Personal Log 2: Break Out

ABY 3 CD 2-24 (Cont.)

We couldn’t get the jerk to wet himself, so we decided to stash him on the ship, Drips will keep him sedated till we are ready to drop him off. Although the Cap did get him to admit he’s a wife beater, so I think we are justified in the long run. The girls are all out for the day. I think Cop is trying to learn how to swim, I doubt that will go well. The rest of them are learning some new sport with a ball and a net.

Cap and I spent the night drinking, he has some new mission for Soshu I think, he was pretty light on details, but he thinks maybe he can get her help to break into the prison guns blazing. He also wants to get out of Soshu’s service. The more he drinks the worse his ideas get. He just suggested blowing up the Wayfinder to fake our deaths, I think it’s time to cut him off and go to bed.

ABY 3 CD 2-25

Hangovers suck, I’m not drinking with Cap like that again. He wants me to fly him to Czerka, it’s only a few hours away so that’s not a bad flight.

That was dumb. The company the Cap was going to was closed for the weekend. I’m going to find a good Sabacc game to kill some time.

Hoznian has better security than I thought, got caught trying to dupe some guys at Sabacc. I didn’t feel like explaining another bail payment to Wrasp, so I just paid them off to let me go.

ABY 3 CD 2-27

Back to Czerka for the deal Cap is making. Pretty sure this has to do with our last delivery to Soshu, this place manufactures heavy weaponry. We got an order for some upgraded cannons for the Wayfinder while we were here too, but they won’t be ready for 4 months.

Back on Hoznian Aliz wants to know what the cargo is that we are picking up, but I don’t know if Wrasp wants me spreading that in, so i told her i didn’t know. When we stop by the warehouse to pick up our cargo the security is tight and not all that friendly.

While we were gone the girls got an officer’s uniform, which should make the prison break easier, but also should make it easier to get our cargo. Setting up a number of heists at once shouldn’t be too bad. I did a little snooping around town and found that the Empire is hiring a lot of pilots, and that they are looking for Duros too. Boomer got right to work making me a new ID. Soon, Resien Gaz will be reporting for his first job with the Empire, flying a Lambda shuttle to the Hoznian prison. Fortunately my passengers will be “Officer” Hammer, (I can’t wait until we are done with this, he needs to stop acting like he is the boss) and three troopers, Devo, Stitches, and Boomer.

ABY 3 CD 2-28

This morning we are going to collect our cargo. Last night Boomer made a requisition order for the shipment and Hammer, Devo, Stitches and her will be going to pick it up. With any luck the uniforms and the paperwork will lend them some credibility. I’ll be waiting by the ship to help unload the trucks when they get here.