Mission 013 Protective Questionnaire

Kinyen is the Gran Homeworld and they are an Agriworld, exporting food.

Mission Briefing:

Rebel sources on Kinyen (L15) are reporting an escalation of Imperial activity on the planet.

Recruiters have six recruits ready to join the Rebellion and DC01 needs to vet these prospects to make sure there aren’t any moles with this group.

Meet with Zho Ieks a Gran college professor (and Rebel agent) to pick up the six recruits. Also try to assess and get a better idea of what the Empire has planned on Kinyen.

After the mission, return to Defiant Core.

End Mission Briefing.

Kinyen’s Capital is Koewhals and the largest University is the Uk Jaansox School of Agriculture & Engineering. Uk Jaansox is a major university even by core world standard, though its emphasis is on supporting and training the population in Agra-idustry.

Urch Koewhals is the Mayor of the city and sits on the Gran Council as a deligate. His family has been running the city for millenia. He is a capable cunning elderly statesman, who is highly pacifistic.

Zho Ieks is the rebel agent & recruiter for the rebellion and is a professor of Xeno-relations at the Uk Jaansox School.


Thaj Neagh (f) ::

She’s curious, charismatic, insightful, farsighted. Friends usually count on this and her fun-loving nature when they’re feeling down.

Her desperation and obsessive nature cause plenty of grievances.

She want’s to get off world and has some mechanical skills.

Foyk Geand (f) ::

She’s gentle and planning. Of course she’s also confident, resourceful and trusting, but tainted by a mindset of being neglectful.

Her gentleness though, this is what she’s so well-liked for. Friends tend to count on this and her compassion in times of need.

She is angry at the recent atrocities by the Empire and wants to help in any way that she can. She would make an ideal on world contact.

Bf is Druff Leagh. He’s a tough.

Gresk Laak (m) :: Taken by DC01

He’s courteous and anticipative, caring, punctual and witty, but these are in a way balance by being dominating as well.

Gresk is a farm kid and a master of nothing.

Works at Subway.

Sinlos Faakgun (f) :: Taken by DC01

She’s charming, companionably, outspoken and stable, but those are often overshadowed by tendencies of being predatory as well.
She possesses a destructive nature and is opportunistic.

She wants and opportunity to shoot at Stormtroopers.

Kottuth Dreaff (f) ::

She’s good-natured, practical, independent, considerate and capable, but they’re tainted by and mixed with habits of being hateful as well.

Kottuth is an ideal homemaker. She could stay or leave.

Gotiand Leitub (m) ::

Is persuasive and caring. He’s also honest, warm and exciting, but in smaller doses and they’re often spoiled by habits of being thoughtless & careless as well.

He wants to stay on world, but do something non-violent to help the rebellion.

End of Recruits list.

Gran Names.

Braphog Griayk – Grain Seller.
Birian Ceenli – Seller’s Cousing.

Kleef Eeyirch
Tir Yeagh – Student assistant.
Rend Eewus
Zhakz Ieg
Twudur Raarvosk
Grassu Eiff
Khurlab Dreabin
Rhiamme Liath
Cimaz Raannok

Sind Yaaz
Mund Beeduls
Loff Shmia
Rhu Yiemikz
Bosk Nieg
Brussosk Bealex
Kattun Eass
Bawheg Leerbir
Rheadaass Taand
Rutuj Feirru


The Empire, under the pretext of not having access to the ‘whole’ world leveled a couple of towns and drove the population out of a fairly remote area. They have set up a base (Great Storm) on Kinyen which is a Logistics Waypoint. The Imperial purchase agents are purchasing large quantities of food, which are shipped to their new base. Escorted bulk freighters arrive often to pick up foodstuffs, drop off supplies to the base and tehn the convoys proceed to Endor for the last leg of their journey. The typical trip takes 12 days from Kinyen to Endor (for the CL3 ships).

Pretty much no one on Kinyen knows about the endpoint for this trip.