Side Quest 019 Soshu’s Offer


  • Boomer: Zogka (m Mirialan) Teen slave with no facial tatoos. He’s a ‘new acquisition,’ quite rebellious, and not quite broken.
  • Silver: Uemoj’Zadi (f Green Twi’lek) Slave girl. One of the entertainers.
  • Wrasp: Zorvo Dritcho (m Kel Dor) Freeman and freelancer for Soshu.
  • Slider: Cul’bugu (m Yellow Twi’lek). Also one of the slave entertainers. Not keen on sampling Bothan fare.
  • Midnight: Olam’zomi (f Blue Twilek). She’s a slave entertainer too.
  • Duster: Atog’pihow (f White Twilek). She’s a slave entertainer too.
  • Bic Svotok is the Lieutenant that Soshu has assigned to attend to the PC’s and to transport to Roon as Supercargo if the PC’s accept the mission.

Soshu wants Silver to deliver two things.

  1. She needs Bic Svotok to be delivered with 100 EC of “cargo” (Weapons & Cash).
  2. Next she wants Fiora to be “recruited” away from Durgo’s crew. (She will let the PC’s know that one of Fiorra’s underlings is about to turn in Fiorra for “looking the other way” on some of her recent high profile bounty missions.

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