Setting Notes

It’s a big world out there.

Disclaimer: Cyberpunk is a dystopian style setting in the not so distant future and we’re setting this Role Playing Game campaign in New Haven CT. As the Game Master, I’m trying to establish a fictitious game with lots of verisimilitude, including researching what things are really like in New Haven currently. Then I’ll make some pessimistic assumptions for a dark future.

Please note that though some location names bear resemblance to current locations, the content on this website does not reflect actual locations and should not be used for the purposes of referral or reference.

Additionally, all characters depicted are purely fictional. Most Non-Player Character (NPC) names are generated randomly using the Fantasy Name Generators website. Any resemblances to people real or imagined are purely coincidental.

The people who live in a “Cyberpunk” setting occupy the lowest strata of society.

There are people living in luxury homes nestled in the rolling green hills on large acreages.

There are hundreds of families living in sprawling suburbs, behind gated communities who toil daily to build the tools and tech of a modern society and reach out to rebuild the damage from disasters (both natural and man-made).

Many cities contain sprawling massive and largely automated factories creating the latest available tech.
And some of these products trickle down into the cesspool that the Player Characters reside in their Cyberhell.

No matter their origin, the PC’s start (and likely stay) in the overcrowded slums where Cyberpunk resides.

The following are system specific notes intended to help my players understand the world around them.



American People’s Republic (APR)


European Union



African Continental Protectorate

Republica Popular de Lengua Espanola Estadounidense (South of America)