Character Perspective Log 1 K’Faiya Cefear

Brawling in the Streets

While sitting in the elegance of this gigantic space restaurant above Hosnian Prime, pouring myself a new drink from the bottle I ordered from the bar, I linger on the frustration of that jerk-face showing up at the worst possible time. Saying that Shikf and I have never seen eye to eye would be a grand understatement. I down my glass in one fell swoop and slam it on to the bar and try to push him from my mind.

Someone taps me on my shoulder, and I turn and shout a loud, “WHAT?”

My mood calms slightly when I see that it is Unsien, our trusted pilot. “C’mon. Let’s get back to the ship”, he urges me.

“Fine”, I say. “Let me just close my bill.” I wink at him and thank the bartender and leave.

Oh, how much joy I have thinking about Shikf’s face when he sees our whole crews’ luxury meals taken onto his account. Unsien and I laugh about it the whole way back to the ship.

The rest of the crew starts making their way back into the ship and it’s back to the normal hustle and bustle of crew in and out of their rooms and galley. I head to one of the corners of the galley where I sparingly doctor the bottle I got from the bar.

“Man, this stuff is good. I’ll need to save some for later,” I think to myself.

With my failure to get into the Human section of the restaurant, I need to think of some way to find some Imp armor. Highly, doubt I’ll just find some just lying around.

I look up to see Unsien and Josus walk in discussing different ways to break into the prison on the surface. I hear something about dropping the restaurant onto the planet, but I blocked that idea out. Then I see Aliz, pass through the galley and you can tell she had some fun with another one of her gentlemen.

Then it hit me! “What if we seduce the Imp’s then steal their clothes?!?” I say out loud, slightly startling those around breaking my long thoughtful silence.

“You can’t be serious.”, says Josus.

Unsien, also pipes in, “You know that never works.”

“Well, its somewhere to start and it’s better the dropping a restaurant on the planet,” I say as I storm off to gather all the ladies.

Marhan, Aliz, and Cop all agree to join me in my Hail Mary attempt and Unsien and Josus decide that they don’t want us going alone so they join us as our “muscle.”

Cop finds us a good place to land on Hosnian Prime and we embark on our mission. We linger in the streets for awhile until we find a group of Troopers on patrol.

I’ve never been great at the sensual lady routine, guess that’s one of the reasons I choose the company of droids over men, but I point the troopers out to the ladies and we do our best strut towards them.

“Hey there, trooper,” I say. “Maybe you can show a lovely group of gals where to have a good time?” Ugh, I hate this.

To my dismay, one of the Imp’s responds, “Ma’am, you are interfering with Imperial patrols. Is this a matter of emergency?”

“No, but we thought you looked stressed and might need a break,” piped up Aliz.

“Ok, that’s enough. ID’s. All of you!”

“RUN,” shouts Josus and all of us sprint back down the street until the troopers are no longer in view.

After running for such a long amount of time, we find ourselves lingering in a dark alleyway beside a bustling street.

Out of frustration with myself, I punch the wall of the alley which sparks a new bad idea.

“I know that face,” says Marhan.

“What if we start a fight?” I ask. “If we start a scuffle, some troopers are bound to come break it up and we can subdue them in the process.” I look around to the faces of my fellow crew mates and everyone seems a little weary.

“Fine. Let’s do it,” says Josus, who is pulling out a flash bomb grenade. “How are we supposed to start a fight?”

“Watch this!” I say, turning into the busy street. Little did my crew mates know that I have been meditating in the Force every chance I got. I even had the Captain show me a few moves I had seen him use before. Now is a perfect chance to try one of my new tricks out.

I survey the street and take in the layout of our chosen battleground.

Troopers on patrol, check.
Numerous thugs, check.
Plenty of alleys and cover, check.

Seems like a good enough area for our upcoming scuffle. I spot a tough looking Quarren chatting with some of his mates and I smile at myself for choosing such a perfect target. I shoot a wink back to my crewmates and start my pursuit. I shout across the street, “Hey! Squid Face!”

The Quarren turns on me with an annoyed grimace on his face.

“I’ve got a bone to pick with you!” I yell as I wave my hand in front of his face. “Please work. Please work,” I whisper to myself.

Through my strength in the Force, I place an angered aura around the Quarren. I see his blood begin to boil but before he can say anything, to my shock, a rock hits him square in the face.

Before I could even blink, I was getting punched in the face. “Crap!”.

However, it’s perfect! I turn to the Imps on patrol and shout, “Help! This man is attacking me!”

To my surprise their response was “Hey you with the grenade! Drop it!”

Shoot! He is talking about Josus! This is getting started off to a fun start. I chuckle to myself.

“Ok. I guess we are doing this,” I say to myself as I turn, and round house kick the Quarren in the face. As happens in most fights we find ourselves in, adrenaline kicks in and decisions start to blur.

While brawling with the Quarren, I hear the familiar beep on a stun grenade. I barrel roll out of the blast range, but the blast hits behind me knocks me against the circular building in the middle of the street. “Man, that hurt!”, I think to myself while trying to steady myself. Just as I start to stand, I feel the familiar sting of a blaster bolt through my shoulder. I mumble some profane language under my breath and turn to face my shooter.

There had been so much chaos that I hadn’t thought to check where my crew was. Josus has one of the troopers in an electro net with his blaster pointed at him. Unsien has another in a head lock, and I see the trooper fall to the pilot. Marhan is being shot at by the one I assume was shooting at me. Without thinking, I pounce to protect my friend and tackle the trooper to the ground.

More shots fly passed our heads and I place my hand on Marhan’s shoulder. I push my energy out from myself and send it to protect Marhan from the frenzy of shots.

She gives me the “I’m ok” nod and I turn to the trooper who is starting to try to get to his feet. I jump onto him and start to slam his head into the sidewalk. He doesn’t seem to be phased at all by this.

Damn these helmets!

He grabs me and we wrestle, exchanging blows until I pin him on the ground. I wrack my brain as fast as I can on how to disable my foe without damaging the armor and a gruesome idea flashed in a second.

I pull out my saber quickly and stealthily and press it against the neck of my enemy. I ignite it and automatically extinguish it. I close my eyes and look away as the head begins to roll against the sidewalk. Even though, I hate these Imps, I don’t like finishing them off so gruesomely. I take a deep breath and make my way to my feet to check on my fellow crewmates.

Everyone seems to be decently alright. We all have our own scrapes and bruises but at least we are all alive. Per our usual style, this didn’t quite go to plan, but we got the job done. Four troopers down. Most of the armor pieces are in surprisingly good shape from what I can tell. Enough for us to have 3 full sets on the armor.

We place the pieces into what ever bags and packs we have on us and regroup.

“Let’s head back to the ship”, I hear Josus say.

My brain is still spinning from the acts I had to commit here but I suddenly feel an arm around my shoulder.

“Let’s split up,” says Marhan. “Boomer and I will go this way and meet you all back at the ship.” She can always tell when something is bothering me.

The boys each go with one of the Twi’lek girls and we make our way into the night. I let Marhan lead since my mind is elsewhere. We weave in between alleys and shadows and, extremely quickly, find ourselves back at the Starbound Wayfinder.

All six of us made our way back and drop off our spoils in the extra bunks in the back of the ship.

I pass by the Captain, who looks a little to peaceful compared to what we went through tonight. “Where have you all been?”, he asked.

“Don’t ask…”, I say as I shut the door to my room. Sern is already asleep in her bunk. I kick off my shoes and climb into mine. As I let sleep take me over, I try my hardest to block out the image of the trooper’s head rolling away from my blade.

I wake in a cold sweat the next morning. Dreams of a green skinned figure with blood red eyes and a glowing scarlet blade, still flash in my mind. I promised Luminara when she took me in, that I would always use my abilities to help others. However, the more that I “help” my crew or the Rebellion, I feel myself slipping into the type of person I am afraid of being.

I wipe the sweat from my brow and make my way into the galley. “First one up?”, I think to myself. That is very odd indeed. I pour myself a cup of caff and make my way to a table in a corner of the galley. I close my eyes and meditate on my breathing and putting these negative images from my mind.

My meditation is disturbed by the ship’s intercom system. “Good morning crew!”. Ugh, I’m glad I’m awake or else I would have killed the Captain. “We all will be heading to the resort this morning so get ready to go.”

I laugh to myself as I hear the numerous groans from the rest of the crew. I guess that’s what I normally sound like in the morning.

I head to engineering and check on my sweet Goldie. I find him whistling around the bay. “Hey Goldie! We are going out! You are in charge while I’m gone.”

He rolls up to me and gives me some sad beeps, {Are you ok?} Man, I must look bad if Goldie is noticing.

“Yeah buddy, I’m fine. Just didn’t sleep well.” I give him a pat and then make my way out of the ship.

Cop and I walk together to the resort. We are shown up to a luxurious suite where the Captain, Aliz, and Unsien are already here and over the next few minutes the rest of the crew shuffles in.

Once we are all gathered, the Captain stands with a bottle of booze. “Heck yeah”, I think to myself. “I could really use a drink.”

However, instead of pouring us a celebratory drink the Captain throws the bottle against the wall.

As it crashes, he begins to shout, “What in the world were you thinking! You could have died! What if you were seen!”, etc. He goes on like this for a while. I know he is right. We were extremely reckless, but I really just want to erase last night from my memory. After a good long while Captain finishes up with, “I’m glad you are all safe and got the job done. But don’t pull that stunt again.”

We all take a deep breath say our apologies and relax into our suite.

After a short while, Unsien’s com goes off. He giggles to himself and heads over to Josus. I hear him say, “Ready to go collect our bounty?”, and he gives a wink toward me.

All of my troubles melt away in one second. I had completely forgotten that we had set a bounty on Shikf’s head to get back at him for all the grief he has given me.

“I’ll wait here,” I tell him, and they head out to get the jerk face. For the next few hours, I find myself skipping around the suite. I just can’t wait to see Shikf’s face when he sees me.

I feel my com beep and it is Josus.

“I would hide. We are about to be back, and I have something I want to tell you before you see him.”

I make my way to the back room of the suite. As I do, I hear the struggling to get Shikf into the closet.

“You can’t keep me here! I am a powerful man with powerful friends! You will regret this!”

I hear Shikf shout. As things settle down, I make my way back into the main room. The Captain, Unseen and Josus all stand around the closet looking at me.

“Are you ready to get even?”, says Josus to me. Josus fills me in on a meeting he had with Shikf’s wife.

I remember last time I found myself on my home world, I ran into Shikf and his now wife, then girlfriend. She was a frail little thing that was hiding the bruising on her arms by pulling down her sleeves. You could tell that there was fear in her eyes. There are many memories that I block from my younger years. One of which being, Shikf trying to touch me inappropriately. He sees women as slaves to his desires. Good thing that I broke his fingers when he tried to touch me.

“Ha, I guess that’s why he hates me”, I think to myself.

This is my chance. I knew Shikf was a major jerk but now if my chance to gain justice for all of the women he has hurt in his life.

“What do you want me to do?”, I ask.

We all conversate for a while till we nail down the perfect plan.

The Captain and I make our way to the closet and I give Unsien and nod that I’m ready.

Unsien has been practicing his Force powers as well and pushes his energy out to me so that I am hidden from Shikf’s eyes.

Captain opens the closet down and I work my way behind Shikf as he pulls the bag off his head.

“You will regret this! You have no right to hold me here like this!”, shouts Shikf.

“You don’t know why you are here?”, says the Captain calmly. “You are here to pay from your crimes.”

They go back and forth for a few minutes until the Captain goes to the door, “We are going to make sure you get what you deserve.”

He closes the door and leaves Shikf and I in pitch darkness. Shikf shouts for a little while longer to the door until he trails off in dismay. I place my light saber right next to his left ear and give Unsien a silent mental, “Now.”

Suddenly, the darkness is filled the purple glow and hum from my blade. Shikf lets out a highpitched scream and begins to shout, “What is this!? What do you want!? This is torture!”

I signal to Unseen to Misdirect him again and the room goes black once more.

The Captain opens the door. “What in the world are you screaming about?”, he inquires.

Shikf begins to babble about a purple sword and torture and the Captain puts on a confused look saying, “You must be imagining things”, and shuts the door behind him.

Shikf is sweating profusely and looking around wildly in the darkness.

I silently move around to where we are face to face and release the Force once more.

The purple hue returns to the room as I hold my lightsaber in between our faces so that he cannot see my face clearly.

“Who are you?! What do you want?!”, he screams at me.

I speak very slowly and carefully, “I’m your worst nightmare and I’m here to make you pay for what you have done.”

“I haven’t done anything! This is illegal!”

I feel myself disappear once more.

The Captain slams the door open. “Shut up! What are you screaming at?”

Shikf Starts leaning back and forth to see Captain. He doesn’t even realize that he is looking around me.

“There… There was a woman! Where is she!? You can’t do this to me!”, he shouts.

“You must be going crazy. There’s no one here in this room but you and me. So be quiet.”, says the Captain calmly as he closes the door again.

We are left once more in the darkness as I feel the Force lift from me. Through the darkness I say, “Do you know who I am?” and as I wait for response, I hear his breathing stop as he recognizes my voice.