Personal Log 1: Breakout

Breakout log

ABY 3 CD 2-23

After our meals at the Hosnian Orbital Restaraunt the team split up to gather intel. I just found my way to the Duros section to get some drinks and swap stories with some other spacers. nothing useful but a good evening to relax after our escape from Hoth. Captain tricked the staff into putting our bill on some jerk that was giving Boomer a hard time, so I made sure to live it up and get a luxurious meal. Slider made a few calls and put out a bounty on the guy too, just to mess with him for harassing Boomer.

By the time we got back to the Wayfinder Marhan was back up from her Valerian Flu. We headed down to the planet and got a berth at the commercial startport for the week, $5k.

Our next objective is the prison break currently our best plan, despite my great idea to crash the restaurant, is to steal a few stormtrooper uniforms and try to get our people out with a fake transfer requisition. Now we just need stormtrooper uniforms. The girls tryed to seduce a few troopers and lead them away so Slider and I can jump them, but they just end up making them mad, so plan B it is. If we could pick off a few troopers in the middle of a street brawl we should be able to get away without getting caught.

Boomer is going to try and pick a fight near some troopers, and then maybe I can sneak around and take one out, but it is taking forever. I’ll help speed things along. One well aimed rock to the face should spark a good fight. Thankfully the troopers notice the flashbang Slider was carrying, so they won’t see me sneaking around for some unwanted chiropractic adjustments.

So I remember taking down one of the troopers, and as I crept over to the next one, I blacked out. I think one of the civilians on the street shot me in the back. By the time Copp woke me up the fighting was done. Two troopers were dead, and the other two, well now they are dead too. After gathering the gear from the troopers we split up and made our way back to the Wayfinder without incident.

ABY 3 CD 2-24

Slider and I went to pick up the Jerk we put a bounty on so we could “explain” to him that he should be nicer to people, but we got a little sidetracked with an offer of good money. Turns out this guy’s wife is willing to pay some big money if Slider can get some proof that he is an abuser for her so she can divorce him. She threw us 15k just for hearing her out. Now we have him tied up in a closet and are scaring the hell out of him. Cap and I have a wager on how long it takes before we can make him wet himself.