Log 20201012

The Starbound Wayfinder has just left Hoth!

With the system interdicted by Imperial Star Destroyers the team makes an emergency exit out of the system just as the closest Star Destroyer opened fire!

Fortunately Break Out understood the problem and was able to make the jump to hyperspace in record time with the Commander ordering a jump down the lane leading to Terminus. Fortunately the Starbound Wayfinder sustains no damage in the brief exchange.

With time to breath, the crew decide to head to Roon (S15) on the chance that Duster fled there with Break Out’s ‘stolen’ HWK-700, the Blinding Trailblazer. Commander Pa Pooga reasons that the ‘fama clan would be a safe haven for Celeste to head out to after the disastrous invasion of the Rebel Alliance’s new headquarters.

To throw off Imperial Pursuit, Pa Pooga orders a bizarre zig zag course which dramatically lengthens the trip time to Roon.

Orbital control doesn’t give the Starbound Wayfinder any issues with its approach, but the crew learns that the Governor lost two of his prized cloak style fighter recently to a mysterious new fighter.

At Roon, the Crew is welcomed by Papa’fama, but Papa informs his valued guests that they are still too early for the next harvest. And sadly, they just missed the wedding of his granddaughter Shys’ to the current Governor, Ajon’mido.

There has been no sign of Duster nor the Blinding Trailblazer. Neither have been to Roon lately.

Pa Pooga’s crew is welcome to stay at Papa’fama’s estate, but they will need to participate in the farm work.

Pa Pooga checks in with the Airship Parts Distributor that he contracted months ago regarding a purchase of military vehicles. Though early, Moz’kacru has secured a number of Troop Transports, a Main Battle Vehicle and even picked up a Laat/i for a good rate!

However the vehicles are in fair condition and entirely stripped of all armaments. Boomer is however, able to conduct needed repairs with just two days work.

Pa Pooga also receives an invitation from another homestead owner one Iman’gatum a Female Twi’lek whom the crew has had only brief interactions with.

She is interested in coordinating with several of her neighbors, just as Papa’fama has done with the team and wishes to sell a large lot of Spice to Pa Pooga for just 4,000 credits per EC.

Iman’gatum is also interested in forgoing her profits in exchange for a batch of hundreds of E-11 blaster carbines. Iman’ confides with Pooga that she is seeking the ouster of Ajon’mido from the Governor’s mansion. (‘mido hasn’t been a popular Governor, but he’s been in reign for two long years already. It’s time for a new leader).

Pooga’s concern is for Shy’s safety, which Iman’ promises. Pooga will consider his options and feasibility and plans to return for the next harvest.

Pooga gathers his team and they take off for their home base at Innton (M18).

Fortunately, Duster and the Blinding Trailblazer are safe and sound at Innton.

DC-01 turns over their passengers, the recruits that they picked up from Mon Gazza (Q16), and complete the last phase of Mission 027 Voluntary Wage.

Rachel Starrunner briefs Wrasp (Cmdr Pa Pooga) on the next mission: 028 Rival Disturbance, a rescue mission to extract a Rebel Agent, recently arrested on Wroona. The Agent Maj Skyali Pargam is known to be held at an ISB prison on Hosnian Prime (M12).

The Starbound Wayfinder has its consumables topped of by the support team and with the crew reunited, they depart for Nar Shaddaa (S12) to deliver their cargo of attack vehicles to Soshu the Hutt.

Soshu is satisfied with the vehicles delivered and pays the team the promised price for the used combat vehicles.

Pa asks Soshu for advice about the Governor’s ouster and Soshu lets the team know that she’s very happy with Roon’s current governor and that Soshu will happily pay Pa Pooga 10,000 credits per EC of raw spice, as she did for the last season.

Soshu also demands that the team kill Iman’Gatum for her desire to oust Ajon’Mido. Soshu recommends that Iman’s death be conducted AFTER the team executes its trade with her.

The team balks at that demand but Soshu is insistent and issues veiled threats if the team displeases her.

Sufficiently chastised and their business concluded, the team departs and hypers out to Wroona (L15) before they head out to Hosnian Prime (M12). They want to check in with the Gran Zhwaz Brei, the Djaric Table sales rep and a trusted rebel agent, but the team learns that Zhwaz was also arrested shortly after Slyali was detained.

The team makes the short hyperspace trip to Hosina Prime (M12).

Local advertising recommends that they take in a meal at the Hosian Prime Orbital Restaurant, and the crew accepts the invitation, leaving ‘Drips,’ the medical droid, in charge of the ship while they are shuttled to the Restaurant.

The crew has a decent meal and dine in the Mirialan section of the restaurant, but most of the crew split up after desert for after meal drinks.