GM Notes

I’m including this section in part because Matt Colville has encouranged active Game Masters (like myself) to publish their GM notes online so that new and emerging Game Masters can study them so see what level of preparation we take to get ready for a session.  (If you are an emerging or new Game Master, I do recommend Matt’s Running the Game series.
His advice is highly instructive and helpful).

And I think that’s a great idea too!

In my preparations I’ve found that for the Star Wars RPG that I’m running, I have two documents that I use.

The GM’s ongoing notes are active documents that I modify as needed. There’s a lot of stream-of-conscious notes and questions in these files. It also helps me organize a chronology for the campaign.

GM Notes Ongoing 1

Mission notes are the prep notes for the quests, missions, or episodes that the players find themselves on. These documents are the real meat of preparation that I do to prepare for individual sessions. Each mission can last as little as half a session or could work out to be three to five gaming sessions long.

One of the interesting contrasts will be when you can compare my GM Notes to the Mission logs to see how far from my planning the mission deviates from what I thought might have happened. Unfortunately I didn’t really start keeping good Logs until Mission 28.

I’m currently coordinating and tracking the current chapters and mission profiles using a ‘GM Notes Ongoing 2’ file (not available here). I do plan on publishing that crazy document here once I’ve completed that series of missions (probably late in 2021).

Yes the following notes about an ongoing RPG campaign and there are tons of spoilers for my players. There ARE secrets in these files that would drastically alter the players notions about the nature of certain people and places.

While I’m holding “current” and some recent GM Notes I’m content to publish these notes because my players seem disinterested in seeking out any information about this campaign outside gaming sessions. We’re talking ZERO levels of offline participation. And that collective apathy on the part of my players should allow me to get these notes to you pretty quickly.

Lastly, for the purposes of this exercise I’d actually recommend that you start with Mission Twenty Eight as that’s when I started putting together my GM and Player Logs so that you can see how the prep notes compare to the actual content that shows up at the table.

Mission One GM Notes for Operation Graceful Battery

Mission Two GM Notes for Operation Attractive Chemical.

Mission Three GM Notes for Operation Dangerous Share.

Mission Four GM Notes for Operation Asleep Motion.

Mission Five GM Notes for Operation Valid Uncertainty.

Mission Six GM Notes for Operation Reduced Trait.

Operation Seven Side Quest GM Notes setting up Dagobah for Yoda.

Uncoded Side Quest Eight. Crew visits Roon and assists locals with a Civil War. (GM Notes unavailable).

Mission Nine GM Notes for Operation Integral Sea.

Uncoded Side Quest Ten. Crew heads out to acquire Kyber crystals and visit Tatooine, Christophis, & Naboo. Sern is recruited and joins the Rebellion. (GM Notes unavailable).

Mission Eleven GM Notes for Operation Loose Creation.

Mission Twelve GM Notes for Operation Redundant Dividend.

Mission Thirteen GM Notes for Operation Protective Questionnaire.

Mission Fourteen GM Notes for Operation Restrictive Provider.

Mission Fifteen GM Notes for Operation Specified Thigh.

Mission Sixteen GM Notes for Operation Futile Explanation.

Mission Seventeen GM Notes for Operation Sensational Collapse.

Mission Eighteen GM Notes for Operation Expert Skill.

Side Quest Nineteen GM Note Soshu the Hutt’s offer.

Mission Twenty GM Notes for Operation Expert Sergeant.

Mission Twenty One GM Notes for Operation Bureaucratic Alliance.

Mission Twenty Two GM Notes for Operation Unwilling Greeting.

Uncoded Mission Twenty Three GM Notes for the super secret delivery to get Yoda to Dagobah.

Mission Twenty Four GM Notes for Operation Depending Basin.

Uncoded Free Operation Twenty Five The team heads out to acquire Kyber Crystals to make lightsabers.

Mission Twenty Six GM Notes for Operation Imperial Filter. The team responds to a distress signal to rescue team Rich Shrub from Sluis Van (M19).

Mission Twenty Seven GM Notes for Operation Voluntary Wage.

Mission Twenty Eight GM Notes for Operation Rival Disturbance.

Mission Twenty Nine (GM Notes pending publication) for operation Glorious Honey.

Mission Thirty (GM Notes pending publication) for operation Manufacturing Agriculture.

Mission Thirty One (GM Notes pending publication) for operation Equal Advantage.

Misison Thirty Two (GM Notes pending publication) for operation Tropical Whale.

Mission Thirty Three (GM Notes pending publication) for operation Lucky Content.

Mission Thirty Four (GM Notes pending publication) for operation Vibrolance, as ‘side quest.’

Mission Thirty Five (GM Notes pending publication) for operation Gradual Table.

Mission Thirty Six (GM Notes pending publication) for operation Fascinating Acquisition.