Mission Briefing 025 – Kyber Crystal Side Quest. Uncoded.

DC-01 is taking some “time off” to go and find Kyber Crystals!

Necessary Crew:

  • Unsein Mos “Break Out” Seeking White Krayt Pearl at Tatooine. (No color preference).
  • Marhan Gadhann “Stitches” Seeking White Krayt Pearl at Tatooine. (Confirmed).
  • Pa Pooga “Wrasp” Seeking Blackwing Crystal (Black) at Dathomir.
  • Fiaye K’faiya “Boomer” Seeking a Hurrikaine Crystal (Purple) at Dathomir.
  • Josus Laorl “Slider” Seeking Dantari Crystal (Green) at Dantooine.
  • Celeste “Duster” Seeking Dantari (Green) at Dantooine.
  • Sern would also be a good resource as she is an SME and already has a Light Sabre.
  • Aliz and Cop would also be interested in visiting family, if that’s an option. Aliz want’s to ensure that her dottir was delivered. She may actually pay more if possible.


Inton (M18): The Crew needs to deliver the Lucinda back to Inton so that it’s registry can be altered. DC-01 will need to use either the Nova Chaser or the Stellar Wind. Both ships have Class .5 hyperdrives and can support 8 Crew/Pax. Stitches suggests to travel as wildlife hunters under contract with a Hutt. It will take the engineers two weeks to refit the Starbound Wayfinder (formerly the Lucinda). (The PC’s have spent 7 days on Roon so only one more week). ETC 7 days.

Roon(S15). PC’s visited and are scheduled to pick up military equipment from Moz’kacru in four months. (They spent $150,000 up front and will need to deliver $150,000 on delivery). They are planning to deliver the equipment to Soshu the Hutt. She has promised to pay them double what they paid (so $600,000 payoff for the PC’s). ETC 120 days.

(Cop’s parents asked for $100,000 for her Dottir. Resolved. Cop’s Dottir is paid by Pa Pooga so Cop is now FREE and clear for her Dottir).

Tatooine (R16): Unsien and Marhan both want to pick up White Krayt Pearls by killing an adult Krayt Dragon.

Bothawui (R14): Josus Laorl needs to check back in with his sponsor and report about what he found. (Estimated time of Travel for Flair Rider is 30 Hours±).

Eriadu (M18): Marhan has a side quest here.

(Estimated time of Travel for Flair Rider is 75 hours) (Travel Time between Eriadu and Kirdo is 30 hours).

Inton. Return and pick up the Starbound Wayfinder. Side quest to pick up the two other crew assigned. (Travel time to Inton from Eriadu is 3-4 hours).

Dathomire (O06):

  • Pa Pooga wants a Blackwing Crystal.
  • Fiaye K’faiya wants a Hurrikaine Crystal.

Dantooine (L04):

Josus and Celeste both want Green crystals and rumors have in that Dantari Crystals can be found somewhere on Dantooine . . .

End Briefing Notes