Mission 020 – Expert Sergeant

Changing to the X-Wing rescue mission on Tatooine

Likk Muak is a Mon Cal X-Wing pilot who was transporting an experimental R6 Astromech (yes via socket) out to Hoth. This R6 was programmed with a lot of sensitive data, essential to coordinating Rebel assets and safe locations throughout the galaxy.

En route the R9 realized that it was experiencing cascading issues with it’s memory buffers and made an emergency stop in Tatooine. After the hyperspace outage, the droid shut itself down.

Likk made an emergency landing and was able to send a private distress signal to the Darklighter homestead (who passed on the distress message to the rebellion).

After landing Likk was captured by Tusken Raiders and is being prepared for dinner.

The R6 was considered worthless by the Tuskens, but some wandering Jawas picked it up and they’re tinkering with the malfunctioning droid to see if they can get it to work again.

And the Jawas sold the location for the X-Wing to Jabba, who has salvaged the fighter.

Raison Darklighter is the POC for this mission.