GM Notes Ongoing 1


This document is a sort of pre planning document as well as a way for me to generally chronologically organize the campaign. I would turn to this document if I had any issues planning out a next mission and would jot down notes to try to keep a grasp on the sequence of events important to the Player Characters.

This document is highly edited over time and modified as I felt needed. I include it currently and I’m done using this section of Notes. As I wrapped up the initial story arc, I’ve abandoned this file and started a new Ongoing Notes 2 for the next section of missions. (Once I’ve stopped using Ongoing Notes 2 and started Ongoing Notes 3, I’ll publish that here).

By way of advice, just skim these notes as this isn’t a very orderly document and contains sentence fragments and snippets that may jog my memory as I plan and coordinate the progress of the campaign.

The real work in campaign planning starts when I put together my Mission Specific GM Notes.

GM Notes

20171024 DTE

The group has acquired the Siren Stones which Triloc the Hutt requested the PC’s to acquire for her.

The Heart of Gamorr (also called “Precious” by Vortga the Hutt in her journals).

Vortga’s Jewelry. It’s considered “cursed” by the Hutts and they won’t purchase it.

Morrigan Scrolls.

Sakiyan Tea Set (found on Day Six). Has no cash value but may be valuable by Sakian collectors.

Group has an ancient “Srillur” Glaive and may be valuable on Srillur.

Cevita the Rodian will facilitate exfill from Nal Hutta & Nar Shaddah.

Once the Nar Shaddah mission is wrapped up, the team is scheduled to head out to Innton (M18) and Defiant Core base; which is in Phase 1 of construction.

The attack of the Yellow Crested Vulpines;

One of the work crews, while installing a (Turbo Laser Turret) detection beacon is beset by a pack of Yellow Crested Vulpines. (The Vulps are suffering from bio-chem & radiation poisoning, from the scar, which has made them unusually aggressive).

One of the crew, Jor Doosan, has been bitten already and the rest of his team is requesting assistance, while they hold the rest of the pack at bay.

The other detection beacon team has their crew half loaded and isn’t available to respond. And the QRF if on their way to Intown to check on “possible trouble” between the locals and some of the crew who are on leave. Can the PC’s help out?

20171219 DTE

Drudgery & hard work.

Biqtu, the Mirialan in charge of the Delta Engineering Team will talk with the group and apologize for her teammate firing on the Tango team. And she has been assigned to be their team leader until the rest of Delta recovers. Their next job will be to set up lights & clear out work space in the catacombs below the lift.

Tango Team (the PC’s) will be awakened in the middle of the night (along with the rest of the base) to help unload a GR-75 transport named Yevwhale.

Yoda will arrive the next morning (when everyone is fatigued) aboard a YT-2400 Nova Chaser & a Relief courier Hawk 290 Able Srider.

Celeste will get transferred out to Star Fighter command. (Yipee for her!) She will transfer out with the GR-75 Yevwhale.

Liana is going to stay at the base and work in the command center and a comm/encryption specialist. Her new callsign will be “Defiant 7” & Nichos Tainer will transfer out with Nath Searrail on his U-Wing.

On to Training Montage: Yoda will be introduced and will teach the PC’s the sense force power and once their state of the art exercise & Gymnastics equipment is set up, training will include Athletics & Coordination.

* LED Circle (Toe Tire) course. Easy Coordination check (dd) Followed by Hard Coordination check (ddd) as the circles begin to move.

* Rope Net Wall & Platform course. Easy Athletics check (dd) Followed by Hard Coordination check (ddd) once PC’s get to the platform.

* Suspended Rope Climb. Hard Athletics Check (ddd).

All PC’s will earn a level in Athletics & Coordination & receive the base level in the Force Power Sense.

(Sullust (M17) is also in the neighborhood).

Operation: Graceful Battery (GO). – Sullust is a good recruitment world for the Alliance right now.

Operation Graceful Battery has been completed. 20180109 DTE.

Operation: Attractive Chemical(?)

Sluis Van (M19) – The Empire doesn’t have a presence here yet and the world has extensive shipbuilding facilities. They also have an impressive defensive fleet. The Alliance would love to license the production of major components. Depending on how the DC01 does on other missions, they may be asked to explore contacts. I’m thinking that they’ll deliver a portion of the gold that they received from Graceful Battery to an Alliance negotiator.

More Training with Yoda

Operation Dangerous Share:

The Rebel Alliance needs DC01 to visit the world Queyta(M19) and secure a load of rations and prepared foods. There is another base that is going to need rations VERY soon. While this is a quiet mission, it needs to happen in a week! A ship will arrive to Nova Defiant and pick up the load in seven days.

If DC01 can set up some friendly contacts that helps too. They will have a number of inquisitive vendors that they need to talk to directly to arrange their purchase.

The PC’s had about a week of training and all PC’s now have the seek, sense, & one other power. They also were given access to Yoda’s Holocron and are getting basic lightsaber training. The PC’s do not have access to any Kyber Crystals yet.

Operation Asleep Motion is a pop up mission of opportunity to clean out the rest of the Imperial Security Bureau from Sluis Van.

Operation: Valid Uncertainty – The Wroona (L15) Operation.

The Rebels have been trying to connect with a high ranking trade guild master (Coolan Truka: Nemoidian male.) who is rumored to be interested in aiding the Rebellion. What Coolan wants is for the alliance to secure a load of his personal wealth (120 EC of cargo) somewhere “safe.”

The Rebellion has an agent (A three eyed Gran named Zhwaz Brei) on world who has been working on setting up intel gathering on Wroona. He operates as a gaming components vendor for star ships “Fun Unlimited”.

In preparation of Operation Reduced Trait, Zhwaz will introduce DC01 to Coolan. The plan is to have the Nova Chaser convey Coolan and his family to “safety.” Leenb Bet, Sullustian the Z-95 pilot will accompany the group and is tasked with flying Coolan & his family on the Nova Chaser.

Coolan is very nervous.

Also Ji Kez needs some more parts and supplies for the aging Z-95’s. Could the group see if they could pick some up?

Operation Reduced Trait.

The Empire is about to begin production on a new prototype fighter craft (TIE Interceptors). The team will need to . . . what? Steal Plans? Disrupt production? Steal a couple for evaluation?

Rumor has it that there is a new unknown fighter being developed on Rothana (TIE Interceptor) which could dramatically shift the balance of power. DC01 has been tasked with learning more about this new ship.

DC01 will need to procure a delivery license (via Operation Red Bottle) so that they can deliver a cargo of tools and parts. Reduced Trait will require the group to gather what intel they can on the new ship.

Rothana (T15).

Wroona to Rothana is a 174 hour base “direct” hyper trip (348 hours for most CL2 freighters). Most Spacers are expected to make the trip in 14 days (336 Hours) using the major shipping lanes by taking the Corellian Trade Spine to Corellia and then cutting Galactic South East along the Corellian Run. Lastly they use the cut-off between Tattooine to Molavar and then take a direct line to Rothana.

– Roon Reconciliation. Aliz’fama would like her Dot’tir paid and would like to let her family know that she is okay. However, the new Governor & the Black Sun are locking horns on the production of spice. (Prison Rescue idea)? In Progress!!!!

Inserting a mission on Malastare. PC’s will be asked to meet with representatives of the Dugs for Democracy “Action Committee” and Hijack a fuel transport (full of fuel) bound for Imperial use.

PC’s are escaping Malastare. Their inquisitor is investigating the theft and Imperials are everywhere scouring the city of Pixelito.

Next Mission: Setting Yoda up for Dagobah. Yoda has procured building matterials and needs someone to fly him to . . . somewhere else. He also needs the PC’s to build his home on Dagobah. This should be a quiet mission . . . 😉

Mission 11. Defiant Core needs a costly, vital, & restricted shield component.

Mission 12.

– The Rebellion needs some Astromech droids and need the PC’s to pick up 20 (140 EC) active Astromechs from Mechis (L14). (IG-88 will be there trying to pull off his robot rebellion).

Rescuing Rin Voggo. Rin was on Bespin coordinating the supply operations for “Echo” Base and was captured by a Bounty Hunter. DC01 & the Bounty Hunter are on Corellia where the bounty hunter has turned Vin over to the Empire as a captured rebel spy.

Mission 13

– The Planet of Kinyen (L15). DC01 has been asked to screen & pick up 6 Gran recruits.

Mission 14 (?) Concerned Tablet :: Rachel is going to ask DC01 (on behalf of SOG) to return to Mechis and to see if they can pick up more astromech droids. This is an optional mission.

(Dangerous Share Follow up) Supply Run. DC01 did an awesome job procuring Vitalkaeess rations from Huntjer and SOG would like to see if DC01 can secure more rations. They’ll be provided with 30 EC of gold to try to fill the Razza with rations. Huntjer’s friend: Dwaytyr Kelstea’s Daughter and grandson have been kidnapped and the kidnappers are demanding $1,000,000 in ransom (which Kelstea doesn’t have) and Kelstea is willing to pay the PC’s $100,000 to rescue his family. The kidnapping is being supervised by Fiora who was sent it to resecure the gliterstim trade on Queyta after DC01 disrupted their operations which permitted Kelstea to consolidate his hold on the trade.

Bestine Mission. DC01 will be assigned to infiltrate Bestine to determine what the Empire is doing on the planet. Bestine has been recently interdicted by the Empire. Current intel indicates that Bestine was a resort world?

Serifa Atulen is Choten’s mother and though she has evaded notice of the Empire up until now, she is now being hunted by an Inquititor. She will reach out to Choten using the force and try to ask his aid (via the force) while he is on Corellia (which is only three parsecs away). She’s been calling out for a long time, but Choten has been too far away.

Silver was captured and once the PC’s return to the fleet, they’ll be sent to rescue their former companion “Silver” from a secret Imperial Facility on Felucia(R06). Silver died. It was tragic.

She is being held by (??) an Inquisitress who lost in the lightsaber duel on Saleucami (Yep).

Rescue Mission? Someone’s been captured and needs to be saved. Prison break . . . Silver . . .!!

Done? Getting a Lightsaber? Yoda will need to train the PC’s but the characters will need to procure Kyber crystals. On the downlow.

Virgillia (I-18) revolution.

Butting heads with criminals . . . Maybe coupled with a Rescue Mission. (Queyta?)