American Peoples Republic

The US Census projects the current population somewhere just south of 100 million. However, conducting an ‘accurate’ census is impossible. Many of the remaining cities have become violence ridden slums with most of the marginalized survivors responding suspiciously toward the “Feds.” After a couple of Corporate Wars scores of citizens became ‘cancelled’ and/or undocumented. And since many of these individuals possessed highly technical skills, the net runners and early Cyberpunks emerged to fight a futile war of vengeance and retaliation.

Mostly theirs was a fight for survival.

Washington DC still exists and there is a “Federal Government.”

Good luck finding your ‘representative’ let alone making an appointment as they sit behind layers of security and protection. DC remains one of the highest militarized cities in the world.

And yeah you can ‘call’ your Rep, but a friendly AI will take your message. And e-messages all end up in an inbox that no one bothers to read.

Elections are held, but the incumbents and winners always win with 95%+ of the vote. It’s common for the President to receive over 150 million ballots during each election as ‘voter participation’ continues to rise with each election.

American Adventurism seems to correspond directly with which MegaCorporation needs serious muscle . . . and made the most political contributions recently. And forgot to sufficiently budget their PMC Expense account for this quarter.

There are two types of citizens left. Corporate Management and their employees.

And then there’s the third group including everyone else who’s dispossessed and ignored. The Cyberpunks fall into this category.

If there’s any good news, it’s that the American People’s Republic has avoided being nuked. So far.

GM’s Notes: What’s more dystopian than a socialist society? Just ask anyone who emerged from Germany from the 1930’s-40’s (National Socialists), or the Soviet Socialists and their innumerable client states (including Cuba), or Communist China, North Korea, North Vietnam, Venezuela after 1998, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, etc. I intend to take several pages from history for this campaign!