Mission 009 Integral Sea

This is an independent mission and the PC’s will be asked to meet with representatives of the Dugs for Democracy “Action Committee” and Hijack a fuel transport (full of fuel) bound for Imperial use.

Mission Briefing

DC01 is tasked with traveling to Malastare (N16) to the capital Pixelito and to meet with an agent of the Dugs for Democracy (DFD) Reebes Ssundin.

Reebes has agreed to assist the team in the hijacking of a bulk fuel transport operated by Imperial contractor Kraylon Heavy Lift Solutions (KHLS).

DC01 should proceed to capture and acquire positive control of one of KHLS’ vessels (while loaded) and to deliver the ship to the Rebellion (Innton). The capture of this ship should hamper Imperial operations while greatly assisting in the supply of the Rebellion.

If DC01 finds that capture of the ship is not possible, destruction of the ship would be an acceptable alternate objective.

Once completed with the mission, DC01 should return to Innton.

Persons of Interest.

Reebes Ssundin is a Dug agent for the Dugs for Democracy (DFD) Action Committee who has made positive contact with Nath Searrail (Bothan Male from Innton). He has access to cells and can work with and contact various Dugs, who can help with this mission. Reebes will be the primary contact for the PC’s. Reebes is working out of the offices of the DFD (in Pixelito) and can be found there. However since Reebes works for the “Action Committee” the DFD front office is very suspicious of people asking about Reebes. Reebes is NOT a rebel agent! And this mission is a collaboration between the Alliance & the Action Committee.

Reebes has contracted to facilitate the Alliance operation for the princely sum of $25,000. However they are now demanding $50,000, due to the delay in the start of the mission and added risks involved.

Tirnadwu Grunsunu is a Dug technician who works for Malastare Power and a contact with Reebes, who is willing and able to perform a simple act of sabotage on the KHLS transport.

Dulcet Diva is actually the name of the Action IV ship in port now and getting ready to ship out in a couple of days.

Tchiocal Mechanical Corporation. Company that is scheduled to perform routine repairs on the Dulcet Diva.

Random Dug names:

Nulterou Ssoltoro Taxi Driver & Fan of Sebulba

Grendubru Rnokwin

Dogwinba Kalwed Weejazz Cantina. Contact to pick up Kugekari.

Raagru Ssebraado Local Dug “Mafia” Boss.

Grendo Nbigwone
Tuso Lwedinu
Nergohx Reikwor
Raaltux Kwusire
Prulganbi Nrognore
Reibrolnu Karnari
Ponselwei Rnalneino
Ginriraa Gnultuda
Pawudwei Rnardoda


Random Gran Names:

Hess Braar Tchiocal mechanic who fixes the the Nova Chaser.

Puf Dreeycups – The two Gran assigned to fix the Dulcet Diva.
Ri Klierg –

Jokz Eerric
Klix Loef
Natho Laasserg
Gorlum Yie
Puggels Giedil
Griafed Kloe
Shmiycob Twiepu

End Notes.

Malastare (N16)

Dugs for Democracy & “Action Committee.”

Malastare Power Consortium (MPC) is the company that is in charge of transporting fuel to the KHLS transport ships. They have a small fleet of custom shuttles (approximately 20 in number) with an EC of 125 units. Over a week, this tiny fleet fills the KHLS transport to the brim.

Kraylon Heavy Lift Solutions (KHLS). -KHLS- Has a contract with the Imperial Navy to pick up fuel from Malastare and deliver them to various destinations. KHLS has 8 Action IV transports and have 1 of those transports load up every 30 days. Load time takes 1 week.

Part II

Kugekari was kidnapped and his captors have demanded a ransom from the crew of the Nova Chaser. And then the Nova Chaser departed shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile the Empire has sent an Inquisitor to investigate the theft of the Dulcet Diva. Rudu (the investigator has cracked Tirnadwu Grunsunu during questioning and is now looking for Reebes Ssundin with Dugs for Democracy. Reebes has a better grasp on the group, but Rudu already knows that there is a tall harry alien, an albino Human, & a Twilek female involved in the theft.

Inquisitor Investigator Casux Rudu [Cathar (Cat person)].

Brawn 4 Agility 2 Intellect 5 Cunning 3 Willpower 3 Presence 3

Investigator Rudu is trained under the Guardian School and is a capable Soresu Defender and a force rating of 3.

Lightsaber 4 (YYYYG)

Ranged Light 3 (YYG)

Cool 3 (YYY)

Computer 2 (YYGGG)

Perception 4 (YYYG)

Skulduggery 3 (YYY)

Streetwise 3 (YYY)

Survival 2 (YYG)

Vigilance 2 (YYG)

Adversary 3, Reflect 5 (Reduce dmg by 7). Improved Parry, Defensive Stance 2, Steely Nerves, Saber Throw, Grapple.

Rudi stages from the Vindicator Smelter.