Log 20210125

Foursday on CD 6-14.
AM. VERY a.m.
In her sleep Fiaye K’faiya’s (Boomer) dreams are interrupted by her former mentors voice.
Luminara cries out, “K’faiy! Lose the tracking device! Get rid of it! Hurry, they’re coming to arrest you! NOW!”

Then the Mirialan woman is shaken awake only to find herself still in her air car in the drain canal in the wrong side of the town of Kor Vella slums. In the pilots seat, Unsien Mos snores gently and there is no sign of anything amiss in the deep shadows of night.

“Hurry . . .” Luminara whispers from the distance of Fiaye’s dreams.

Without awakening her companion, Boomer exits the vehicle and does a quick search and easily finds a device attached to the aft underside of the aircar’s body. She removes the small component, which conveniently has the Imperial Empire star logo with and ISB warning not to tamper with the device.

Searching the detritus and debris in the abandoned byway, K’faye fashions a booby trap, using one of her explosive grenades and conceals it under the tracking device. With her trap set, Boomer returns to the air car and awakens her companion, urging him to “punch it!”

Break Out’s instincts kick in and he gets the air car underway! Not more than two minutes later Fiaye’s trap explodes, far in the wake of the fleeing heroes.

To make sure that they’re not being followed, the two make a circuitous route around Kor Vella and determine that they aren’t being followed, before returning to the Starbound Wayfinder.

On the ship, the rest of the crew begins to wake up for another day of searching and research.

Pa Pooga (Wrasp), the Captain, is the first one up today and is joined shortly by Josus Laorl (Slider). The two compare notes quickly on their quest to take out the pro-Empire Bothan Spy Bosc Bwed’hare. They talked with Yin Nikel the previous evening and need to meet with her to get Bosc’s address. So an early stop to the Bothan Embassy is planned.

Slider gets a targeted update from his IPKC datanet letting him know that a Mirialan Woman and a Duros Man are wanted for ‘questioning’ in regards to shoplifting charges at a local clothing shopping district.

As these two operatives wrap up breakfast, Boomer and Break Out amble into the galley on their way to the crew quarters.

When Pooga inquires about their evening (and most recent criminal escapades) Boomer erupts angrily and demands to be left alone! She rejects a spot of Kaff to help get her through the debrief and destroys the carafe, before she resumes her trip to bed.

Break Out updates the Captain, informing him that the Electronics Shop had been raided by law enforcement and that Breth Crylkis appears to still be on the lam. Pooga informs Mos that Crylkis low rent apartment was also raided and extensively searched in a similar manner. Yin Nikel has been contacted and is available and ready for extraction. There is a plan in place for Nikel’s extraction and Pooga is eager to leave Corellia ASAP. He gives the two till the end of the day to find and extricate Breth Crylkis while Slider and Wrasp wrap up on Slider’s side mission (to eliminate Bosc).

Consulting with Aliz and Sern, Pooga requests that his two load masters secure a cargo from Corellia and they agree to get engines and replacement components for CEC drive systems (since the Alliance employs several CEC merchant ships) but to leave sufficient room for the Starbound Wayfinder to pick up the replacement weapons that Pooga ordered from Czerka Arms on Hosnian Prime.

With that settled, Wrasp and Slider head to the Bothan Embassy to meet up with Yin Nikel. They arrive when the Embassy opens but most of the staff is expected to arrive late today as they had a soiree they all attended last last evening . . . While they wait, the staff offers a simple ‘continental’ breakfast. A simple Bothan continental breakfast comprised exclusively of meat.

About an hour later, Nikel has the two brought to her office. She greets the two with a fake cover story and secretly hands Josus a data storage chip. After a perfunctory conversation, she indicates that their earlier request can’t be fulfilled yet and that it could take as many as seven days to get the answer to their question. (Wrasp and Slider are both confused). They head out and when Slider checks the data he finds that it contains the address for Bosc, who is staying at a downtown apartment in the core of Cornet City (which is a two hour air car ride away).

Wrasp and Slider want to check out the location and scout out possible means to waylay the Bothan. But first, they stop by the Starbound Wayfinder so that Slider can pick up his remote droids. Wrasp checks the data himself as Slider packs up his gear.

At about noon, Boomer wakes up, refreshed and ready to roll! She heads over to Break Out’s room and finds the Captain and Slider comparing notes and packing. Boomer rouses Sliders’ roommate and informs him that they need to go!

The team compare notes briefly and head out to complete their various missions (at about noon).

Boomer and Break Out

After a bit of research, they confirm that the Crylkis family have a real estate company named (appropriately enough) Crylkis Holdings and publicly they advertise several residential rental properties available. The office address is publicly available and the two agents hop in Boomer’s air car and head to the local office with the objective of meeting with Breth’s father, Chayr.

They meet with a very nervous Shett Tern, who is operating the office alone. Shett informs the two that Chayr is not in the office and ergo, not available, but Shett offers to try to help the two with whatever questions that they have and can get the two on the calendar to set an appointment with Chayr.

Break Out and Boomer let on that they’re interested in a rather sizable purchase and that they were referred to speak with Chayr. Shett sets up an appointment on Chayr’s calendar for the following day at 13:00 hrs.

Break Out asks for a tour of the office which Shett readily agrees to and shows the Duros around, (giving Boomer an opportunity to hack into the front lobby terminal). Boomer easily gets access to the system and looks up Chayr’s schedule and learns that the elder Crylkis is out doing showings ALL DAY and is expected to meet his last clients this evening in Cornet City at 22:00 hrs. Boomer copies the details for this last appointment and then joins the two on the tour.

While the office is well appointed, it’s rather empty. There is a corner office for Chayr, but it looks like it’s rarely used. Breth Crylkis does have the office adjacent and Shett explains in a pained expression that the company hasn’t had time to remove Breth’s name from the door yet. When asked why her name needs to be removed, Shett provides an ambiguous answer that doesn’t mean anything. Breth is an embarrassing subject.

There are five other offices, all with named occupants, but seemingly disused.

Boomer and Break Out depart.

Wrasp and Slider

Slider receives a comm from Yin Nikel on the burner communicator. She invites the two to meet up with her at a local diner to talk “off record.” She knows a nice place that has the best meat shakes.

The three confer, with Josus and Yin each enjoying their meat shakes, while Pa sips on a glass of water.

Yin is eager to learn of their plans to extract her. Pooga assures Yin that they have a plan and that he will send a message to Yin’s office about a family emergency that she will need to depart for. Wrasp will then have someone (Duster is who he planned to send) to pick Yin up from the Embassy and to get her onto his ship. Yin’s okay with that plan and she departs the diner.

Wrasp and Slider heat out to Cornet City to scout out Bocs’s residence.

Wrasp and Slider arrive at Bosc’s apartment building which is tended to by doormen, who don’t let the duo enter the building. Wrasp informs the doorman that they are there to visit Bosc, but since Bosc isn’t home, the two aren’t admitted to the building.

Wrasp and Slider also notice that the lobby is manned by at least one armed security guard.

No problems! The two find a convenient back alley and Slider deploys his remotes so that they can check out Bosc’s apartment. It turns out that Bosc is renting out the whole 68th floor in an open concept design and has a lot of natural Bothan decor highlighting Bosc’s hunting capability.

Wrasp decides that hitting Bosc at home will be a fairly hard target location.

The two operatives return to the Kor Vella starport and their ship the Starbound Wayfinder after a long day of mostly travel.

Boomer and Break Out

Boomer and Break Out travel to Cornet City and enroute, Boomer calls the three families seeing the last apartment and she cancels the showings with Chayr (so that Boomer and Break Out can speak with the agent privately).

At 22:00 hours, Boomer and Break Out arrive to confront Chayr and to question him about his daughter.

Chayr has had a very long day and is exhausted and angry at Boomer cancelling his clients.

He does however answer the questions posed by the two about Breth. Ultimately the real estate mogul is sorely disappointed by his daughter and her betrayal to the Empire. Breth had been running the real estate shop and Chayr has had to come out of retirement to pick up the slack and revitalize the business in his daughter’s abrupt absence.

Breth’s betrayal has also jeopardized her younger brother’s bid to enlist in the Imperial Academy the following year. Chayr is hopeful that his young son’s enrollment with the SA will help curtail the stigma of having a traitor in the family.

Chayr repeatedly tells the two agents that if they want any real actionable intel about his adult daughter’s whereabouts that they would be better served asking the ISB agents who have been questioning friends and family. The ISB likely knows more about Breth’s life than her father at this point.

Chayr indicates that if he makes contact with Breth, he will be more than willing to contact the ISB so that his troublesome child can be brought to justice. Chayr freely indicates that he has not seen nor heard from Breth since the ISB attempted to arrest her two weeks ago, and before that, he only saw her on Lightdays for the weekly family dinner.

With their questions abated, the elder estate agent ushers the two to leave; which they do. Chayr opens up his communicator as the two leave.

Still curious, the two locate Chayr’s air car and stake it out. But after thirty minutes, there is no sign of Chayr!

The two sneak back up to the apartment and learn that Chayr has contacted his clients (whom Boomer cancelled) and re-established the showings.

Chayr wraps up his delayed showings and departs Cornet City at 23:30 hrs.

In an effort to learn the location of Chayr’s home, tail the agent’s air car until he returns to his home. Chayr’s opulent home is located on a palatial land estate half way between Cornet City and Kor Vella.

Boomer and Break Out discuss whether to approach the home in the middle of the night or to surviel the home. The two want to try to speak with Chayr’s son.

They opt to remain in hiding and to try to talk to the son away from the home. They settle down for another long sleep deprived night, opting to take shifts watching the home.

Boomer uses her Force power to seek out Breth’s location (late at night) and senses that Breth is walking along the streets somewhere in Kor Vella, but the vision is indistinct.

The next morning . . .

Wrasp and Slider

They both wake up early, eager to get to the new day.

The rest of the crew has a busy day ahead of them as they are loading up the second half of the 800 EC of components that were purchased. Aliz should have the ship ready for departure by the end of the day. Wrasp lets Aliz know that he intends to leave today and that when Yin Nikel gets aboard, to make sure that she and the rest of the crew ensure that the Bothan Woman doesn’t leave the ship so that they can leave at a moment’s notice.

Wrasp notes that two of his crew are absent and calls Break Out and Boomer on the comms to see if they’re still alive.

The two agents update Commander Pooga (Wrasp) about their current whereabouts and what they plan on doing for the immediate future, but Wrasp orders them to break off their surveillance and to return to the ship. He wants to shake up the teams and tackle the problem from different angles.

Break Out, during a quiet moment over breakfast, tries to use his Seek Force power to find Breth and senses that she is in a “white cube,” sleeping peacefully on a thin mat, with a knapsack close by.

An hour later, Wrasp asks Boomer and Slider to take care of Bosc and has them use the rented air car.

Meanwhile Wrasp and Break Out head out to meet up with Mos’ previous slaver friend Nor Treg.

Wrasp suspects that Breth may have been captured by Treg and questions the Duros slaver about his operations. Using the Force to influence Treg, Wrasp convinces the Duros to take him to his ‘storage’ facility for his slaves. They inspect the cages that Treg uses and Break Out confirms that these cages are clearly not the kind that Breth was inside, during that vision.

Wrasp and Break Out leave Treg and make their trip out to visit the Chayr Crylkis residence.

Boomer and Slider

Boomer and Slider stake out the Bothan Embassy and await an opportunity to take out Bosc.

Bosc (and opportunity) arrive not too much later and the two rebel agents pull off a very successful fly by shooting, with Slider piloting the craft while Boomer takes a shot with her Dathomir Sister energy Bow. She gets two decisive shots off and the Bothan spy goes down!

Local law enforcement respond quickly and Boomer and Slider find themselves evading a lone constable’s vehicle as it pursues them with lights flashing and siren blaring.

They evade law enforcement capture by driving through the mall in the clothing district. Witnesses finger Boomer (again).

Using evasive traffic techniques, they guide their rented air car back to the Starbound Wayfinder with no further pursuit.

Yin Nikel calls Josus on the burner comm again as she is concerned over Bosc’s very public death! She wants reassurances and Josus invites her to meet him on the Starbound Wayfinder. The two talk briefly. Yin hasn’t received the message yet and Josus assures Yin that she won’t need to wait much longer as the Captain intends to leave today. Josus points out Duster to Yin and lets the Bothan woman know that’s the human that will be picking her up.

Reassured, Yin thanks Josus and asks if she can head out to her next meeting (so that her absence isn’t alarming). Josus assents and Yin begins to leave.

But, to Josus’ horror, Aliz (Spice), Celeste (Duster), and Devo gun down Yin, stunning her with their blasters before the Bothan woman can walk down the boarding ramp. Quickly Devo swoops up the unconscious Bothan and whisks her to one of the available guest rooms.

Josus expresses dismay and Aliz casually informs Slider of Wrasp’s commands to her and the crew from earlier that morning.

Wrasp and Break Out

En route to the home a constable pulls up behind their air car and signals them to pull over.

Knowing that their is an arrest warrant out for him, Break Out uses the force to create an illusion that he’s actually a Human (Shett Tern specifically, the employee he met yesterday at Crylkis Holdings).

Break Out convinces the constable that he’s not the person that they’re looking for and that he borrowed the vehicle from his Mirialan friend. He lets the constable know that she had a job to take care of in Cornet City.

The Constable lets the “Human” and the Kel Dor go, and recommends that the no longer use this vehicle as the Mirialan Woman is wanted on criminal charges.

GM: Session ends. It’s about noon on Fivesday CD 6-15.