Log 20201029

GM’s Log 20201029

“Guys! Hold on a minute. No wait! Why are we actually here on this planet? What are we actually supposed to be doing?” (Wrasp)

When we last left off, Wrasp, Boomer, Break Out, and Slider (mostly Wrasp and Boomer) were torturing the wife beating Mirialan Shikf (mostly psychologically).

ABY 3 CD 2-24 Fivesday.

They have Shikf bindered to a chair with his arms locked behind him and his wrists are bound with binders.

In spite of the visual and gaslighting confusion that they are subjecting Shikf to, he doesn’t break.

Shikf maintains his ‘innocence’ and demands to be released. Shikf reminds his inquisitors that he’s a powerful wealthy Mirialan and if they don’t acquiesce to Shikf’s demands he promises retribution (as only a powerful wealthy individual can promise)!

The inquisition is interrupted by a knock at the door! Pa Pooga, being the occupant, answers the door and find his crewman Aliz (Spice) waiting in the hall wearing what can only be charitably be called a bikini. She’s looking for Fiaye (Boomer), who isn’t in her room. Does mon Capitaine happen to know where she is?

Without asking for details, Pa Pooga returns to the en-suite (where Shikf is being questioned) and drags the Mirialan Fiaye into the hallway. Pooga closes his door leaving Boomer to whatever the scantily clad Twi’lek has concocted.

Aliz explains that the ‘girls’ are getting together in the resorts area with large areas of water. Yeah the pools. There’s a game involving a net which involves bouncing a ball over the net. They want some more players. Does Fiaye have a swimsuit? No? That’s okay! All of the girls got matching floral pattern, fucia, neon, lime green, swimsuits from the Resort’s gift shop. Now they will all match!

Aliz also offers to give Fiaye pointers on how to flirt with men. This is a good place because there are so many beautiful men at the pools!

Meanwhile, Marhan (Stitches) is approached by Cop (Ghost), also similarly attired to Aliz and invites the Mando to the pool party.

Back in Pooga’s room the torture continues . . .

Shikf threatens the “Bothan’s” IPKC. Shikf reminds the party that he’s being detained unlawfully and demands to know who their client is.

Shikf even offers to pay double whatever the team is being paid if they will release him!

Pa Pooga (Wrasp) is offered $1,000,000 credits pending Shikf’s release. Pooga declines the offer.

Pooga then turns to the Force.

Though Shikf is strong willed, Pooga extracts a confession! Quite easily!

Satisfied, Wrasp asks Slider if the recording of the confession will be sufficient?
“What recording?” the Bothan asks.


One hour later and WITH a recording device running, they get the recorded confession, by the Force.

Sern comms Pooga as the torture wraps up. Sern has been supervising the offloading of the Starbound Wayfinder when one of the stevedores hands her a flimsey.

The note startles Sern (Shiny) and she when Pooga asks her to read the message via the comms, Sern’s response is “Are you sure?”

Pooga is headed that way anyway so he asks Sern to stay there.

Pooga tries to comm Boomer. He’ll need Drips (their 2-1B Medical Droid) to keep Shikf sedated and recently Wraps destroyed his hypo extension . . . and he’ll need that repaired.

The comms don’t work and then Pooga remembers that the Mirialan is likely at the pools wearing attire that won’t hold a commlink.

After a quick side trip, Pooga invites Boomer and Stitches to join him at the Starbound Wayfinder as he will need help getting Drips back up and running to take care of their ‘passenger.’

All five PC’s get to the Starbound Wayfinder with their charge and Sern is still supervising the stevedores with the unloading of their cargo of parts and components. Pooga receives the flimsey while Stitches, Boomer, and Slider escort their passenger to his ‘room.’

The message on the Flimsey reads:

Gorensia Kajidic
Royal Decree and Proclamation

Her Highest Eminence Soshu, the Royal Guardian and Arbiter for Kajidic Gorensia, sends you her enthusiastic greetings to Captain Pa Pooka the Kel Dor.

Soshu wishes to convey her pleasure at her recent acquisitions provided by her most humble servant. The new vehicles have certainly been received in the intended spirit and caused the desired effects.

However, it has come to the attention of her Eminence that the acquisitions seem quite toothless. To remedy this shortcoming and for her servants to remain within the good graces of Soshu it is advised that the crew of the Lucinda acquire the following purchases from Czerka Arms, conveniently located upon the world of Hosnian Prime.

Soshu has been issued a Purchase Order with Czerka numbered AX-03-00064 for the following equipment:

  • Lin – Item – Encumbrance Capacity per – QTY – Net Price – Lin PRICE
  • 1: CZ3 Heavy Blaster Cannon – 40 EC each – 1 unit – $5,000.00 = $5,000.00
  • 2: CZ-LL-17 Lt Laser Cannon – 40 EC each – 14 units – $5,500.00 = $77,000.00
  • 3: CZ-ba-4 Auto Blaster – 20 EC each – 8 units – $3,000.00 = $24,000.00
  • 4: Cz sa 56 Hvy Repeat Blaster – 10 EC each – 14 units – $6,000.00 = $84,000.00
  • Totals -1060 – 45 = $214,000.00

Please present to the Czerka Agent Dagald Gwildigoc for expidited service in this matter.

Soshu will award her servant with the same generous rewards as he has come to expect from previous arrangements.

Delivery of this cargo at Captain Pooga’s earliest convenience would be most appreciated by her greatness.

Message Terminates.

Pooga shows the message to Break Out and panics. Break Out already has a troubled history with Soshu and this ‘request’ is a bit disquieting.

Wrasp orders Break Out to prepare the Starbound Wayfinder for immediate departure.

Sern asks for clarification when the engines fire up. Her Stevedores aren’t finished unpacking! Does the Captain really intend to launch the ‘Finder? Now?!

The stevedores will still take a couple of hours to finish unloading, which will push the task to the end of the day. (After normal business hours).

Pooga decides to delay his trip to the Czerka.

Winding down for the night, most of the crew continue to relax and enjoy the amenities at the luxurious resort.

Unsien Mos (Break Out) decides to try his luck at one of the local Sabacc casinos.

Break Out puts up $500 credits (everything he has) and does really well! He walks away with $1,100 after a couple of hours of spirited play, but he gets there by cheating. Which one of the other players call him out on!

Casino Security picks up Mos and lets him know that they have security footage of his cheating and that they’re going to hold him until the local constables show up to arrest him!

Mos makes a deal with the Security team and offers to pay them the unfounded gains. Security will accept his offer if Mos pays them the full $1,100 that he has on hand.

Mos, (not wanting to face the ire of Wrasp subsequent to an arrest) agrees to the terms and walks away free, but creditless.

ABY 3 CD 2-25 Starday.

The next morning Pooga (Wrasp) gets his various crew members on a joint commlink call as he explains the current mission needs.

The Starbound Wayfinder will be departing shortly to head to another port on Hosnian Prime to load up cargo. In short the Captain needs enough crew to load up a cargo.

Sern worked all day Fivesday and wants a well earned day off! Aliz agrees to swap out with Sern and let her crewmate enjoy the Starday off.

Break Out will need to fly, but Celeste (Duster) has been enjoying the time off and wants to know if she can take the weekend off. She’s been getting some attention and wants to ride the wave. Pooga authorizes her time off.

Boomer offers to ride right seat for Break Out.

Most of the rest of the crew opt to continue relaxing at the resort.

One short trip out to the Czerka starport, Pooga learns that the admin offices are closed for the weekend. Please return on Onesday? Please? No one is actually working on the weekend . . .

The rest of the weekend is enjoyed quietly.

Hammer and Devo spend some time trying to teach the Twi’leks to get comfortable in water and to teach them to swim. Aliz is fearful and reticent, but Cop isn’t much better. Both Twi’leks do get more comfortable with the water.

“Is this our Beach episode?”

ABY 3 CD 2-27 Onesday.

Pooga gathers his teams again to try to get to Czerka Arms to pick up Soshu’s shipment.

Wrasp connects with the Czerka agent Dagald Gwildigoc easily enough and Gwildigoc is ‘ready to deliver’ the shipment once he receives the payment.

But the crew can’t pick up the cargo directly from Czerka. The shipment is in a warehouse in the commercial port (back where the crew has been parking the Starbound Wayfinder). Dagald asks Pooga if he’s done this kind of shipment before and with Pooga’s equivicating answer Dagald reminds Pooga to not kill the guards!

Pooga makes the payment and Dagald hands over the warehouse address to Pooga . . .

Dagald explains that the Empire prohibits sales of heavy arms to the Hutts so . . . this shipment needs to be smuggled off world.

Meanwhile, Boomer and Stitches team up together on Onesday to see if they can get their hands on an officer’s uniform.

Plan A is to hang out in the lobby of the resort and to see if any Imperial Officers check in.

Bingo! There’s a team.

The two women tail the Imps to the Captains room but lose sight of the LT and the NCO. No matter. They want the Captains uniform.

After a bit of a wait the Captain heads out and the two bypass the room security and grab the Captain’s spare duty uniform.

When Pooga returns to the commercial starport, he orders Aliz to assemble vehicles and stevedores sufficient to load up the cargo. But he redacts the actual cargo on the Purchase Order to obscure what kind of cargo is being picked up . . . from Czerka Arms . . . She makes arrangement for four rental vehicles, drivers, and appropriate stevedores to transport the Czerka Arms (their name is on the top of the Purchase Order!) to the Starbound Wayfinder. The vehicles and workers are scheduled to arrive 0600 hours on Twosday morning.

Stitches and Boomer update Pooga when that team returns to the resort. They now have an Officer’s Navy Uniform as well as Three Stormtrooper sets.

There are a lot of high risk moving pieces that need to happen and the Executive Team (read PC’s) get together for a planning session.

They need to pick up the weapons (worst kept secret for the session) from the warehouse while figuring out how to get their cohorts out of the isolated Imperial Prison (Detention Facility 4958).

They decide to test out the Uniforms for the pickup of the Czerka Arms. (Pooga is still trying to keep the cargo contents a secret but the other PC’s keep spilling the beans). Hammer will dress up as the Officer while Devo, Stitches, and Boomer will don the Stormtrooper armor.

That evening, Boomer forges a prison transfer so that the ‘security’ team can pick up Skyali Pargam and Zhwas Brei from DF 4958.

The team also locates an Imperial logistics hub located off the Commercial Starport where they intend to present the transfer orders and to secure transport to (and from) the prison.

Tentative plan is to have Break Out act as the pilot, in spite of the fact that he doesn’t have an appropriate uniform . . .

Celeste is missing (kind of). While the rest of the crew is present and accounted for, the woman has not responded to Pooga’s comms. The crew reminds Pa Pooga that he did permit Duster the weekend off and that she intended to leave the city.

Celeste does show up late that evening and announces that she knows how to ‘acquire’ a 42 foot long Powered Water Craft with a top speed of 37 knots. If the crew needs one.
Twosday Morning the hired crew assemble (as expected) and Pa Pooga scrambles to get his team ready.

Aliz (Spice), Hammer, Devo, Stitches, and Boomer (all disguised) head out to pick up the cargo while NOT killing the Czerka security guards at the warehouse.

The rest of DC-01 are on standby at the Starbound Wayfinder, monitoring their progress while Wrasp interfaces with Hammer (and the Stormtroopers) via audio comms.

But when Hammer and his “Stormtroopers” exit the cargo vehicles, the Czerka guards all flee! Leaving the warehouse unguarded! With no one to deter them, the stevedores start loading up the cargo and in four hours load up the weapons.

We wrap up and we’ll pick up this session the next morning CD 2-29 Threesday.
Ready to execute the “Prison Break.”