken care of that guy, he’ll be more than willing to check the repair order.

Brody and the Security Guard enter the elevator headed up while Stella ‘waits’ in the main lobby at the west side of the Bass Center.

Knowing that the gig’s about to be up, Brody makes his move in the Elevator.

Employing his Judo training, Brody grabs the Security Guard and the two grapple. (The Security Guard is half expecting this altercation) and the scuffle between the two is sufficiently loud that Stella hears the two banging about in the close confines of the elevator as it ascends.

Stella races up the adjacent stairwell hoping to be able to help out by the time the car gets to the third floor!

Fortunately Brody’s Jujitsu skills exceeds the Security Guard’s close combat training and by the time he arrives at the third floor, Brody has subdued the guard with a sleeper hold.

Brody releases the guard and sends the elevator back down, knowing that the Security Guard will come too in a couple of moments.

Being on the north west corner, the two head down the closest hall but quickly notice that the professor offices are all odd numbered.

They backtrack a bit and race down the south side hall, finding that those offices are the even numbered offices.

They quickly find Professor Spinnetti’s office (318) and Brody is able to get into the office with his lock picks.

Stella finds the computer, while Brody stands watch (inside the office).

It takes a couple of minutes for Stella to get into the stand alone computer system and to locate the basic Biology final exam. He puts a copy of the exam on his thumb drive.

Brody hears a couple of Security Guards loudly conducting a search and urges Stella to hurry up!

The two leave the office and the guards aren’t in view. The two head east (toward the back of the building) and find a stairwell in the south east corner. Cautiously the two travel down to the first floor.

Once on the first floor, the two race along the east hallway to the north east exit (the one that they originally entered the Bass Center from and the exit closest to their repair van).

However, without checking the last hallway the two race out the building and in view of a security guard!

The Guard demands that the two halt, but the two continue to flee!

Stella is in front of Brody as the two race away from the Bass Center and he slips on a patch of snow covered ice, and the falls prone!

Brody, sufficiently forewarned of the hazard is able to avoid a similar fate and helps his buddy up.

By the time the two get to the van, the closest Security Guard exits the Bass Center and repeats his demands for the two to halt!

Brody is fumbling with the keys as he stands next to the driver side door, while Stella races to the passenger side.

Stella (without any keys) verbally urges Brody to hurry up and unlock the doors, while the Security Guard pulls his electro laser and starts shooting at Brody! (Stella is on the opposite side of the van and ergo is safe from the stunning laser fire).

Fortunately the Guard doesn’t land a shot on Brody while the tough unlocks and opens the door.

Once in the Van, Brody guns it and races away from the scene.

Heading to down town and using evasive driving techniques Brody is able to determine that they aren’t being pursued further.

The two return to Stella’s pad and spend the rest of the morning trying to barely pass the biology test.