Mission 023 – Yoda Expedition

Yoda is assembling a select crew to fly him to an undisclosed location (Dagobah) onboard the Flair Rider.

Total Life Support for the Flair Rider is 8 personnel.

Passenger List is

  • Yoda
  • Pa Pooga
  • Fiaye K’faiya
  • Josus Laoral
  • Unsien Mos
  • Marhan Gadhann
  • Sern
  • Celeste Devereaux
  • Goldie and Hunter are also accompanying the crew.
  • Yoda is moving to Dagobah to take up residence in the facilities that were built earlier by DC-01. They have weathered sufficiently and once the plastic panels covering the doors and windows are removed and his personal effect moved in, he’ll have the crew depart.