Mission Briefing 018 Expert Skill

Now that the fleet has received sufficient fuel to make a proper exfiltration of the sector, they will be departing the area.

While DC01 was on their mission intel reports intercepted a message that a rebel operative with a code name “Silver” was being housed on a secret Imperial Facility on Felucia (R06).

Alliance intel indicates that the Empire used to have a facility on Felucia but that facility was abandoned under mysterious circumstances. But it’s likely that this is where Silver may be held. (Location provided).

The Intel source also indicates that the ISD Devastator has been dispatched to retrieve this “Silver” prisoner and has orders to deliver “Silver” to “The Emperor’s secret retraining facility.”

DC01 is advised to avoid all contact with the ISD Devestator, Obsidian Squadron, and it’s commander. The Devestator is known to be equip ed with the latest state of the art Imperial Equipment and crewed by the most elite Imperial Crew & Stormtroopers!