Log 20201109

GM’s Log 20201109

Twosday ABY 3 CD 2-28

Wrasp and Boomer awaken early after a restless night.
It’s go time for the rescue mission.

The tension is palpable as the rest of the crew stumble into the galley in turn.

Hammer struts in with the captured Captains uniform already ‘in character’ and the rest of the crew roll their eyes. He’s insufferable! He does report for duty to the Commander and reports that he is well and ready to proceed! Wrasp reminds Hammer to listen carefully from Wrasp and to follow what verbal leads that he has. Hammer has a audio earpiece issued to him.

Celeste (Duster) points out that her roommate Marhan (Stitches) is not feeling well! The immediate issue is that Stitches was planned to be one of the Stormtroopers to escort Hammer on the rescue mission.

Pooga (Wrasp) has two options for his crew to don the third set of armor; Sern or Celeste. Pooga picks the backup pilot (Celeste) and she heads back to her quarters to don the armor.

The other two people doning the armor are Boomer (Mirialan who will pass as long as she doesn’t take the armor off) and Devo (a former Imperial Acadamy flunk out but has a bit of training).

Break Out is going to accompany the group as the Shuttle Pilot (for the transfer team) but he doesn’t have a flight uniform. He suggests going in his civilian clothes with the excuse that he hadn’t been issued his uniform yet. Hammer and Devo point out that story won’t fly! (Pun intended). Celeste offers to let Unsien Mos (Break Out) her Imperial Flight uniform (as a lark) but he accepts! Okay. That’s five for this rescue crew.

The next logistics question is how to get Captain Rogjar Pulwalp (Hammer) and his three troopers to the Imperial Logistics Admin center. It would be a 15 minute ride for a taxi OR a 30 minutes walk. Taxi might be suspicious (yes) and they opt to walk. Hammer gets the crew into formation and they head out.

Aliz (Spice) and Sern (Shiny), with nothing else to occupy them, head to the Galley to play several rounds of Dejarik.

Slider deploys one of his remote surveillance droids to follow the group and to give the rest of the crew a visual of what is going on.

On the bridge, Ghost mans her station at the comms station, while Slider occupies the right pilot station. Wrasp takes left seat, preparing to make executive decisions and to observe Slider’s surveillance droid.

Thirty minutes later Cpt Pulwalp’s (Hammer) team get to the Logistics Center and no one gives him a second glance as his team enters the facility.

Hammer is recognized by the Duty Clerk and they spend a couple of minutes catching up. The clerk is impressed by how quickly Pulwalp made Captain! (Congrats).

Pulwalp eventually presents the transfer order to which the desk clerk comments that they’ve been expecting this transfer any time now.

The clerk and Pulwalp head to one of the back areas and discuss the transfer order. It looks in order and the admin office can get a shuttle ready for shipment in about three hours. Slider’s drone looses visual of Pulwalp during this interview, but Wrasp is still able to listen to the conversation and help direct Pulwalp to ask questions. The admin CO points out to Pulwalp that while his preferred pilot is welcome to accompany Palwalp’s team, the ISB will provide their own pilots for their own shuttle due to security concerns.

Pulwalp’s team are offered the opportunity to hang out in the facilities rec room, but they decline and they head out to hang out at a local coffee shop.

Two and a half hours later Cpt Pulwalp gets a call on his communicator from the Imperial Admin Facility letting his team know that their shuttle is ready.

Pulwalp’s team board the provided Lambda Shuttle are assisted to their seats by a Crew Chief and observe that there are three other crew onboard. The Shuttle also has a pretty big load of cargo for delivery to prison Detention Facility 4958 (The “Redoubt of Doubt”).

The trip is without incident but Slider’s drone can’t keep up with the shuttle and the ship quickly exceeds the local communications radio range of Pulwalp’s team. They are now on their own!

Pooga remains at the commercial starport in their berth with his crew on standby.

Three hours later the shuttle arrives at the Redoubt of Doubt.

The Crew chief assists Pulwalp’s crew in disembarking and point them at the Prisoner access lock. The group agrees to leave Break Out outside close to the shuttle and Break Out offers to help unload the shuttle. He assists a small crew who begin the task of offloading the cargo.

Once cycled inside, the ‘Captain’ is met by two ISB agents who inform him that his teams weapons will need to be turned over. Pulwalp accepts these instructions and informs his team to turn over the E-ll’s (!).

They are pointed to the transfer train which is set on a monorail that extends to a pillar out in the ocean and out to the prison proper.

When the team arrives at the elevator at the spire, the controllers let them know that they are waiting for the crew and taken down to the bottom level.

At the bottom, the crew find themselves in a three tiered prison with the cells situated along the exterior. Four levels up is the central control tower overlooking all of the cells. About 1/3rd of the cells are occupied (at a quick glance).

Three levels up, the four rebel agents are greeted by an Iktotchi Inquisitor calling himself “Penumbra” who greets the four. He indicates that he has been waiting for them and invites them to enter the four empty cells in front of them. Penumbra is flanked by four ISB guards and these four guards are armed with E-11 blaster carbines.

Penumbra wields and ignites a red bladed lightsaber.

With little choice left to them, Hammer, Boomer, Devo and finally, Duster take the available cells.

Boomer makes some indignant remarks to her oppressor and he invites her to be questioned immediately.

The questioning is very brief and Penumbra informs her that the Emperor was ‘slightly inconvenienced’ by their operation at Nkllon and he asks Boomer about her involvement.

Boomer is indignant and uncooperative, and Penumbra cuts the questioning short. (He has plenty of time to break down his new prisoners). Boomer is sent back to her cell and Penumbra retrieves Hammer. Hammer is escorted into the elevator and away.

Break Out

While unloading supplies, six ISB guards approach Unsien Mos (Break Out) and attempt to arrest the Duros.

Break Out grabs his blaster and resists! The guards and Break Out trade shots. The guards have their E-11’s set for stun (actually their blasters are permanently set for stun) and after taking out the two guards covering the cargo doors, Break Out races out to the landing pad and up onto the Lambda shuttle, hotly pursued by the other four guards.

But with a strong lead on his pursuers Break Out makes it onto the shuttle, closes the hatch and secures the cockpit!

In record time, Unsien fires up the engines and takes off, just in time to notice that the facility has a Turbo Laser Cannon turret! A BIG Cannon! And it’s turning its gun toward the fleeing shuttle!

While Break Out gets the first salvo off, the Cannon gets a couple of hits in, damaging the shuttle, but not sufficient to bring the craft down. Break Out gets a final salvo off, causing a massive explosion as he dramatically flies past the expanding explosion and shock waves.

But he’s caught in the explosion and looses altitude as he veers dangerously close to the wave tops.

He recovers the craft and flies past the spire, the shuttle spewing smoke.

Once he’s recovered and returned to level flight, Break Out taps into the planet comms network and patches a message to the “Midnight Streak.”

His report is simple and succinct. “It’s bad. It’s very bad!”

Wrasp lets Break Out know that they’re ‘on their way’ and advises Break Out to head back to the prison to rendezvous with the rest of the crew. They should be there in three hours. So Break Out needs to find a safe place to find shelter.

And it gets worse! Break Out makes a turn back to the shore and picks up TIE Fighters bearing down on him! He’s running out of time! And with a damaged engine leaving a trail of smoke, it will be very easy for them to follow him!

Aboard the Midnight Streak

At about the same time Ghost receives a message from from the Traffic Controllers. All ships are being ordered to land and clearance for takeoff is suspended!

Pooga (Wrasp) ignores the order and takes off.

Ghost, communicates an objection citing a full cargo hold, but Pooga orders her to shut up!

Wrasp orders the crew to battle stations. Sern mans the ventral Quad Turret, while Aliz and Slider head to the broadside cannons. Slider mans one of the Starboard stations while Aliz takes an opposite station to the Port side.

There is a tremendous confusion with a lot of the merchants voicing similar objections and the “Midnight Streak” is able to get to low orbit without interference.

Rescue Team

Boomer and Devo have a quick conversation (as they are adjacent to each other) as Boomer realizes that Hammer was not returned to his cell! That BASTARD betrayed them! Boomer accuses Devo of being in on the plot and Devo is indignant. He shows anger at the betrayal, even under the influence of the force manipulation by Boomer. He seems surprised and disappointed by Hammer’s betrayal.

Back to Break Out

Breakout is ordered by “Gamma Flight” to return to the prison platform or be destroyed! Break Out signals his compliance but at the last minute plots in a course to collide with the admin facility and then ejects from the shuttle.

His calculations are spot on and the shuttle slams into the side of the building (Damaging much of the prisoner intake areas as well as demolishing the central prison command facilities).

And like a movie hero, Break Out’s ‘chute’ lands him next to the wreckage. With most of the security features bypassed and the prison in ruin, Break Out makes his way to the tram station and boards the train.

It takes little effort for him to bypass the command controls on the tram and he sends himself out to the prison.

The guards manning the prison are confused when Break Out gets to the elevator and allow him access to the controls. Break Out sends himself to the top prison level and he immediately attacks the guards with his blaster pistol, utterly surprising the guards!

This looks like their chance, and Boomer and Duster, having concealed their light sabers on their trooper armor (they haven’t been ‘processed’ yet by the guards) and while Break Out draws the guards combined fire, Boomer and Duster break out and free Devo.

They scramble for the fallen blaster carbines dropped by the two guards who were killed by Break Out, just as the Duros succumbs to the last blaster bolts by the last guard.

Devo, grabbing an E-11 finishes off the last guard.

The trio demand the surrender of the two guards in the control center and receive it. Devo detains the two (roughly) while Duster tends to Break Out. The Duros is unconscious and Duster isn’t able to revive him.

Boomer figures out from the computer terminals that communications with the rest of the admin section is shut off. The only thing available are the local controls for the prison cells.

The control center has a small armory of E-11’s and 10 of the rebels are able to be re-armed (including Devo and Duster).

Boomer discovers that the two prisoners that they came for are here, plus there are eleven other rebels being held! She frees all of the rebel agents and over several trips, they get the rebels up to the tram station.

The Tram will only accommodate eight passengers so Devo and Boomer grab eight eager volunteers.

But Penumbra is waiting for the tram with four guards!

Fiaye and her soldiers try to fight their way out and the odds look good, but Penumbra is a skilled warrior. Penumbra reflects a blaster attack back at the soldier attacking him and takes him out with his own attack!

Other than that, the rebel prisoners take down the rest of the ISB guards, but it’s up to Fiaye K’Faiya to deal with Penumbra.

While the Iktotchi is a capable defender for himself his attacks are not up to Boomer’s attacks and Penumbra is mortally wounded.

The Iktotchi stumbles, and is bleeding out and the Mirialan ends the inquisitors suffering.

The ISB security staff is depleted and the liberated Rebels take control of the ruins with little effort.

End Session!