Log 20201019

After enjoying a pleasant dinner on the Hosnian Prime Orbital Restaurant (courtesy of the Mirialan Shikf) the team reassembles and makes accommodations to de-orbit and land in the prime commercial starport.

They secure a large berth at the discount price of $5,000 credits for a week long stay.

Aliz is asked to book a resort for the crew. (Done). Aliz and Sern then turn to the task of selling the ship’s cargo and possibly securing a cargo for their next destination . . . but where will that be?

The crew discuss their operational objectives and decide that they need two sets of Stormtrooper armor for Hammer and Devo/(Methane).

Boomer, grabs the girls Stitches, Spice, Ghost with Slider and Breakout for backup. (Celeste and Sern decline to join Boomer on her adventure).

Attempt one is to find a couple of Stormtroopers and to seduce them into a compromizing position where they can be waylaid. Unfortunately Boomer’s charm isn’t up to the task today.

The group wanders about some of the ‘shadier’ sections of the resort trying to find a small patrol to incapacitate.

This team even contemplates heading into a bar and starting a brawl in order to attract a law enforcement reaction but get cold feet.

After some time and a bit of luck the team comes across a patrol of four troopers late at night along a walkway busy with tourists and assorted space crew out enjoying the town.

Boomer nods to the rest of the crew and they fan out to ready their ambush.

Boomer advances toward a trio of space crewmen and picks a fight with the group, tapping into the dark side to aggravate their emotions. One of them is an Aqualish already looking for trouble and he responds aggressively to Boomers insults.

The Aqualish’s Ithorian buddy steps forward to try to make the peace and offers to buy Boomer a drink.

During the initial verbal exchanges, Slider readies a flash bang, but one of the four Stormtroopers notices the weapon and orders Slider to “drop the ‘grenade!’”

The fight begins in earnest!

Slider ‘drops’ his flash/bank at Boomers feet and the stun grenade incapacitates the Aqualish & Ithorian but fleet of foot and waiting for the grenade, Boomer dives out of the area of affect (also away from the Storm Troopers as the grenade fell between her and the troopers and it’s best to feel away FROM grenades not over them when dodging). The flash bang doesn’t hurt any other bystanders.

Stitches leaps into action at the signal, drawing her vibroknife (just in case) and attempts to grapple the closest Stormtrooper but to no affect.

The trooper who had warned Slider to drop his weapon unleashes a salvo of blaster fire at the Bothan in response to Slider’s failure to comply.

Not wanting to charge into a firefight from a disadvantage, Break Out races across the street and down an alley in an attempt to circle around to the Stormtroopers rear. Spice and Ghost, (both non combatants) follow Break Out.

Most of the civilians began to flee! (And wisely I would say) in four different directions.

A bulky Whiphid decides to help out the troopers and move in to flank and detain Slider, who CLEARLY threw the grenade. But Slider scares the beast off by flashing a thermal detonator and threatening to blow everyone up! The Whiphid takes the hint and takes off!

A general melee ensues with the team working to subdue the Stormtroopers with out damaging their valuable armor while the troopers try to gun the assailants with stun bolts.

Break Out successfully sneaks up behind the four troopers and wrenches one of the guy’s neck, incapacitating the troopers. He’s satisfied with his handywork and eager to move onto the next trooper when a couple of locals (hiding in the shadows) decide that they might earn some type of reward if they help out the troopers and shoot Break Out in the back (also with stun bolts) downing the stealthy Duros.

Fortunately for Break Out, and the rest of the team, Spice and Ghost draw their weapons on the Troopers ‘rescuers’ and chase them from the battle with a fusilade from their own blaster pistols.

Boomer and Stitches both wrestle with their troopers with little affect, but Stitches takes a handful of blaster shots for her efforts and begins fighting consciousness. She’s about to go down!

Slider takes out the fourth Trooper with an electric net, stunning and incapacitating the trooper for a short time.

And then Slider gets a message notification on his datapad, informing him that a message for his Imperial Peace Keeper Certificate account has been received. Slider steps aside to check his new message . . . The bounty that Slider put on Shikf has been claimed and the local Constables are holding the Mirialan for Slider to pick up.

With things getting desperate, Boomer and Stitches both grab their lightsabers to finish off the last two troopers who are putting up too much of a fight!

Stitches slashes her opponent, killing the trooper and destroying his chest and back pauldrons.

Boomer slices her opponent’s head off.

It’s a quiet moment as the battle subsides (for a moment).

Ghost moves in to revive Break Out (and revives the Duros sufficient for him to move). Spice grabs the four E-11’s while the rest of the team strip off the troopers’ armor and bundle them for easy travel.

Moment’s later and leaving four corpes behind, the team ex-filtrates from the area with local constabulary sirens approaching.

The whole team makes it back to the ship and the only crew ‘detained’ is Slider, but using bluff, bravado, and his IPKC credentials he bluffs his way past the inquisitive Constabuls.

With the team back and all safe, Stitches checks the wounded. With little effort Stitches and her Medical Droid assistant patch everyone up. Everyone will be back on their feet by morning after a good night’s rest.

Fivesday Morning.

Wrasp has decided to take advantage of the accommodations that Aliz (Spice) has secured and enjoyed a quiet night at the resort. (He left a note for the rest of the team).

The next morning Pa Pooga (Wrasp) wakes up and turns on the ‘news’ to learn that there was a ‘disturbance’ in town requiring a law enforcement presence. Apparently there were some fisticuffs but ‘no one was hurt!’ (according to the tourism and vacation board) ‘there were absolutely NO casualties at ALL!’

Pooga comms the team to see what really happened.

They converse a bit and though satisfied that they have the costumes needed to try to sneak in a prisoner with Hammer and Devo acting as storm troopers they still need a safe way to get to the detention facility (which is on the other side of the planet and located in an isolated and desolate corner of the world on a seaside cliff). The team has checked out orbital visuals of the remote facility. They still need an ‘in.’

Slider has a bounty to ‘pick up’ and he takes Break Out with him, with plans to return the recalcitrant Mirialan back to the resort.

Before Slider can get to the Constabulary Station Slider is intercepted and a young well dressed Mirialan man wants Laorl (Slider) to meet with his client before picking up Shikf. Slider is promised $15,000 just to meet with the client and another $15,000 for listening to the client’s offer.

The client is Shikf’s wife and she reveals that she is a battered wife, revealing a number of pronounced bruises under her clothes.

She asks what charges are being leveled against Shikf and is disappointed that he’s only wanted for ‘harassment’ as that won’t be enough.

The wife needs solid evidence of malfeasance if she is to win in a divorce proceeding. She requests that Slider detain Shikf for at least three days and to consider her offer. She is willing to pay Slider $50,000 if Slider can return to Miral and secure the requisite evidence.

Slider promises to hold Shifk and will discuss the offer with his team.

Slider updates his team on the deal and secures his prisoner. Wrasp prepares a walk in closet for questioning.
The team psychologically distresses Shikf and torments him with Boomer who mysteriously appears and disappears (using a force mind trick).

Shikf is far from cowed and demands to be released! He’s an important wealthy man and if he’s not released he’ll show no mercy when he gets back to his resources!