European Union

GM’s note: I don’t expect the PC’s to deal with or in the EU, so this is mostly a thought exercise.
Maybe some color commentary. Who know, maybe the PC’s will interact with individuals in the EU?

In spite of the fact that guns aren’t allowed anywhere in the EU, it’s shocking how many AK’s end up on the streets.

And then there are the seemingly random high explosive bombs going off on an almost monthly basis!

Where is all this stuff coming from?!?!?

It’s gotten so bad that it’s hard to figure out at a glance the difference between Polizei and die Armee soldiers. Both wear the same armor and carry the same weapons. Fortunately in the EU, law enforcers operate with little restraint nor constraint in their pursuit of criminals.

Public protests are still popular and large groups still gather to voice their opposition to poor conditions and the harsh crackdowns.

Local elected politicians promise change.

But since it’s inception the the European Union Commissioner’s were never elected.

And neither are the CEO’s in charge of the MegaCorporations.