Mission 006 Reduced Trait

This is the follow up segment to Valid Uncertainty.

Rothana (T15).

Rothana has several R&D and engineering stations that have been tasked with various research fields, each to a varing degree. The names of the facilities are named by colors with an alphabetical sequence: (Amber, Blue, Cerulean, Ecru, Fuchsia, Green, Hazel, Indigo, Jade, Khaki, Lavender, & Mauve).

DC01 has been provided a cargo to deliver to Research Facility “Indigo” and it is believed by the Alliance, that this is the facility wrapping up development of a new fighter craft, rapidly approaching readiness for production. DC01 has been tasked with learning as much as possible about this new vehicle.

“Indigo” is indeed, the R&D & Testing grounds for the new TIE/In. Indigo has 4 working prototypes and they have finished the first round of test flights with better than expected results.

The engineers are currently hammering out details on production and assembly line issues, but there are some good plans & files documenting the flight and combat characteristics of the new TIE fighter. These will be the most convenient things to acquire.

In about a week a Gozanti will be arriving to transport the four prototypes to the production facilities on Kuat(M10). The PC’s have an opportunity to learn that logistical issue too. The destruction of the prototypes will set back the production of the TIE/in’s. Destruction of the facility will seriously hamper production.

Mission Profile:

DC01 will be issued a ship on Wroona(L15) a YT-2000 named the Lucky Leku. It has been loaded by Coolan Truka’s crew and Truka has Imperial Credentials for the PC’s so that they can pass the basic background check on Rothana(T15).

The rebel alliance will have DC01 take the Lucky Leku to a rendezvous point near Rothana (T15) to meet up with a waiting Y-Wing (Silver Squad 09). That crew will confirm the arrival and approach of the Lucky Leku and will head up to another (undisclosed) rendezvous while the Lucky Leku continues on to Rothana(T15) for their intended delivery at Rothana.

The Y-Wing will head out to a nearby Alliance Fleet (at HC1) while the Lucky Leku heads straight to Rothana.

When DC01 arrives, they will find that Rothana is being attacked in a Strike & Fade raid conducted by the Alliance.

Red, Green, & Gold Squadron will be attacking and Gold 7 (w/ Celeste as the gunner) are keeping an eye out for the Lucky Leku. Gold 7 will make an attack run on the Lucky Leku and damage the ship so that it will cement their cover with the Empire.