Personal Log 1: Slider

After a failed attempt at staking out local bar in an attempt to lure away some storm troopers and relive them of their armor a street fight broke out, fortunately my comrades and I survived and succeeded acquiring the armor we needed, upon returning to the ship, rasp brought up a point I can’t believe I didn’t realize myself, we would need the uniform of an imperial officer as well, as he rightfully pointed out, two troopers and a droid going into a prison issuing an order for multiple prisoner transfers would be suspicious; having a uniformed officer present would make it look official and therefore raise fewer questions, so now we need to get our hands on an officer’s uniform and steal a shuttle because only authorized ships are allowed to come and go from the prison, which ours isn’t, after that then we can go foward with plan A, “official prisoner transfer” hopefully we won’t need to go with B,C or even D