The Utah Territorial Administrative Zone


Early, during the first Chaos the Mormons just packed up and headed to Utah. It was quiet move, but worldwide and with little fanfare they all headed to the Salt Lake Valley.

But what could anyone do to stop them? The world was in flux and chaos and their departure had been unannounced and quiet.

But just as the violence became general and the mass starvation set in, the valley was shut off.

No one gets in and no one leaves now.

Officially the American People’s Republic considers this area a part of their territory and officially it’s called the “Utah Territorial Administration Zone.”

When Utah resisted Federal control, the second Utah War went way worse than the first one and the First Army’s defeat was so lop sided that the Mormon’s just shipped the survivors back to Nevada.

The roads have since crumbled, but there are obstacles, combat droids, and tanks guarding the draws into the valley.

And everyone who gets an air license knows that the only reception you will get by flying over the valley are Surface to Air Missiles.

CyberHex tried to get into the valley once in meatspace and recorded the whole thing live.

They didn’t kill him and through a combat bot he had a conversation. But ultimately CyberHex was turned away and politely asked to never return.

On the long drive away from the combat hardware the green “Welcome to Bountiful” sign loomed ironically in the background.

No one is allowed in. No one comes out. For now.