Money, Currency, Bling

The US Dollar is dead. It’s been a long time since anyone recognized the greenback as valid currency.

The current worldwide exchange currency (the one used for banking) is the EuroDollar. If you can get a bank account this is the currency that you’ll be using.

CNY (Chinese National Yuen) or the RMB (Renminbi) is the currency of exchange for those areas of the world under the sway of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CNY has sufficient standing that exchange to the EuroDollar is a trivial task.

Cryptocurrency doesn’t exist. It was a noble gesture but once the Corps made most governments futile, the MegaCorporations had zero interest in a currency that the couldn’t manipulate or control.

Gold (and Silver) clips are an underground currency. If you need to be paid under the table, this is the money that you’ll receive. Each 1/16th ounce gold clip is worth 100 EuroDollars or 100 CNY. Half ounce silver clips are traded for 10 EuroDollars or 10 CNY.

While the MegaCorps, Banks, and (to the limited extent possible) World Governments are highly opposed to the private use and ownership of clips, there’s been too much discarded technology containing silver and gold that scavengers have reclaimed that they could produce standardized clips.

And with the necessity of a burgeoning black market that couldn’t be processed through regular banking, it was only natural that an intrinsic currency would emerge.

And many MegaCorps still need Gold and Silver in order to continue to produce their advanced circuitry, there are several procurement managers and brokers, more than willing to accept large quantities of clips in exchange to transfer EuroDollars into a legitimate bank account.

You won’t be able to take clips to a regular bank nor spend them at any of the vendo machines, but any corner store and most runners living and breathing will be happy to accept clips.

GM’s Note: For gaming purposes all currency and prices are assumed to be measured in EuroDollars.