Log 20201130

Lightday on CD 3-24.

The “Stellar Wind” emerges from hyperspace and arrives at Kashyyyk, finding the ISD Stirge in orbit . . . as expected.

Cop’Ruchi (Ghost) has a pleasant conversation with the staff on the Stirge and is given an approach course for the “Stellar Wind” and the Gozanti C-ROC is scheduled to dock with the Stirge.

Fiaye K’faiya (Boomer), once out of hyperspace, sets the nuke to explode in six hours based on the estimate from Aliz (Spice) and Sern (Shiny) that it will take them four hours to offload the 1,000 EC of cargo. Boomer, Spice, and Shiny hastily cover the nuke in a case of bananas.

Boomer asks to meet with Pooga in private and confides with her Captain that she’s had some visions the previous evening and someone in Kashyyyk needs there help. Boomer attempts to use her sense power to see if there is anyone aboard the ISD Stirge may be one of the people in need (and receives a negative indication).

The two ships dock and Pa Pooga is invited by the captain of the Stirge for a meeting while his crew unloads the “Stellar Wind”.

One Lt Serm meets with Pa Pooga and escorts the Kel Dor to Captain Baggeron Gos’ office. The path from the hanger bay to the bridge section is confusing (ergo the necessity for an escort).

Captain Gos is interested in facilitating a trade deal for the “Stellar Wind”. The Imperial Facility on Kashyyyk has a great need to transport Wookiees from the world and Gos tries to convince Pooga to take a shipment. Gos asks Pooga if he’s dealt with shipping Wookiees before and Pooga feigns ignorance.

Gos is surprised to see that Pooga doesn’t have a transport security clearance yet and the closest that the “Stellar Wind” can ship these Wookiees to is Kinyen (the homeworld of the Gran).

Pooga does agree to pick up twenty three Wookiees (plus their two handlers) and Cpt Gos has a requisition order prepared for the “Stellar Wind”.

Gos then transfers an encrypted message from the Bureau of Starship Services (BoSS) to Pooga.

Pooga tries to get a free lunch from Cpt Gos, the the ISD commander declines. Lt Serm returns Pooga to his ship.

Wrasp opens up his encrypted message (locked with a bio-metric voice lock) and learns that it’s actually a message from Soshu! (the Hutt).

[message begins]

Gorensia Kajidic

Royal Decree and Proclamation

Her Highest Eminence Soshu, the Royal Guardian and Arbiter for Kajidic Gorensia, sends you her enthusiastic greetings to Captain Pa Pooka the Kel Dor.

It pleases her Eminence that her servants have found suitable employ at this time with regards to the ongoing galactic conflict with it’s inevitable outcome. Long live Emperor Palpatine!

An opportunity has arisen and Soshu offers a reward to her humble servants that offers great reward.

All of the members of the Hutt Counsel have lost all contact with the world of Queyta.

While the world of Queyta is of little interest collectively to the Hutt Counsel and the Empire in general, this disappearance of this world presents an intriguing puzzle.

And an opportunity.

Her Eminence wishes to convey her understanding of the importance of this world to the galaxy at whole. Queyta, up until two months ago, was producing eight percent (8%) of the food for the galaxy and had a leading role in producing nearly half of the military rations for the beloved Empire.

While this minor disruption will have no impact on the Hutt Counsel, if this situation is not changed, prices for food throughout the galaxy will rise (soon) and it is also projected that at least 8% of all intelligent life will die from starvation. That death toll will actually be higher as worlds begin to fight for these limited resources.

None of the ships which have departed to and arrived at the Queyta system during the past two months have returned from Queyta.

If Soshu’s servants are able to determine the cause of this disruption at the Queyta system and to return that intelligence to her first than she will award her faithful Captain with $1,000,000.

And if her servants can correct this problem, Soshu’s servants can expect an increased gratitude from their grandiloquent Patron.

While you consider this unique and timely opportunity be mindful to not neglect your other duties to your faithful Patron, her royal eminence Soshu the Hutt.

[Message Ends]

The “Stellar Wind” unloads on schedule leaving one hour and thirty minutes before the nuke goes off . . .

Pooga orders the “Stellar Wind” to make a course for the Imperial Base located on Kashyyyk.

Moments later, the ISD Stirge orders the C-ROC to ‘waive off’ of it’s current course as it is in the middle of a combat situation!

Ghost rechecks her scanners and picks up a CEC YT-1300 leaving from the Imperial Base and accelerating toward the ISD. She sets up a direct laser communications channel and learns that a handful of Wookiees have hijacked the ship and are attempting to attack the ISD.

Break Out maintains his vector but pitches up to increase his altitude. The Stirge deploys six of the new Alpha Wing fighters to intercept the YT-1300.

Break Out lets the Alpha Wings pass below him and then reverses his course to drop behind the intercepting fighters. (Actually there are two waves of fighters and he places the trailing trio to port of the “Stellar Wind” so that his strongest gunners can attack the Alpha Wings).

With the ambush set, the gunners open up on the trailing Alpha Wings, taking the Imperial fighters quite by surprise.

The trailing fighters break and try to circle about to get on the C-ROC’s tail, but with the C-ROC’s turrets and Break Out’s maneuvering, the fight remains (almost) one sided.

As a final tactic, the fighters break formation and one pilot is able to deliver two concussion missiles into the port side of the Starbound Wayfinder doing minimal damage.

With those three fighters dealt with, the “Stellar Wind” meets up with the YT-1300 and escorts it away from the former Alpha Wings.

Wrasp convinces the fleeing Wookiees to accept their aid and that Wrasp can help the Wookiees join the Rebel Alliance. The Wookiees give up their futile attack on the Imperial Star Destroyer.

Break Out drops both ships into the Ionosphere with messes up the scanners, belaying the Stirge’s attack on them.

Break Out sets the ships on a single pass orbit, staying in the ionosphere to mask their position.

The “Stellar Wind” comes around the other side just in time to witness the dramatic destruction of the Stirge.

However, in coming out of the ionosphere, Ghost realizes that the ISD had launched a large number of fighters (about 32 fighters) and they have been following their C-ROC (and the ‘1300) around Kashyyyk.

Out of mock courtesy, the lead TIE Fighter asks the “Stellar Wind” to surrender, but it looks like the Imps are ready to blast the rebels into upper atmospheric oblivion.

Wrasp does some fast talking and convinces the Fighter pilots to cancel their attack, by pointing out how powerful the transport ship is and how extensive the losses will be inflicted on the flimsy fighters.

Both forces part ways and the Rebels set a course to a close by system at Randon (Q10). With the slower drive on the YT-1300, this trip takes two days to take.

At Randon (Q10), the crew help the Wookiees set up their ship for the trip to Innton (18). Wrasp has his crew picks up a cargo of 1,200 EC of machine parts for $500 each (total purchase cost is $600,000). The projected expected ‘profit’ is $800 per EC once they get to Queyta (M19).

A day later the “Stellar Wind” takes off for a rapid trip to Queyta (M19).

Break Out carves off enough time to cut this trip down to just nine days . . . expected arrival on Fivesday CD 4-06.