Mission Briefings

DC01 Mission Summary

Mission 001 – (Graceful Battery) Picked up new recruits from Sullust.

Mission 002 – (Attractive Chemical) Team sent to Sluis Van with gold from Mission 1 to purchase vehicles (Y-Wings). Rescued Aliz and Cop.

Mission 003 – (Dangerous Share) Team sent to Queyta to purchase e-rations.

Mission 004 – (Asleep Motion) Team sent to take out Imperial Spy team on Sluis Van. Also picked up grain from Queyta to provide a merchant cover for their operation.

Mission 005 – (Valid Uncertainty) Team sent to Wroona. Make contact with Rebel Agent (A three eyed Gran named Zhwaz Brei). Introduced to Trade Guild Master (Coolan Truka: Nemoidian male).

Mission 006 – (Reduced Trait) Rothana! Team inserted into Secret Imperial facility Indigo to steal plans about the TIE Interceptor.

Mission 007 – (uncoded) Redacted. Yoda takes the team to Dagobah to set up his swamp hut and for Force Training.

Mission 008 – (uncoded) Team makes trip to Roon and assists locals with Civil War.

Mission 009 – (Integral Sea) Team sent to Malastar to Hijack an Action IV freighter. (Success)!

Mission 010 – (uncoded) Unk Team Visits Tatooine, Christophis and finally Naboo. Sern recruited and joins the Alliance.

Mission 011 – (Loose Creation) Team asked to Pick up components for Echo station’s shield generator.

Mission 012 – (Redundant Dividend) Team sent to Mechis to pick up an order of Astromech Droids. Mechis was overrun by B1 Heavy Battle Droids.

Mission 013 – (Protective Questionnaire) The team is sent to Kinyen to evaluate a group of Gran recruits and to bring them to Inton.

Mission 014 – (Restrictive Provider) Team sent to Queyta to secure a shipment of e-rations. Cargo delivered to Bespin.

Mission 015 – (Specified Thigh) Team headed out to Bothawui and eventually discovered TIE Interceptors being constructed on Bestine IV. Gathered confirming information about the construction. Team visited Thyferra to aquire intel leading to Bestine IV and unwittingly found themselves in the middle of the ‘Battle of Thyferra.’

Mission 016 – (Futile Explanation) The Rebel Fleet disappears! Team sent to reestablish contact with Rebel Fleet with Echo Base. Team is sent to reestablish contact via a series of dead drops. Team visited Eriadu, Leritor (Q15), Toydaria, Saleucami (S08), Gand.

Mission 017 – (Sensational Collapse) Team sent to aquire coaxium for the fleet which is in desperate need. Team opts to secure shipment by Hijacking an Action IV from the CSA on Bonadan.

Mission 018 – (Expert Skill) Rescue Silver from the world of Felucia.

Mission 019 – (uncoded) Silver clears up debt with Durgo. Team makes acquantance with Soshu the Hutt. Invites team to deliver person and cargo to Roon. Team accepted private delivery commission.

Mission 020 – (Expert Sergeant) Team sent to rescue an X-Wing Pilot and Astromech Droid from crash on Tatooine.

Mission 021 – (Bureaucratic Alliance) Team sent to Queyta to secure more e-rations. As many as possible. Did a B&E. Hired by Q-Trition to break into Chandler Associated Food and steal trade secrets. Q-Trition upon receiving the plans requested the team to secure and deliver new industrial food processors.

Mission 022 – (Unwilling Greeting) Intel sources from Bothawui point the team toward Yag Dul. Team finds a mysterious construction facility located on Nkllon. Also: Team picked up Q-Tritions shipment (from Brentaal?). Purchased a used C-ROC.

Mission 023 – (uncoded) “Redacted.” The team delivers Yoda to Dagobah.

Mission 024 – (Depending Basin) Team authorized to raid. Destroyed Imperial Construction facilities in Nkllon Ort system and on the sole world; destroying the Crawler. Also rescued several Wookiees.

Mission 025 – (uncoded) Kyber Quest. PC’s visit Tatooine, Dathomir, and Dantooine seeking out Kyber Crystals.

Mission 026 – (Imperial Filter) Rescue Operation to extract the “Rich Shrub” team from Sluis Van.

Missson 027 – (Voluntary Wage) Recruit Extration and delivery mission from Mimban to Mon Gaza. (With sidequest to pick up the Blinding Trailblazer).

Mission 028 – (Rival Disturbance) Rescue Operation. Major Skyali Pargam (Human Female) was arrested for aiding the rebellion in relation to the Nkllon raid on Wroona. Current Intel has her being held by the ISB on Hosnian Prime.

Mission 031 – (Equal Advantage) Rescue Operation to extract two rebel intelligence operatives from Corellia (M11).

Mission 032 – (Tropical Whale) DC-01, aided by the four man team of DC-02, are assigned to hijack the Action IV transport Polar Thrush from under the protection of two Imperial Star Destroyers at Kinyen.

Mission 033 – (Lucky Content) sends the crew looking for more clues to the elusive droid army that messed up the planet Queyta.

Mission 034 code named “Vibrolance” was a player driven operation where Slider decides to go home to Bothawui and seek revenge for his father’s death.

Mission 035 – (Gradual Table)

Mission 036 – (Fascinating Acquisition) DC-01 is tasked with rescuing another rebel team from the resort world of Woostri.

GM Notes

The above list was developed and put together when I’d gotten into about 25 missions. At first, I was putting together my mission notes with the name structure “Mission ###” with the number being the sequential and incremental number increase (eg: “Mission 001”). And as I began to look at previous missions in order to do call backs to previous missions, I found it very difficult to remember what had happened in the previous missions. It could literally take me as much as thirty minutes opening random mission notes up to try to find the relevant mission profile!

With the team returning to previous locations to continue or preform follow on missions, its become important for me to quickly reference what happened before. This document keeps the original name structure so that the files stay in chronological order, but I’ve included the mission code name as well as a quick description about the mission.

This list was actually created as a player version so this is information that is available to the unit commander (who is a relatively new player to this RPG group). This document can then be a quick reference for me and the players if they have any questions about what the team accomplished in the past, so that I can reference my notes with minimal fuss.

So in short, this is one of the tools that I use to organize my campaign information.
The links attach to the Mission Briefings that I present to the players and the begin to undertake the next quest.