Log 20201116

Twosday ABY 3 CD 2-28.

The Midnight Streak (Actually the Starbound Wayfinder) has made it into low orbit and with Break Out’s distress call, Wrasp is racing to get to the prison in the hopes that he can help with a rescue.

At this altitude, Wrasp can even see a ribbon smudge of smoke rising from the coast of the continent that they are approaching in about the same area that he expects the prison to be. That helps Wrasp approach his destination.

Wrasp’s attack on Ghost’s sensor and communications console has shut down the sensors so Wrasp is flying this ship via visual flight reference.

Gamma Flight intercepts the Midnight Streak and orders the merchant ship to turn back as the Gozanti C-ROC is headed toward an interdiction zone.

The Gunners on the Midnight Streak open fire on the four trailing TIE Fighters, surprising the fighters and obliterate the flimsy ships in short order.

With the skies now cleared of enemy fighters, Wrasp settles back on course and prepares to land.

ON the ground at Detention Facility 4958 K’Faiye’s (Boomer) newly liberated rebel prisoners has cleared the rest of the prison admin quarters, rounding up the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Admin and Guards. The Rebels take their prisoners and round them up into the dining room.

Duster continues to try to resuscitate Break Out (who was shot several times by stun blasts) by ISB Guard but he’s still unconscious and not responsive.

Boomer is taken to the Dining Facility (DiFac) by Devo and she questions Hammer on why he was taken to the upper facility.

Hammer spins her a tale about how he was drugged and questioned by the Iktotchi Inquisitor and held in one of the upper facility cells. There are two problems with his story.

  1. Hammer was not in the cells that were obliterated by Break Out’s shuttle when it destroyed them.
  2. The Rebel soldiers found him down in the barracks with a couple other ISB agents.

Using the force, Boomer also detects that Hammer is lying to her.

Hammer is detained and prepared for extraction.

Boomer’s communicator chimes and it’s Wrasp on the Starbound Wayfinder. The ship is approaching the prison and he’s getting ready to land.

Boomer notifies the Rebels and they prepare for extraction.

The Starbound Wayfinder is too big for the landing pad built for Detention Facility 4958. So Wrasp decides to set down next to the warehouse. It’s a good landing until the ship slides its landing gear down and toward the facility, burying the struts into the mud. (Ship stuck)!

The rebels board the Starbound Wayfinder and prepare for debarkation.

Fiaye (Boomer) uses the force to move the dirt and mud off of the struts, freeing the ship!

She gets onto the center elevator and as the ship begins to lift off, an Imperial Shuttle swoops over the burning prison and blasts the Gozanti in the port side in an attack that is both quite by surprise and completely unexpected.

The Imperial Shuttle circles around to get behind the fleeing C-ROC. From the body of the shuttle about 20 “escape pods” fire out the top of the shuttle.

A firefight erupts between the Shuttle and the Starbound Wayfinder. The C-ROC is bigger and has more firepower and prevails against the Shuttle, destroying it in a fiery explosion.

There is a lot of confusion in the upper atmosphere so the crew of the Starbound Wayfinder are able to exfil the Hosnian Prime system.

Wrasp orders that the ship make a course to Nar Shaddaa so that they can deliver their cargo to Soshu the Hutt.

Shortly after jumping into hyperspace, Devo brings one of the refugees (No! Liberated Prisoners)! With a report that the man was recently tortured. He revealed the location and name of his rebel contact (on Corellia) and the agent asks Wrasp to try to help liberate the newly outed spy. Wrasp refuses and continues on to free the Rebel Agent (Van Ondriss). Ondriss will be captured by the ISB shortly . . .

The trip to Nar Shaddaa takes six and a half days to complete.

En route, Wrasp, Slider, and Boomer question both Devo and Hammer respectively to determine whether either are spies! (Based on Boomer’s report that Hammer turned on the team mid mission).

Wrasp does most of the questioning and frames it like an after action review (AAR). Devo’s story checks out and via standard cross examination and force enhanced perceptions he is determined to be loyal to the Rebellion.

However, Hammer’s story is filled with deception and deceit. Hammer is detained as a spy. Now the ship has two prisoners, (the Mirialan Shikf and Hammer). Devo is permitted to vent his anger and sense of betrayal on his former ‘friend.’ Devo beats Hammer up quite a bit.

Twosday wraps up.

The Starbound Wayfinder arrives to Nar Shaddaa (S12) on Twosday CD 3-05. While they don’t meet with Soshu, they quickly unload their cargo and receive their payment.

The ship slips off to Innton (M18) so that they can return to their Secret Rebel Base; Defiant Core. The trip takes the Crew 8 days with arrival on Threesday CD 3-13. Mission Rival Disturbance is officially completed and considered a success.

The two agents that they set out to rescue, Major Skyali Pargam and Zhwas Brei (the Gran Dejarik sales rep) along with a handful of other rebel intelligence agents, three Fleet pilots, and half a dozen captured soldiers (Thirteen total liberated prisoners) are turned over to the Defiant Core base. Hammer is also turned over to Rebel Alliance Intelligence and processed as a double agent.

Wrasp (during the debriefing) asks Rachel Starrunner (their Special Operations Group handler) how much time the crew can take off before being assigned their next mission.

“Twenty Four Hours?”

After thinking about it a bit Starrunner cuts that back to twelve hours. SOG has some pretty big irons in the fire and she needs to get DC-01 back in the field the next DAY. The Starbound Wayfinder is already being repaired and refueled as they speak.

Rachel can’t give the team any specifics as there are a lot of operations that SOG is working on and that after consulting with SOG HQ she will be assigned a specific mission. Details should be available first thing tomorrow morning.

Rachel does point out to Wrasp that DC-02 is overdo from their last mission . . .

While the rest of the team is dismissed for the evening, Rachel asks Boomer to report to Defiant Core’s maintenance chief Ji Kez (a Sullustan Male).

Boomer easily finds Chief Kez and he’s expecting the woman to report to him. He verifies her identity (very carefully) and then leads her to the lower quarters of Defiant Core and into an ultra secure storage vault.

Kez takes her to a blanked out box containing a 50 MW nuclear bomb. She’s given a flimsey (paper) instruction booklet and asked to study the document so that she can become VERY familiar with the instructions. She may need to operate this . . . device soon. NO Kez doesn’t know anything about any ‘possible’ mission that it might be used for and doesn’t want to know!

Kez has no problem sending down smoothies so that Fiaye can stay in the vault and study the instruction manual.

The next morning DC-01 is briefed on operation Glorious Honey.

Briefly: The Empire has redeployed a lot of their fleet assets to hunt down Rebel elements and the Alliance needs a couple of fast wins. DC-01 is assigned to destroy the Imperial Star Destroyer Stirge which is orbiting Kashyyyk (P09).

A ‘mysterious’ box is loaded onto the C-ROC and the crew switch the ‘ghost’ transponder to the name Stellar Wing on the assumption that the name Midnight Streak has been burned on the previous mission. They also have the ship painted a Forest Green color.

The planned travel itinerary is to stop by Hosnian Prime (M12) to drop off Shikf (He’s still aboard the ship and that quest is still open).

After dropping off Shikf, the crew will drop by Exodeen to secure a shipment of supplies for the ISD Stirge.

Next, lets head over to Kashyyyk!

With that plan the team leaves Innton on Foursday CD 3-14. The uneventful trip to Hosnian Prime takes only four days with the team arriving on Onesday CD 3-18.

Slider and Break Out grab Shikf and head out to return the scoundrel to his wife with the recorded admission.

But she has already left Hosnian Prime and there’s a Quarrian family staying at the resort . . .

Break Out uses the force to influence Shikf and convinces the Mirialan that his stay with the crew was pleasant. The two release Shikf and use the Imperial interplanetary network to transfer a copy of the confession to Kikoca (Shikf’s wife) on Mirial (Q04).

It’s a quick trip to Exodeen and the group arrive two days later on Threesday CD 3-20.

Pa Pooga (Wrasp) hunts down his former ‘friend’ the Imperial Logistics officer Pos Amix. Amix (again) mistakes Pooga for the Debtor that Amix still owes lots of money to.

Pooga requests a shipment to Kashyyyk and Amix is actually quite appreciative for the opportunity to get the cargo out. The shipment is a transport only opportunity that will pay $6,000 up front and another $6,000 if they can deliver the cargo in eight days. (Easy for the upgraded Starbound Wayfinder). Pooga also pays Amix $25,000 credits to pay off his debt and get free of his obligation.

The cargo gets loaded quickly (one day) and the crew leave on Foursday CD 3-21 with an expected arrival on Lightday on CD 3-24.