When the Vulcanologists posted on their Chirps account that Mt Rainier was coming to life, their account was closed and they were notified that they had violated “community guidelines” for “threatening violence.”

Local and National news agencies were also notified that these Vulcanologists were “banned” and so their desires to provide warning due to the pending destruction to Seattle.

Worse, Federal Government officials ignored their reports and they were branded and silenced for their “hysterics.”

There were a few families that got the news and moved out of the shadow of the rumbling giant, but most people down range of the awakening volcano were oblivious of the threat.

Sure there were ‘microquakes’ for about a month but early one evening, the dormant volcano exploded and showered Seattle with molten ash and liquid death raced to bury Seattle in a couple of hours.

The corporate headquarters of Amazing Deliveries as were most of the top upper level corporate managers living in Seattle. Including the CEO.

Overnight, the stock price of Amazing Deliveries dropped through the floor and ongoing operations seems imperiled. Closure seemed imminent!

Fortunately, Chirpper executives seemed incredibly prescient and all to willing to step in and “save” Amazing Deliveries.

In a little under thirty days, Chirpper acquired Amazing Deliveries for pennies on the dollar.

The Vulcanologists involved were fired shortly after the eruption for failing to recognize and communicate the severity of the threat.

Alas, Seattle no longer exists.