Mission 016 Futile Explanation

The fleet is missing!

The Razza has been compromised.

“Rumors have it that Mon Cal is now in Imperial hands and the fleet is missing! We need a Special Operations Group team of discrete operatives, with the fastest spaceship in the galaxy, to back trace a special ops net to make contact with the remnants of the main Rebel fleet. Unfortunately all we have is you!”


Step 1: Report to Echo Base on Hoth. (He will point out the PC’s to Echo base for their briefing).

There are very few personnel operating at Echo Base. There are only about 40 people setting up and preparing for the influx of permanent staff. Most of the command is in place, but they are about a year behind where Nova Core is currently, but Nova Core is expected to need to be evacuated shortly. It’s just a matter of time before one of the locals rats out the rebels.

Valdez will brief DC01 about the loss of communications with the fleet following the fall of Mon Calimar. Echo is slated to become the main rebel base, but they’re about a year away from becoming operational. With the possible loss of the rebel fleet, that may delay things further . . .

There is a cut out network that Valdez needs the PC’s to follow to a rumored marshaling point for the Mon Cal fleet. The PC’s will need to re-establish contact and report back to Echo the status and condition of the surviving fleet.

Step 2: Eriadu. This world is the center of trade and the Organa family put together a network of assets onto the planet. Amid the hustle and bustle of the Trade and Industry is a small network of Alderanian survivors.

Sodeq Greem (Agent: Ethical Pump) has married a local girl and has a couple of kids. He’s sitting on a pile of cash and is a pass through for a number of networks. His family knows nothing about his clandestine operations. During the ‘day’ Sodeq operates a load lifter at the port on Eriadu.

He’s been expecting the PC’s arrival and he almost left the planet himself. The next contact in the chain to Mon Calimar is located on Leritor (Q15)

Leritor (Q15) Leritor’s humans are semi migratory miners, operating bulk mining and processing equipment. Kwiz Notor (Human M) is the contact on Leritor. He’s a technician who works on the equipment when it breaks down. However, a recent Sauvax raid captured a number of miners and Kwiz was among the prisoners captured just a couple of days ago. No one knows that Kwiz is a rebel agent. They know that he has a bunch of friends an relatives who visit from time to time and that he’s a popular guy but probably with a sketchy past.

Next Contact is on Toydaria and is a client to Qlixka the Hutt. Zoybb Wal is a Toydarian agent of Qlixka who has been working with the rebellion to procure and deliver heavy munitions (Torpedoes and large weapons) to the rebellion.

Zoybb Wal has been coming up short on his payments to his patron (Qlixka the Hutt) and needed $100,000 immediately for his quarterly ‘contribution’. Qlixka has reached out to the Empire and has been paid handsomely by an inquisitor for his Rebellion contacts. (Sodeq Greem on Eriadu M18 & Uzen’Teror [Green female Twi’leki] on Saleucami S08).

Saleucami (S08): Uzen’Teror is a Twi’lek Rebel Agent who works at the Rude Eeyen as an “Entertainer” in the main spaceport on Taleucema.

PC needs to secure Uzen, rescue Celeste and get back to the Razza.

After Saleucami (S08). The last chain is on Gand.

T’rox Lirney is the Gand contact now on his homeworld. He was a former Astrogator who used to fly on the big Merchant cruisers. He became a wandering contact for the Alliance and collected Order of Battle information for the Rebellion. However, he was severely injured in a work accident and returned home to recover. He’s healed up (His leg and arm grew back) but he lives on a stipend from the Rebellion and is now a major importer/exporter, due to his earlier experiences. Trade to Gand is light but T’rox does well enough that he can support himself. T’rox does not have a ship, but has plenty of human breathing tanks (O2) for eventual “guests.”

T’rox has also been briefed on the evac routes and points that the Alliance Fleet would take if they fell back from Mon Cal. There are 7 in immediate proximity of Mon Cal. One in the immediate range of Gand and then a final point at Iego. The Alliance has a last ditch supply of Hyperfuel, but it would take some time to load up and they would need to be assured of evading the Empire before tapping into the supplies.

List of GAND names for NPC’s (on the fly).

Nool Trazle Pilot who met the group.

S’zass Pyazli
Kul Craagg
Tish Cnaiclu
Vish Drooqr
V’lurex Vriky
T’rurluur Cnaikraa
Iqon Disle
D’kellor Kuslu
Cyflash Kruzzee

Taax Qaqlo
Ush Shrornai
Zer Docle
Ron Kruggai
Dex Shrez
Kenlak Qraqr
T’rabaix Vraggai
R’kaiklo Prorne
Segnil Dyzlu
Ulleess Daythi



Inquisitor Nevkael (Human Female). She is a tortured small woman who is a very low ranking inquisitor and is rightfully terrified of failure. Nevkael tends to shift from bitter to angry to desperate at random. This mission is considered sufficiently straight forward that she shouldn’t be able to mess this one up too much.

FR: 1

Soak: 2 Wounds: 16 Strain: 14 Def: 1/1

Brawn: 2 Agility: 2 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 3 Willpower: 2 Presence: 2

Adversary Rank 1. Dodge 3.

Force Powers:

Bind: Requires FR2.

Enhance: May increase results of Athletic Checks with Force Roll.

Heal/Harm: May spend Force Results to Heal 1 Wound (per White) or inflict 1 Wound (per Black).

Influence: May be used to guide and shape thoughts.

Move: May move Sil 0 Objects up to short range. (Cost is 1).

Standard Sith Lightsabre

Damage 7, Crit 2, Breach 1, Vicious 2.

And she’s not quite dead yet . . .

Catching up with the Fleet.

Iego is a mysterious system locked inside a nebula cloud. T’rox Lirney the Gand Rebel agent will check here first to see if his contacts have any updates . . . There is a rebel agent (Human Male named Shodek Starrunner), who is coordinating contact between the 10 waypoints. He received occasional updates to see which way points are compromised (or not). However his data is a couple of days old.

There are 10 uncharted backup systems that the alliance is using to evade interdiction by the Imperial Navy. With limited fuel, the Alliance is trying to evade the Empire by jumping to seemingly random locations, but they’re staying within 24 hours of Mon Cal.

The Empire is using their destination and prediction algorithms to try to track down the alliance fleet to finish it off.

Shodek Starrunner has a list of coordinates on a secure datapad (3R2P4B) showing the progression of the fleet from start to an end point. T’rox will recommend starting at the bottom of the list to avoid interdiction with the Empire should the group start at the top of the list.

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