Mission 025 Uncoded Kyber Quest

Mission 025 – Kyber Crystal Side Quest. Uncoded.


DC-01 is taking some “time off” to go and find Kyber Crystals!

Necessary Crew:

Unsein Mos “Break Out” Seeking White Krayt Pearl at Tatooine. (No color preference).

Marhan Gadhann “Stitches” Seeking White Krayt Pearl at Tatooine. (Confirmed).

Pa Pooga “Wrasp” Seeking Blackwing Crystal (Black) at Dathomir.

Fiaye K’faiya “Boomer” Seeking a Hurrikaine Crystal (Purple) at Dathomir.

Josus Laorl “Slider” Seeking Dantari Crystal (Green) at Dantooine.

Celeste “Duster” Seeking Dantari (Green) at Dantooine.

Sern would also be a good resource as she is an SME and already has a Light Sabre.

Aliz & Cop would also be interested in visiting family, if that’s an option. Aliz want’s to ensure that her dottir was delivered. She may actually pay more if possible.


Inton (M18): The Crew needs to deliver the Lucinda back to Inton so that it’s registry can be altered. DC-01 will need to use either the Nova Chaser or the Stellar Wind. Both ships have Class .5 hyperdrives and can support 8 Crew/Pax. Stitches suggests to travel as wildlife hunters under contract with a Hutt. It will take the engineers two weeks to refit the Starbound Wayfinder (formerly the Lucinda). (The PC’s have spent 7 days on Roon so only one more week). ETC 7 days.

WIP! Check unit funds. Roon(S15). PC’s visited and are scheduled to pick up military equipment from Moz’kacru in four months. (They spent $150,000 up front and will need to deliver $150,000 on delivery). They are planning to deliver the equipment to Soshu the Hutt. She has promised to pay them double what they paid (so $600,000 payoff for the PC’s). ETC 120 days.

(Cop’s parents asked for $100,000 for her Dottir. Resolved. Cop is FREE).

Tatooine (R16): Unsien & Marhan both want to pick up White Krayt Pearls by killing an adult Krayt Dragon. (They’ll ultimately kill 1 Krayt Dragon).

Bothawui (R14): Josus Laorl needs to check back in with his sponsor and report about what he found. (Estimated time of Travel for Flair Rider is 30 Hours±).

Eriadu (M18): Marhan has a side quest here.

(Estimated time of Travel for Flair Rider is 75 hours) (Travel Time between Eriadu & Kirdo is 30 hours).

Inton. Return and pick up the Starbound Wayfinder. Side quest to pick up the two other crew assigned. (Travel time to Inton from Eriadu is 3-4 hours).

Dathomire (O06):

Pa Pooga wants a Blackwing Crystal.

Fiaye K’faiya wants a Hurrikaine Crystal.

Dantooine (L04):

Josus & Celeste both want Green crystals and rumors have in that Dantari Crystals can be found somewhere on Dantooine.


AAR: Depending Basin

Attendees are:

Commander Carlist Rieekan (Base Commander),

Leah Organa (Alliance High Command),

Cpt Shawn Valdez (SOG Echo Super),

Lt(1) Jeek Ness (Valdez rt hand woman),

Colonel Ledick Firest (Army Commander for Echo Base).

They want to know what happened and why this mission was important. They will notify the crew that the Lucinda’s identity and markings have been logged by the Empire and they need to change the name and transponder. The crew absolutely can’t take the Lucinda anywhere else and must travel directly to Defiant Core on Inton, where the ship will be modified.

Josus Laorl (Need to flashback).

Nath Searrail is waiting at Echo Base for DC-01’s return. He’s concerned that his sponsor has been compromized and would like Josus to check on Bictur Salahi (Nath’s sponsor on Bothawui) when he reports back to Bothawui.

Nath is concerned with all of the rebel cells that have been lost on locations like

Yavin, Dantooine, Mon Cal, Derra IV, Saleucama, Sullust, Fondor, Kinyen, Devaron, Bestine, Yabol Opa, and of course, Alderan.

Marhan Gadhann (Need to flashback).

Jiisaark Wolgahl (m) was one of the Deadly Vipers and noticed Marhann’s Armor as being a Mando style.

Jiissark knows of a clan of rebel friendly Mandos (in exile) who know the rites and would be able to help Marhan earn her Beskar. They’re located on Kirdo III but she would need a hot shot pilot to get into the enclave’s canyon. Is Marhan interested in getting her hands on the coords? She should seek out the Shipping broker Kha Struwr (f Mandelorian) on Eriadu with the Me’sen (starship) Aliit (Clan) Traders [Me’sen Aliit Traders].


The Lucinda will need to be renamed and repainted. Repairs should be completed in one week from current time line.

Mission 025A – Tatooine

Itinerary (Mos Eisly):

Mos Eisly: Main spaceport where the PCs will land (at first).

Anchorhead: Rumors of Krayt sightings are coming out of this station.

Tasche Station is a small power relay closer to the action.

“Fixer” (Laze Loneozner) is the day staffer who works down at Tosche (or Toshi) Statio

Beggars Canyon Campout.

Search for Zikkor Quint (he’s setting up at the Tok Jess ruins but bounces between the Nebsun, Dozen Towers, & Zeddar Farm, time permitting).

Mos Anek is a major waypoint for Quint. Due north is the Krayt Canyons which lead to the tunnel network (where the adult Krayts can be found).

Tatooine Notes


Mos Eisley

“Krayts are still a problem in the Junland Wastes especially out Northwest by the Razor Teeth mountains just beyond the ruins of Mos Anek . . .”

Sanjama Simpel (Dewback Guide).

“Stories are coming out of Toshi station about Krayt Dragons. Go talk to Fixer. He can tell you more.”

“Fixer” (Laze Loneozner) down at Tosche (or Toshi) Station can share:

“Jinn, old man Zedder’s son, was bragging that he’d bagged a Krayt Dragon just the other week. Their Vapor farm has been having problems of late. Might check with him.”

[Jinn is out at Begger’s Canyon racing T-16’s on a campout].

(Hutt Lead).

Jabba’s people have tried to “domesticate” Krayts but were unsucessful. Krayt’s are too intelligent and wild. They are relentless in their violence. Jabba has had several hunters successfully capture several specimine but none have ever survived to adult hood. “Quint was Jabba’s best Krayt hunter and last I heard Zikkor Quint found himself a local girl and settled down on one of the local moisture farms. Crazy right? Check with “Fixer” (Laze Loneozner) down at Tosche (or Toshi) Station. He might know where Quint landed.”

(The Needles mark the center of the Jundland Wastes. And these stone columns are a center point for the Sandpeople).

GMQ&A: Why do the Sandpeople protect the Krayt Dragons? They don’t? They fear them certainly. But they try to appease them by providing “food” (Dewbacks, Banthas, & Humans). There is a conjuction of the two suns at the height of summer and the Sandpeople think this is a bad omen for a larger quanitity of dragons and need to find more prisoners and offerings. This is why they are attacking and robbing the farms so aggresively.


Mos Anek is an abandoned old Imperial outpost. The Empire took the weapons but most of the buildings are still in place. However the local Fauna have moved back in (notably Womp Rats & Anooba).

Anchorhead is the “town” supporting the Jundland waste farmsteads. A popular hangout is Toshi Station, the main power relay and general store for the area. It’s operated by “Fixer” (actual name is: Laze Loneozner)

Mos Eisley is a major starport on Tatooine and may be the initial location where the PC’s land.

Anchorhead Farmsteads: (Canyon Suites, Cred Mine HS, Darklighter Farm, DeepWell Ruins, Dozen Towers, Lars Ruins, Nebsun Homestead, Pan Zin Homestead, Tok Jess Ruins, Zeddar Farm.

Canyon Suites: Gur Badho is operating the family farm and is being successful by pushing into the chain of draws and canyons east of the original buildings. In all his day’s he’s never seen a Krayt.

Cred Mine Homestead: one of the older farmsteads. They’re larger than most farmsteads but Berli Cas is getting older and has spent more time drinking and less time working. His son Tan Cas is slowly taking over for the family.

Darklighter Farm: Bigg’s Darklighters family! They are a rebel friendly contact. They know that Biggs died in the battle of Yavin, but love putting rebel visitors on the spot by asking for news about their son.

DeepWell Ruins: Not much left here. Small critters skitter about the dark ruins, the tragic aftermath of a Tusken raid.

Dozen Towers: An ambitious name, there are four operating vapor towers (left). Mur Varn & his wife Felo do their best in their waning years. But Pheg & Abdea have moved in from the Nebsun Homstead with their children. They’re a wecome sight for the Varns, but their husbands are alone at the Nebsun Homstead.

Lars Ruins: This is the ruined homestead of the Lars family. Currently infested with womprats.

Nebsun Homstead: Rott Thalors and Polro Thalors (brothers) are hunkered down and carry slugthrower rifles everywhere they go. They’ve fought off two Tusken raids so far . . . Could the PC’s help out?

Pan Zin Homestead: Jan Soovvi(f) just moved in with Pan Zin(f). The two women are displaced from Anchorhead but have kept the peace so far. They’re both young an unctious but ever since they moved out of Anchorhead things have simmered down. They pay their bills and work hard and mostly keep to themselves.

Tok Jess Ruins: Zikkor Quint has cleared out this location and is fixing it up to restart this homestead. These ruins used to be owned by Tok Jess family until they were killed in a Tusken Raid.

Zeddar Farm: Farr Zeddar and his wife Raifo are starting a new family and have two young kids. They have two hired hands (Thec Norvuk & Rent Darvissi) to help out and all are on edge since the recent Deepwell raid.

Beggars Canyon Party: A couple of the guys and their girl friends are having a camp out and racing their T-16’s. After the PC’s gain the confidence of the teens, Jinn Zedder will let them know that he received a visit from Zikkor Quint who is a Krayt hunter. Quint “confirmed” the kill and helped Jinn cash in on the hide and meat (check out these new boots, yeah). Jinn thinks that Quint is bouncing around the border farmsteads trying to help repel the Sand People raids.

T-16 Skyhopper

Sil: 2 Spd: 5! Hand: +3 Def: 0/0 Armor: 1 SS: 3 HT: 6

Max Alt: 300 km

Sensor: Short (?)

Crew: 1 Pilot & 1 Passenger

EC: 12

Customization: 3 1

Mounted Marksman Hvy Blaster Rifle (Rng Close: Dmg +10 personal scale) w/ Autofire option.

High Output Ion Turbines.


Jinn Zedder (Human M: Curly Ginger hair w/ mustache & goatee, Narrow blue eyes thin frame). Recently killed a wandering krayt juvenile with this T-16. Busted up one of his dad’s vapor towers in the process, but he got himself a decent pair of boots in the process. It’ll probably take him a year or so to pay off the damaged for the tower.

Chofimmo Aahorru (Dating Jin Zedder: Black shoulder length hair covers long face. Bright green eyes & several moles on her face. Muscular bulky athletic frame).

Arvo Varn (Human M: Blond curly hair pulled back in pony tail. Heavy Brown eyes deep set, & Dark stubble. Stocky frame). lives with his aging parents out by Dozen Towers. The Sandpeople have been raiding a lot lately and things are a bit tense at home. But this weekend should be a good chance to practice on womprats. That may come in handy soon . . . The Varns have lost 2 dewbacks and 3 banthas so far this season to the Tuskens.

Jacie Wyrbuz (Hanging out with Arvo Varn: Brown shaggy hair, cheerful face Beady grey eyes. Tall curvy frame). Things are a bit risky for the Varn family and her parents don’t approve of Arvo.

Corr Mydag (Human M: Purple long hair, sparkling brown eyes, tall thin agile frame). His parent’s farms are located south of Anchorhead and good thing too. Anyone crazy enough to live north of Anchorhead deserves to get raided by the Tuskens.

Brudi Zedder (Dating Corr Mydag) Light Blue flowing hair strong heart shaped face. Big round blue eyes. Average frame. Warm and sensitive).

Vendox Darklighter (Human M: Pale complexion with dark hair, brown eyes and thin frame). Yep, younger brother to Biggs. The others raz him about the mysterious disappearance of his brother. His T-16 is on the fritz and he can’t get his ship airborne. He might be willing to loan out his Skyhopper if someone could help him get it up and running.

Girl Friends:

The Cave . . . Network. It’s a cave network. (For Dragons)!

a) Entrance. .

The PC’s have approached the Krayt Scar a series of draw and valley cutting North into the Razor Teeth mountains.

Cave Network Details.

Landing Site

PC’s start point in a Canyon that cuts North into the Razor Teeth with a side Draw Canyon cutting into the Mountains to the west.

It’s mid afternoon and the high walls of the canyon place the Flair Rider in shadow. The team is currently surrounded by 20 juvenile Krayt’s that will be shadowing them. Spice is on the Ventral Cannon shooting at the Dragons to keep their heads down.

A] Mud Pit. As the PC’s crest a flat area with a bowl, they find a mud pit being feed from a cave off to their left.

The smell is aweful with an abundance of refuse and rotting meat. There are about 20 Dewbacks in the mud pit cooling off, while a herd of about 20 Banthan & Nerphs mill about in this relatively flat canyon.

There is a single Dewback that is still wearing tack and saddle while 5 of the Bantha’s still wear similar kit. All of the kit is worn and causing saddle sores on the creatures.

B] These caves support the herd animals out by the Mud Pit and are guarded by six Juvenile Krayts (which lounge about just inside the cave).

Cave x has a natural spring that trickles water down to feed the Mud Pit.

Cave y is filled with grass. It’s not bound, but there are piles of hay that have been accumulated. This cave is increadibly clean.

C] Unsien is guided into this cave by the Force.

D] Crystal Cave. This chamber is a tall cylinder and has a dozen stalagtites, stalagmites, & columns. The vertical features sparkle with embedded quarts crystals. None of them eminate any force attunement and are very brittle.

E] Open Canyon.This tunnel opens up with a interruption of a small canyon. There is a piled up path of scree that leads from one cave openning to the other that is designed to bear a lot of weight and has seen considerable use. From behind the trailing juviniles will begin to cry out and are trying to drive the PC’s further . . .

OX] This is the cavern where Unsien Mos is being led/guided by the Force. There is one very hungry Adult Krayt Dragon & the trailing element of krayts will attack the party when they enter the chamber.

T] These caves are the homes of Adult Krayt Dragons that haven’t developed any Kyber style crystals yet. But they do have healthy appetites for lost souls who wander into their lairs . . .


Adult Krayt Dragon w/ Kyber Crystal(s).

Soak: 10 Wounds (Body): 120 Strain: 120 Defense: 4/4

Brawn: 6 Agility: 4 Int: 2 Cun: 3 Will: 4 Pre: 5

Sil 3. Attackers add three Blue to hit. bbb.

Brawl (Br): YYYGGG cccddd

Stealth (Ag): YYGG ccdd

Per (Cun): YYG ccd

Cool (Pr): YYGGG ccddd

Vigilance (Will): YYGG ccdd

Special Hit Locations Wounds. Crits: 8

Head: 40 –

Neck: 60 – 8

Body: 120 – 31

Lt Claw: 30 -7

Rt Claw: 30 -7

Lt Leg: 50 – 7

Rt Leg: 50 – 7

Tail: 70

Juvenile Krayt Dragons (w/o krystals).

Soak: 4 Wounds (Body): 20 Strain: 20 Defense: 2/2

Brawn: 4 Agility: 4 Int: 1 Cun: 2 Will: 3 Pre: 3

Sil 1.

Brawl (Br): YYGG ccdd

Stealth (Ag): YGGG cddd

Per (Cun): YG cd

Cool (Pr): YYGGG cdd

Vigilance (Will): YYGG ccd

Sandpeople: Hunter

Soak: 3 Wounds: 22 Strain: 17 Defense: 1(rng)/2(melee) (Def: 3 w/ Gaffi Stick).

Brawn: 4 Agility: 2 Int: 2 Cun: 3 Will: 3 Pre: 3

Gaffi Stick: Melee YYGG (ccdd) Dmg 6, Crit: 3, Rng: Eng, Defensive +1!, Disorient 3.

Slugthrower Rifle: Range Hvy YGGG (cddd) Dmg: 7, Crit: 5, Rng: Long, Cumbersome: 4 (Includes Marksman Barrel).

Stealth (Ag): YYGG (ccdd)

Per (Cun): YGG (cdd)

Cool (Pr): YYG (ccd)

Vigilance (Will): YGG (cdd)

Anooba (operate in packs). “Rock Wolves”

45 – 100 Lbs. Operate in packs of 10 – 12 individuals.

Small :: Large

Soak: 1::2 Wounds/Strain: 8::12 Defense: 0/0

Brawn: 2::3 Agility: 4 Int: 1 Cun: 2 Will: 1 Pre: 3

Brawl (Br): YGG cdd :: YYGG ccdd

Stealth (Ag): YGGG cddd

Per (Cun): YG cdd

Cool (Pr): YYGGG cdd

Vigilance (Will): YYGG d


Head Butt +2::+3 Dmg & Stun (3) with 2 Adv.

Bite: +3::+4 with Crit 2.

Womp Rats (Minions & Solitary Rivals):

Br: 2 WP/SS: 5 Soak 1. Def: +1 vs Ranged.

Brawl: cd

Bite Dmg +1.

Crit: 3+ Adv, Knock down opponent.

Not more that 2 or three feet tall, they will attack if they think they have advantage, but generally flee at any real display of threat. They are not hunted for food as they are considered poor tasting by most sophonts.

Mission 25C Bothawui


Josus needs to return to Bothawui and report back to his sponsor (Cadrec Nitheli) about what they found regarding the intel about the building struts being built at Yag Dhul.

And things have changed since the Empire has raided the orbital fleet. But how much has changed? Reporting back to Cadrec Ntheli could be ‘interesting.’

During his last visit at Echo Base on the Rebel held planet of Hoth a fellow Bothan Nath Searrail approached Josus. He’s concerned that his sponsor has been compromized and would like Josus to check on Bictur Salahi (Nath’s sponsor on Bothawui) when he reports back to Bothawui.

Nath hasn’t heard back from his Sponsor since the Empire’s attack on Bothawui. Could Josus please check on him the next time he visits home?

Nath is also concerned with all of the rebel cells that have been lost on locations like

Yavin, (abandoned after the now infamous battle)

Dantooine, (Inexplicably raided shortly before the Battle at Yavin)

Mon Cal, (The Empire recently conqured this system in Force)

Derra IV,







Yabol Opa,

and of course, Alderan . . . which no longer exists . . . (?)!

Things are looking dire for the Rebellion . . .

[End Briefing]

Travel Time from Tatooine to Bothawui is 30 hrs in the Flair Rider.

Upon Arrival the crew will find that Bothawui is interdicted by 2 ISD’s the Derge Gardaw Gilpole (Human M) & ISD Nova – Stum Tarragan (Human M).

The Empire has locked down the system pretty tightly and is interdicting everything. They’re putting their heel down pretty hard on the Bothans and are demanding compliance. They are pretty suspicious of all ships visiting the system but especially with those transporting Bothans. The Imps are also mining data and cleaning up pro rebel cells. They are making arrests and things seem to be working nicely for the Empire. Enough Bothans are cooperating and turning informant.

Upon arriving at the starport, the local crew will ask to see the Captain of the Flair Rider but they are expecting Nix & Cho-Ten.

Cadrec Nitheli has always kept a low profile and is operating “normally” now. He’s eager to get information from Josus about his recon mission.

If asked about Nath Searrail, Cadrec will follow up and report that the Searrail clan has been disappeared and that Nath is compromised and will offer a new ID for Nath.

Cadrec has no new information about the new Death Star construction project but much of the information that Josus offers should be useful.

If Josus can stay safe and return later, hopefully Cadrec will be able to learn something new.

Keh Nuavin is working with Cadrec and is looking to get the Masish family off world and to somewhere safe.

Mission 025E

Eriadu & Kirdo III

Jiisaark Wolgahl (m) was one of the Deadly Vipers and noticed Marhann’s Armor as being a Mando style.

Marhan has been directed to seek out the Shipping Broker Kha Struwr (f Mandelorian) in the Eriadu Starport. She runs a legitimate operation called Me’sen Aliit Traders (Translated from Mandelorian as Starship Clan)

Me’sen Aliit clan is located on Kirdo III in a canyon with a trecherous wind blown section of Kirdo III and that make getting to the clan a difficult flight challenge for even the best pilots (cdd). Marhan has been advised to find a hot shot pilot who can safely deliver her (eventually to Kirdo III).

Eriadu & the Me’sen Aliit Traders.

The sole operator and shipping Broker is Kha Struwr (Female Mandelorian). She’s a short serious unassuming woman with short dyed grey hair and steel colored eyes. She wears a worn gray tech suit with no markings and the locals call her “The Kha.”

She is understandably cagey and will wait for a ‘name drop.’ “Who’s asking? Wha’dya’want?”

Kha isn’t a brilliant broker, but she specializes in smaller bulk shipments and tends to gather together shipments for the clan back on Kirdo III. She prefers to use Aliit shippers for Kirdo but there aren’t a lot of roaming Mando’s who can serve Kirdo. Once the crew is ‘veted’ she’ll be eager to have them send a shipment to Kirdo. However the Aliits on Kirdo do not export anything . . . yet . . .

Once Kha is satisfied with Marhan’s intentions, she has hyper coord mapping for Kirdo, Coordinates for the Aliit Canyon secret location, & a code for access to the Aliit.

Mando Language

(Kih) small

(chekar) to stab with a small blade

(Kad) Sword/Blade/Saber

(Kad’la) sharp

(kadiilir) breach, pierce

(Kad’au) lightsabre

Mission 025 Dathomir

Pa Pooga (Wrasp) is seeking out a Black Wing (Black) Crystal & Fiaye K’faiya (Boomer) is seeking the unique Hurrikaine Crystal.


90% of the planet is STILL uncharted! The 10% that is known is populated by the Dathomiri (local) aka Dathomirians (foreign).

The Apex predator/life form are the Rancors, who dominate the remaining 90% of the planet’s surface.

The geography of the planet is widely dominated by wide and close diversity. Though there are divers clans, they are each named for a dominant geographical feature.

Nightsister Energy Bow

Rng Hvy: Dmg: 8, Crit: 2, Range: Med, Enc 4, HP 2, Price: 2,800(R), Pierce 4, Cumbersome 3, Vicious 2.

Initiate Seela Okrod of Frenzied River Clan

The only active Navigation Radio Beacon will direct them to land at the Singing Mountain Clan.

Another ship is on site, a Gozanti Class Cruiser named the “Emperor’s Mercy” which has been converted over as a prisoner barge for people who are to disappear. These prisoners are sold as slaves to the Daughters of Allya.

An initiate: Larsa Inse will meet with the crew to see what they want. If they are clear about their desire for Kyber Crystals, Larsa will take the PC’s to meet with the Clan Mother: Seig Redri. Otherwise she’ll seek counsel with her Mentor: Ursesh Ukil.

A key factor about what help the PC’s can expect will be related to what trade goods the PC’s can offer. However Larse Inse will be eager to help the PC’s to be ‘welcomed guests’ during their stay on Dathomir.

Olmissaz “Missa” Djezra is a visiting Frenzied River Sister who has travelled extensively and may be interested in acting as a guide for the visitors. Larsa knows Missa from former trips and they are friends who are looking forward to acquiring their first males. Ursesh can provide the group with two trade canoes for their journey. (4 Crew each with 20 EC of Cargo).

Hurrikaine Crystals are mined from the Dreaming River. Interested PC’s will need to hire a guide to help them get to and to navigate the caves. This is a social encounter (primarily). Generally these guides are paid well in gold coin, but valuable trade goods will be acceptable. (Equal to about 10 lbs of gold or 200 lbs of silver).

Shid Zezsej (an initiate) would like a batch of red dye for her linen dress.

Hiz Kinte (another initiate) would like her own personal kayak. Preferably one crafted by the Frenzied sisters.

Black Wing Crystals are found exclusively in the Great Canyon, but inquiries about these crystals will be met with suspicion.

Great Canyon Clan can be helpful as long as the PC’s don’t seem like dark side users. They’ll hold a counsel and let the PC’s make their case and tell tales of their past exploits to see if the PC’s are worthy enough to acquire a Dark Wing crystal.

After that the PC’s will be led to the Rancor Cave (the Final Guardian), but only one PC will be allowed to enter as the Guardian will destroy a group, but test a single candidate. ‘And weapons will not be needed . . .’

Facing the Rancor is a test of force power and someone seeking to “steal” the Black Wing Crystal will need to be powerful with magic.

The Pre Test.

Tor Vizsla was the last to claim the Blackwing Crystal. His team left seventeen dead behind in the Guardian’s chamber. His team has also killed a like number of initiates.

Shej Ide (Lead initiate) will take the ‘candidate’ on a test. (Shej has a Force Rating of 2).

Early the next morning the PC is awakened and challenged to a foot race to the three fir trees up river: (Contested Athletics Check vs Shej {CCccd} and yes she is obviously using the Enhance Force Power)!

At the three fir trees there is a large stone in the middle of the river. Shej will instruct the PC to leap across the river. (Two Enhanced short range leaps; from one side of the bank to the stone in the center of the river, and another leap to the other side of the river). This should be easy if the character has the enhance upgrade for a short range horizontal leap. Otherwise it is impossible.

The last test is for the PC to sneak back into the camp and to take the camp stone from off of the camp pillar.

During this test the pillar is guarded by three Initiates.

There is good cover so “sneaking” can be a bit easier (bb) but the pilar is 9 feet tall and in the center of the camp and guarded by usually 3 guards. The closest tents are medium range from the pillar. The others in the camp are on casual watch and have a quarter staff ready to use against the candidate. The other PC’s are invited to help protect the stone atop the pillar. But otherwise the Sisters on watch have a Perception of YGG. (bbccd).

The candidate will be attacked by the guards but fight to the first touch. BUT, once the candidate is spoted, the entire camp will rush to attack the PC.

Ideally the candidate will need to sneak into camp and to use Force Move to capture the stone.

Once the candidate has the stone, Shej will declare the PC ready to face the guardian. The candidate will take the PC to the cave . . .


Cave Entrance. The light from behind the PC(s) illuminates the cave entrance and deeper down the tunnel there appears to be light further down.

Great Chasm. (Leap using enhance force power) There is a great fissure in the mountain and light filters down to illuminate the chasm.

Large Chamber. Contains an openning leading deeper into the chamber & a dias from which the Black Wing Crystal floats above. There is a pillar of light which illuminates the crystal, but the crystal rotates slowly as if held up by a force field.

The Guardian is located in the chamber futher back, but watches and listens to see if anything disturbs the crystal. If the PC’s successfully sneak into the chamber (dd Stealth check) then the Guardian will stay away. However if the candidate use any technology (lights, weapons, sensors, etc) the Guardian will enter the room with a great bellow (Fear Check cddd vs Discipline).

If there are multiple PC’s in the room the Guardian will attack after trying to scare the intruders!

Initially the Guardian will try to drive intruders away from the crystal and then push them back out of the cave.

If attacked, the Guardian will retaliate.

Brawn: 8

Melee Attack: ccdd & Damage +8

Crit Types.

aa : Opponent knocked down

aaa : Opponent pinned or knocked back short distance

aaa : Pinned or knocked down opponent flung toward cave opening.

aaaa : Critical Wound inflicted.

x : Opponent knocked toward entrance (short distance) and knocked down.

Force powers against the Guardian are opposed by Discipline cddd. The Guardian has a Force Rating of 2 and uses black pips from it’s pool AND the PC’s pool!



(Most Rancors in Dathomiri dominated areas are domesticated, but there are wild Rancors and if the PC’s are out in the wilderness, they are likely to be encountered).

“Undead” Rancor.

(Cant be killed and needs to be run off).

Mission 025 Dantooine


The PC’s have investigated the old Jedi training facility and they have found that it is overrun by Kinrath.

Aliz’Fama Rescue. While the PC’s are at the Jedi ruins, a group of Kinrath did board the Starbound Wayfinder and will try to settle it. They’ve captured and bound Aliz but Cop’Ruchi called in for help from the bridge.

PC’s will need to invade a swarm spider lair and be guided to a spider with their attuned crystal.

There is the abandoned Rebel base which has been processed by the Empire and it’s a non-starter. There are no signs of battle and it looks like the base was abandoned.

There are farmsteads out on some of the plains but most of them shut off their navigational markers when Imperial forces swept through and questioned the locals about the rebels. Some of the locals disappeared for good, but they didn’t know anything about the Rebellion.

The nearby swarm spider hives were gassed early as the swarm spiders wreaked havoc on the livestock.

However, the hive enterances resemble large termite opennings and are easy enough to find once you know what to look for. “Good hunting, and good riddance!”


Kinrath (Swarm Spiders).

Brawn: 4 Agility: 4 Intellect: 1 Cunning: 1 Will: 2 Presence: 1

Def: 1/1 Soak: 4 Wounds/Strain: 15

Small: Def: 1/1 Soak: 2 Wounds/Strain: 10

Cool: YGG

Vigilence: YYG



Brawl Attack: YYGG

Dmg: +0. Two Adv to pin victim.

Bite: (Must be pinned).

Brawl Attack: YYGG

Dmg: +4.

Stealth : RRPP.

Web Attack: YYGG

Does no damage, but ensnares victim. To break Free, victim must make an athletic check vs

Mission 025 Return Plan

Once the team wraps up their acquisitions operations on Dantooine, they will need to return to Inton. The ships stores are going to be largely expended.

Mygeeto (K05)

The plan (by the group) is to visit this world to pick up supplies for the trip home.

Mygeeto is controlled by the Empire & the IGBC.

Trip to Mandelor Est. 5.5 days. (132 Hrs).

Mandalore (O07)

Both parties are located in the new Capital: Sundari (Mandel Motors is located in Keldabe the former Mando capital city).

“Slider”: Uk Narruv (Bothan Male) is one of the Bothans on “the list.” He works for one of the merchant houses on Mandalore: Shokita (Shelf) Tra (Space/Starfield) [Shokita Tra]. Uk is a short (5′ 06”) Bothan with dark gray fur, but he has a distinct white eye patch around his right eye. Under his clothes he also bears white tiger style stripes.

Uk works for and reports directly to Vost Giqat (Bothan Male). Vost Giqat is working with the Mandalore Intelligence Directorate (and consequently the Empire) to keep peace on Mandelore. Chiefly they are hunting Death Watch supporters and others interested in ‘traditional’ Mandelorian culture.

Uk’s position in working on the main starport is to set up a network of locals who help him keep an eye out for suspicious persons, (Black Watch, smugglers, etc).

Uk’s local network is comprised of 5 mandos, who receive extra pay to report suspicious activities occurring on the starport.


Troc Samet (Mando M)
Chatej Skegh (Mando M)
Iosuld Zejern (Mando M)
Charets Barn (Mando M)

Zha Mil (Mando F)


Vost Giqat (Bothan Male) is a beautiful Tawny haired Bothan and stands at 6′ 02”.

“Stitches”: Checking in with the original barracks & see if she can secure some Beskar.

Kreel Karn (Mando M) has recently wrapped up a year contract with the CSA. It’s easy quiet work . . . mostly training and security checks. However some crew snuck in and boosted an Action IV. Definitely a professional crew. Didn’t leave too many clues.

Trip to Inton Est. 14.0 Days. (336 Hrs).

Inton (M18)

Mission 025 India

Side Quest: Sucharis Exploration

The Survivor!

Marhan was NOT the only survivor of the Imperial Raid! (She was just the one ‘rescued’ by the Swamp Rats).

Banx Mynot was two years younger than Marhan and has been able to stay alive, mainly by staying out of site! Especially during the Swamp Rats annual exercises. Banx does blame the Rats for the destruction of the settlement and has been trying to sabotage the exercises (mostly unsuccessfully). But the Rat Rations are often pilfered so that Banx can supplement his usual diet of Pythons, Boar, Poison Dragons (Komodo Dragons) and the various vegetable and fruit that he’s been able to protect and foster in the hydroponics dome.

Banx can’t keep up with the hydroponics, so the dome looks like an abandoned mess with the plants growing out of control, but Banx has put in sufficient effort to keep the local flora & fauna out. There is WAY more fresh fruits and vegitables available to Banx than he will ever need.

Banx also has a pretty ruthless, shoot on site policy with ANY of the local fauna found within the settlement so it’s pretty clear of life.

After the raid Banx found two other children (Innom Drosy & Maabaguz Kis) who had survived the ordeal. The three initially had a bit of success cleaning up and actually interred all of the dead. but the other two weren’t as lucky in the following months and were killed by a Poison Dragon and one by a Python.

There is a cemetary and the 600+ “recent” dead are remarkably different from the previously interred deceased. (It looks like a couple of kids did the etchings on the simple slab memorial plaques).

The other tech that Banx relies on is a water vaporator tower. He has a solar charger attached to the machine and it constantly runs, supplying a constant trickle of water that creates a small stream of water through the village. Banx has installed a series of ditches & pipes to direct the stream flow out fo the village without too much unchecked erosion.

The “Swamp Rats” Battalion still conducts an annual field exercise on Sucharis and used to work with the local colonists, partly to avoid causing harm to the colony. Most of their exercises occurred west of the colony buildings and out of tradition, they continue to do so.

Note that the Swamp Rat deployments start by napalming a clearing and then performing a tactical drop of a landing pad. (Ussually the pads deploy properly but there are a number of strange origami wrecks where these temporary pad didn’t unfold and deploy properly. Regardless, these corrugated pads tend to be ‘reclaimed’ by the Sucarin jungles in two to five years.

When the PC’s arrive there will be a relatively new landing pad that was abandoned just two months ago. The Rat’s camp site was slashed and cut with the local flora now beginning to grow back into this small area adjacent to the pad (with alarming speed)!

The colony.

The Sucharis colony, hugging the North arctic circle, is now in ruins, after an Imperial ISD conducted a “training exercise” razing and slaughtering the inhabitants about 16 years ago.

The colony is inland (away from the worst of the ocean borne storms) in an insane Jungle environment. At the Arctic Circle the average daily high temperature is 90 degrees (F) and falls to an almost comfortable 75 degrees, while near the more equatorial regions, the daily temperatures average 130 – 160 degrees. Most of the world is blanketed by thick clouds and nearly constant rain making most of the planet uninhabitable to non native life.

Closer to the equator the life becomes bigger, more Jurasic and more water resistant (Amphibious).


Banx Mynot. He’s gone “native” and operates on an almost constant mode of survivalist.

He also has forgotten most his common and now only speaks Mandelorian.

BR: 4 AG: 3 IT: 2 CU: 3 Wil: 2 PR: 1

Soak: 2 WT: 20 ST: 16 Def: Range: 0 Melee: 2

Bank carries a custom made vibro glaive with him everywhere he goes.

(cccc)Damage: +7, Crit 2, Engaged, Enc 4, Pierce 2, Sunder, Vicious 3, Defensive +1, Cumbersome 4!

He also carries an old pneumatic “hunting” rifle. (Slug thrower). He can still manufacture shot easily enough and with the solar generators, recharging his power cells is easy enough. However, this weapon is ussually reserved for the Poison Dragons.

Slug Rifle (pneumatic)

(ccd) Rng Hvy: Dmg: +7, Crit 5, Medium, Enc 5, Sling, Cumbersome 3, Autofire!

Accurate +1.

And a knife. But its mostly for utility. (Dmg: +5, Crit 2).

Cool: (cddd)

Mechanics: (cd)

Stealth: (ccc)

Survival: (ccc)

Vigilance (ccd)


Pythons: 20 – 30 feet long and 6 – 12 inches thick (at the widest) with heads about a foot long. They prefer to drop from above and constrict their opponents.

Soak 3, WT/ST, 20.

Attack: First is a Bite/Grapple attack: (ccc) +0 Dmg, Crit 5.

Constriction Attack: (ccc) Dmg +4 Strain Dmg, Crit 2.

Boar: They’re noisy aggressive brutes and have developed an immunity to Poison Dragon’s poison. They are omnivorous but they also keep the Poison Dragon population in check. They are intelligent enough to employ hit and run and pack tactics against their prey, striking with their razor sharp tusks. They travel in troops of 4-6 aggressive males. Luckily, most of the Boar understand that the two legs are one rung up the food chain and will avoid attacking unless provoked or cornered.

Soak 2, WT/ST, 15

Cool: ()

“Stealth” ()

Snout Attack: (cccdd) Dmg+5, Crit 2.

Poison Dragons are a real apex predator. They are kind of lethargic and though they are strong and powerful they usually rely on their poison to fell their prey. Though they are sociable, living in packs that can number from 20 – 30, they usually hunt singly. Once a prey ‘falls’ several of the large monitors will converge on the fallen victim and tear its corpse to shreds. (sometimes while it’s still alive)!

They are also fast and have a base run speed of 8. (Total of 16 when using two maneuvers).

Soak 0, WT/ST: 10

Stealth: RRPP


Dmg: +4, Crit 4, Knock Down: For the victims Brawn Score in Advantages, the Dragon can knock down an opponent.

Poison Bite attack (Bite):

Dmg: +5, Crit 3, Pierce 2, Poison Burn: Dmg: 2, for 3 turns. For three advantage, the attack inflicts a poisoned condition (see below).

Poison Dragon Poisoning. If the Dragon gets a really good bite on a foe it’s poison coated teeth will inject a powerful neuro toxic/disolving enzyme into the victims bloodstream.

While poisoned a victim will not recover strain or wounds (except through medical treatments). Every 30 minutes, the victim must succeed on an athletics roll or take 5 burn damage: Less any successes rolled or add any failures rolled! A Triumph will remove the poisoned condition and a Dispair will inflict strain up to a victim’s top threashhold. This poisoned condition can also be countered with an successful Medicine Check (ddd).

Mission 025 Juliet

Side Quest: Sucharis Rendezvous

Marhan has successfully made her case for advancement and has been promoted to the rank of Class Two Warrior with the Birds of Prey Battalion.

Now she needs to convince a local ‘tough’ and suspected Death Watch member to speed up his delivery of the Beskar that they contracted for.

Vreax Luka’ar is a cell leader in Sundari who Pa Pooga found and contracted the trade for the Beskar for the tidy sum of 50 EC of Medical Supplies and 30 EC in Blaster Rifles. (Wrasp put together a great deal for some nice Westar Rifles with Out Arporter “Port Out” who is now a passenger on the ‘Finder).

Vreax is trying to locate and recruit anti-republicans who are disappointed with Mandelore subjecating themselves to the Empire. But Vreax (and most in his cell) aren’t complete idiots and realize that the Empire is too powerful to defeat alone. And while they pine for the good old days of Mandelorian dominance, they’re not ignorate to the excesses and negative extremes of the old caste system ways that over elevated the warriors to the exclusion of the rest. They aren’t the crew spreading the DWR! graffiti around the city, but they’ll welcome people sympathetic to finding a more reasonable anti-republican solution.

Vreax does suspect Marhan of being a Republican spy!

There are also rumors of a Sith incursion involving a human woman with black hair and black skin possibly working with a Kel Dor. “Most suspicious Marhan! Most suspicious!”

The group is still working up a new identity with possible contenders being: “Phoenix Foundation” PF “New Order” NO “Eternal Vanguard” EV “Mandalorian Vanguard” MV “Ascending Mandalore” AM Vanguard of Mandelore VoM

Morr. One of Vreax go between.

Coej & Pure. Helped Marhan with the Beskar heist on Mandelor.

Coej: 2-4 Pure 2-1 Stiches 0-1

Driver: 3-(-1) Guard: -1,4