DC-01 Mission Logs

After Action Reviews and notes on what actually transpired on various missions.

  • Entry 20200205 for Mission 025 where the crew acquired the Kyber crystals necessary for them to construct their light sabers. This excerpt is a transition at the completion of their trip to Tatooine.
  • Entry 20201012 wrap up of Mission 027 Voluntary Wage and Beginning of Mission 028 Rival Disturbance.
  • Entry 20201019 with DC-01 getting started on their mission on Hosnian Prime (M12) and the beginning of Operation Rival Disturbance. They attack four Stormtroopers, aquiring their E-11 Blaster Carbines and three complete suits of armor. They also pick up the Mirialan Shikf after he is detained on a bounty posted by Slider. Slider is made an offer to use his Bounty Hunters skill set.
    Boomer’s Log
    Break Out’s Log
    Slider’s Log 1
  • Entry 20201029 as DC-01 continues with operation Rival Disturbance.
    Shifk gets tortured. Marhan and Fiaye get ahold of an Imp Navy uniform. Soshu the Hutt sends a note to Pa Pooga.
    Break Out’s Log
  • Entry 20201109 All of the preparations are in place and its time to spring the prisoners! Time to execute the core of Rival Disturbance!
    Slider’s Log 2
  • Entry 20201116 as DC-01 wraps up operation Rival Disturbance and exfils from Hosnian Prime. They also get a good start on Glorious Honey up to their arrival to Kashyyyk.
  • Entry 20201130 as DC-01 completes the attack on the ISD Stirge. And they get an additional ‘lucrative’ opportunity offer from Soshu the Hutt.
  • Entry 20201214 focusing on the side trip to Queyta and picking up the new mission briefing for Operation Manufacturing Agriculture.
  • Entry 20201228. The team has a deadline to stop by Roon to help Spice’s family with the seasonal harvest. Their cash crop is ‘spice.’
  • Entry 20210104. (And log for 20210111). The team completes Operation Manufacturing Agriculture and gets a good start on the next mission Operation Equal Advantage extracting two burned rebel agents.
  • Entry 20210125. Equal Advantage continues. A Mirialan Woman and a Duros matching Boomer and Break Out’s description are wanted for ‘questioning.’ Breth remains elusive, but Yin Nikel is secured while Bocs is ‘put down.’
  • Entry 20210201. Oh my goodness! DC-01 wraps up operation Equal Advantage and finally locate and extract Breth Crylkis! Darkness she was an elusive mark!
  • Entry 20210208. This is a session heavy with exposition, character development role-playing, and mission planning as the team gets ready to execute operation Tropical Whale.
  • Entry 20210301. The battle begins for the capture of the Action IV transport Polar Thrash! So far so good?
  • Entry 20210308. The exciting conclusion to the hijacking attempt of the Polar Thrash.
  • Entry 20210322. Mission 033 ‘Lucky Content’ get’s kicked off and the team heads down to the surface of Mechis to start their investigative work.
  • Entry 20210329. The team fight off a wave of Vulture Droid fighters and explore and investigate Mechis for clues. And survivors.
  • Entry 20210419. The team wraps up their investigation on Mechis and then head home for medical recovery and ship repairs. Josus then asks his Captain if the team can take a side trip to his home world on Bothawui to check on rumors about the death of his father.
  • Entry 20210426. The adventure on Bothawui into the investigation of Josus’ father’s murder continues. The party conduct surveillance on the Laorl palace and a dinner party is planned.
  • Entry 20210503. Josus plan for revenge is started but put on hold when he dies! A side quest takes the crew to Sullust as they seek to find the location of the Death Star II project.
  • Entry 20210517. The team continues to chase down the information from Morak’s intel mission “Telestial Mote.” The team starts in Sullust and then visit and extract a data storage device from Kinyen.
  • Entry 20210524. The team is assigned an completes Mission 35: Gradual Table. A quick trip to Coruscant allows DC-01 to extract the Rebel Agent She’Leah Gambia.
  • Entry 20210607. The team kicks off Mission 36 Fascinating Acquisition, to rescue a team of Rebel Alliance Agents facing capture on the resort world of Woostri.
  • Entry 20210614. Break Out takes a swim and the team wraps up their mission on Woostri.
    Mission Objectives:
    Rescue Team SOG FB-03: Failure
    FB-03 AGents extracted: 0 out of 9.
  • Entry 20210621. Lots of exposition on the way to Bothawui and the crew starts digging into the mystery of Cadrec Nitheli’s disappearance.
  • Entry 20210712. Razor and Wrasp make headway into Razor’s quest for justice or revenge, while Unsien Mos is treated for blood wine poisoning.
  • Final Entry 20210816. Razor, Wrasp, and Breakout race to confront Josus’ uncle in one final epic battle.