Log 20201228

DC-01 arrives at Roon and having NOT changed their transponder from the Swooping Kestrel back to the Starbound Wayfinder (which the locals recognize as belonging to Pa Pooga).

When Ghost gets on the comms and requests authorization for landing she is refused! Further, the Traffic Control operators inform her that their ship will be destroyed if they attempt to land!

Wrasp asks Ghost to try to communicate their intentions to visit Papa’Fama but even the ‘Fama homestead is refusing to let them land (and the ‘Fama’s stronghold has a couple of Heavy Turbolasers for protection).

Wrasp gets on the comms directly and assures the ‘Fama’s that he’s been there before and is a trusted friend.

They relent and they comment that Pa Pooga always seems to show up with a new ship. They compliment Pooga on his good fortune . . .

The team (once they land) are greeted by Aliz brother Iujaz’Fama. Papa’Fama is not at the homestead but instead is in the capital Ultime’Roon visiting the Governor and his daughter. Iujaz is ready to cement the deal and if Pooga has the money he has 280 EC of raw spice all ready to load up.

The only problem is that Wrasp doesn’t have any money! His hold is filled with Naboo wine!

Further, Iman’Gatum (another homestead coordinator) and Ajon’Mido (The Governor living in Ultime’Roon) also have lots ready to sell to Pooga. Ultimately they can offer total of 1,180 EC of Spice for a purchase price of $1,070,000.

Fortunately, Aliz’Fama (Spice) is able to find a purchaser and they convert the Naboo Wine for the Spice.

The group also visits with Ajon’Mido and he expresses a desire for Pooga to pick up a shipment of Cloak Style Figthers and to transport them from Sluis Van back to Roon. The pay is very small, but Wraps agrees to transport four cloak style fighters.

With a full cargo hold, Wrasp agrees to transport Papa’Fama back home and the team departs to Nar Shaddaa to deliver their spice to Soshu the Hutt.

Soshu purchases the lot of spice from Wrasp and Wrasp tells Soshu about the force interdicting Queyta and Soshu pays the $1,000,000 reward for information.

Soshu is displeased that Pooga did NOT kill Iman’Gatum (as directed) and re-affirms her desire for Ajon’Mido to remain the Governor of Roon.

Pooga and his team walk away with over $4,000,000 in the ship’s purse.

The team ping pongs back and forth between Sluis Van, picking up six cloak style fighters and deliver them to Ajon’Mido on Roon.

After that cursory delivery, the team sets course for Fedalle to get started on Operation Manufacturing Agriculture.