Star Wars RPG

These are the Game Master (GM) notes for a Star Wars Age of Rebellion (AoR)/Force and Destiny(FnD) role playing game (RPG). This campaign began sometime in 2017 and though it’s been an ‘interesting’ ride it’s continued through 2021. This is a long running campaign which ended with the final session on August 16th, 2021. This game largely came to a conclusion because most of the players succumbed to economic hardships which prevented them from continuing to participate.

For returning users here are the session links:

We’re using the Fantasy Flight Games Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny rules as a basis, but it is my esteemed opinion that those rules are less than perfect. I’ve had to make some modifications Pray I don’t modify these rules further!

The other resources that I tap into on a regular basis are the wookieepedia website and the starwars.com website. But even with those, I feel little restraint in modifying the ‘game world’ to suit my desires and needs which is both a bane and blessing to the players.

With this being a long running game spanning a galaxy wide area there’s a lot of information that I need to sort through and organize. So we’ll see how well I can do that here!

I also have the benefit that my players don’t use one line resources (like this) so any notes that I place here will be safely out of their site. If you’re a GM, check out my GM Notes and check out what notes I put together to prepare for these games.

Also note that this is going to be an ongoing work in progress until this game comes to a closure. There will be changes from time to time.

Now lets get you introduced to the campaign basics.

Player Characters

The players started running characters who are enlisted in the Rebel Alliance circa ABY 1 and who have been identified as being force sensitive by the Rebellion. Ergo they have all been assigned to a Special Operations Group where they should receive training and perform special operations based on their unique capabilities.

This team is based out of the new rebel base located on the world of Innton (M18) called ‘Defiant Core’ and ergo the team is called Special Operations Group Defiant Core Team 1 (SOG DC 01).

For character creation, all of the PC’s started by choosing careers out of either the Edge of the Empire (EotE) or Age of Rebellion (AoR) rule sets and were required to purchase the Force Sensitive Emergent Talent tree. This Talent Tree was a small cost as each player character started with an addition 400+ character points. So everyone starts as a fairly generic person, with minimal force ability. During the game they have access to force training via a trainer & a Jedi holocron. So inclusion of the Force and Destiny talent trees become available after character creation.

To get a good look at the current team roster for Special Operations Group DC-01 feel free to check out the details.

Game Master Resources

The primary purpose of this site is to get new RPG Game Masters and Players access to planning notes and documents for a real RPG campaign. The following are what you’ll find here.

One of the Benefits of running a Military style campaign in the Age of Rebellion is that most missions start with a Mission Briefing that outlines key locations and gives the PC’s ‘quests’ with identifiable objectives to achieve. I’ll print one of these out when the PC’s are assigned a new mission and off they go!

Before I get to the gaming table for a game, I like to prepare notes that I can reference during the game. I also spend time preparing these notes to organize my ideas about the kind of events that might happen during a session. I’ve kept most of my GM Notes and you can see how I prepare for upcoming Role Playing Sessions.

One of the things I haven’t done well for this campaign was to document what actually happened during the session. In a short run campaign this may not be an issue, but if you intend to run a long running game (Like the one presented here) I do recommend that you keep Mission Logs or quest notes that record what actually happened during the RPG Session. As a GM you’ll find that you want to look back and see what happened in that remote village that the PC’s decide is a ‘cool place’ to visit so that you can plan for their triumphal return. Another reason that I present the logs here is so that you can see how much or (more appropriately) how little my GM preparations apply to what actually happens during the sessions. I’ve found that there’s quite a bit of improvisational work that happens during a good RPG session. I do recommend that you compare my GM Notes to the related mission logs. I’ll try to link those together so that type of comparison becomes easier.

Another tool that I’ve been using is a document that I call Slugs n Thugs. This is a collection of fixed elements to the game. For the Star Wars RPG game its organized alphabetically by Star System and within the Star System entries are contained with notes about key NPC’s. I’ll begin uploading System Data as contained within my notes. Though it’s a massive project, ultimately I hope to transfer all of the system notes to this website. Another cool benefit will be my ability to access this data via this website, rather than via the lengthy (and growing) document on my laptop.

Here’s the Quick Click list of my Star Wars RPG resources.