Mission 005 Valid Uncertainty

The Wroona (L15) Operation.

Del’lyk will be issued a Alliance Starfighter encryption communications decoder (disguised as a datapad). This will allow Del’lyk to plug into any shipboard comms system and be able to receive & communicate with Alliance Fighters on their encrypted guard channels.

The Rebels have been trying to connect with a high ranking trade guild master (Coolan Truka: Nemoidian male). who is rumored to be interested in aiding the Rebellion. What Coolan wants is for the alliance to secure a load of his personal wealth (120 EC of cargo) somewhere “safe.”

The Rebellion has an agent (A three eyed Gran named Zhwaz Brei) on world who has been working on setting up intel gathering on Wroona. He operates as a gaming components vendor for star ships.

In preparation of Operation Reduced Trait, DC01 needs to see if this Guild Master can help secure the needed permits so that DC01 can ‘legitimately’ visit Rothana. DC01 needs to make contact and see if they can convince Coolan Truka to help and to see what he ‘needs’ in exchange for his aid.

Coolan Truka, is one of the parties responsible for securing transportation of parts from Wroona (L15) to Rothana (T15). In part its a difficult job because a trip to Rothana is a one way run for a cargo hauler. However the Empire pays a premium $5,000 for this one way run ($2,000 up front and $3,000 on delivery).

Also Ji Kez needs some more parts and supplies for the aging Z-95’s. Could the group see if they could pick some up?