Log 20210301

Break Out delivered the team to the Kinyen system nine days earlier than the scheduled date for the departure of the Polar Thrash from Kinyen.

Cop’Ruchi (aka: “Ghost) at the sensors station and Break Out put the Yellow Duck into orbit five light minutes out from Kinyen. Ghost spent four days monitoring system traffic and was on hand to confirm the arrival of the Polar Thrash.

Cop reported that the Action IV and their crew arrived approximately thirty minutes late (much to the derision of the crew of the ‘Duck as Break Out is routinely able to cut days off of their trips. {Go Team})!

The Polar Thrash is scheduled to depart about five days later with the first four days scheduled to load the Action IV with cargo and much of the fifth day spent loading coaxium and gathering much of the crew from shore leave.

Wrasp sets up a plan to intercept the Polar Thrash before the crew are able to return and depart. He will have his three fighters launched with the home ship (now flying with the ghost transponder set to the Yellow Duck will follow them closely. Once the team forms up, they will make a terribly short, risky) hyperjump over just five light minutes away.

The X-Wing and Y-Wings are armed with combinations of Ion Torpedos and and then Proton Torpedos so that they can disable the Polar Thrash. After the target is shut down, the Yellow Duck will dock with the disabled freighter and SOG team DC-02 will conduct a boarding action, to capture the freighter and abscond with the ship.

Ghost sets up the fighters and the Yellow Duck with the alliance guard channels:

  • Mother Duck is the call sign for the Starbound Wayfinder with its transponder now registered as the Yellow Duck.
  • Red Duck for the X-Wing piloted by Break Out.
  • Yellow Duck for the Y-Wing piloted by Boomer.
  • Green Duck for the Y-Wing piloted by Duster.

Note: The fighters’ call signs were assigned based on the color of their astromechs named “Scarlet,” “Goldie,” and “Hunter.” DC-01 is also calling themselves the “Mighty Ducks” for this operation.

The fighters launch and Break Out sets up the coordinates for the small fleet to arrive just past the Polar Thrash. That way Wrasp (now piloting the ’Duck) can swing easily to port and prepare to dock while the fighters disable the freighter and provide cover from Imperial response.

Break Out’s calculations are a bit off and instead of arriving on the far side of the Polar Thrash the team find themselves facing the freighter and on a collision course!

Break Out calls the problem and barrel rolls to port, easily evading ship.

Boomer, trailing in her Y-Wing also pulls to port, following the lead and misses the big ship.

Duster, maintains not only her composure to evade the big ship, but also launches her two Ion Torpedoes before banking off to follow her flight element.

Wrasp watches the fighters all evade and notices that both of Duster’s Ion Torpedoes find their mark. And Wrasp is pleasantly surprised to watch as the Polar Thrash goes dark. All of the running lights and other sources of energy shut off as the Action IV’s energy systems are shut down.

Wrasp and his co-pilot (borrowed from DC-01) can easily evade the collision and to expedite the approximately, Wrasp yaws “Mother Duck” to port as he over flies and passes their prey and then zips in for a quick link up with the disabled Action IV.

Unfortunately Wrasp comes in just a wee bit too hot and both ships collide with each other. But the damage is “minor.” (So far). Otherwise docking proceeds successfully. Wrasp orders DC-02 to proceed with the boarding of Action IV. GM Note: Two points of damage to both ships.

The three fighters easily reform their V formation and begin a reverse cauldron flight around the two docked freighters. Yellow Duck (Boomer) is focused on scanning for a shuttle inbound to the Polar Thrash from the surface of Kinyen. The other two fighters are spending their time trying to scan for TIE Fighters of which their intel suggests that there may be as many as 150 of the fighters in system!

The immediate problem is that their sensors are overwhelmed by the large volume of ship in system. There are scores of other smaller merchant ships, at least another three Action IV’s and tons more support shuttles in orbit about Kinyen. It’s making sifting through all of the data a mess!

A couple of minutes later, Ghost reports to everyone that system control is not even aware of the attack yet!

Since this may become a boring operation, bereft of the flash and spectacle called for in the briefing, Wrasp calls Drips and asks the Medical Droid to bring up two cups of Kaff (for the two remaining members of the Bridge Crew present). Wrasp also orders a realignment of the gunnery crew as his two port side cannon stations are facing the Polar Thrash and 40% of his gunners are racing off to capture the other freighter.

Devo and Spice take up station on the starboard Light Turbo Laser Batteries while Shiny races to man the Dorsal Quad Cannon turret. Slider is posted in the Ventral Quad (and getting bored with the lack of action).

Finally Ghost picks up a Trio of TIE fighters approaching the group and vectors the Rebel fighters with an intercept course.

Break Out, flying lead in his X-Wing, is able to blast two of the inbound fighters with this Laser Cannons.

Boomer lines up to take out the last Imperial Fighter, but missed her mark, She sets up Duster for an easier attack and Duster scratches the last TIE.

Someone knows their here now! All of the merchant traffic starts to fly away from the fracas and their active drive system are obvious to all.

The Empire starts vectoring flights of TIE Fighters into the area, but the closer of the two Imperial Star Destroyers stays outside of weapons range (and ‘effective’ sensor range too).

The second wave of responding TIE Fighters come in three flights and is quickly withered by the combination of Light Turbo Lasers from “Mother Duck” and the fighters are able to easily overpower the attacking TIE Fighters. However, as the Fighters wrap up their dog fight with this wave, Break Out realizes that he’s extended his flight out of the protective range of “Mother Duck” and the Empire has another wave of TIE Fighters marshaled and ready to swoop in! Break Out orders his flight to race back toward “Mother Duck” rather than to face nearly a dozen more TIEs without the aid of the Light Turbo Lasers (which were quite effective in dealing with wave two).

Boomer over strains herself (pulls too many G’s) trying to keep up with Break Out and Goldie complains about the possibility of the pilot causing frame damage with her reckless flying. When Boomer asks if the Astromech is worried about frame damage to the fighter or the Droid, the answer is “Affirmative!” (Goldie has already expressed reticence at being involved in this combat situation).

DC-02 gets harried in it’s boarding attempt and Fish Fry (DC-02 Commander) reports to Wrasp that he’s already lost two of his men and there are only two of his team left (including him). They’re overwhelmed and pulling back! He requests reinforcements. Wrasp leaves Ghost to deal with managing the space battle and orders Slider to join him to board the Polar Thrash.

Back in space, the third wave of TIE’s do not pursue the ducklings but organize an even bigger third wave, including the newer TIE Interceptors. Once set, Nine TIE’s race in with Six Interceptors following close behind.

In preparation, Break Out has brought his fighters to stop next to the two freighters. He waits and with the TIEs flying in in close formation, Break Out tries to attack them using a salvo of Proton Torpedoes. His targeting capability is strong and the conflagration from the torpedoes wipes out three of the TIE fighters.

Boomer tries the same trick, but only scratches two TIE’s. Targeting such small targets with the Proton’s isn’t easy and Boomer’s focus of training lies elsewhere.

Duster holds onto her Torpedoes (they’re not designed to take out TIE Fighters despite Break Out’s exceptional demonstration to the contrary) but gets ready for the dust up.

Slider arrives to the boarding port to the Polar Thrash first and finds that both of the surviving members of DC-02 are holding the hatch to the Yellow Duck with suppressive fire. There is a lot of smoky haze in the Engineering sections of the Polar Thrash but since DC-02 was using grenades earlier, that’s not too surprising. But DC-02 is rattled and unwilling to press forward. Slider notices that in addition to the two downed members of DC-02 there are two others down in Engineering.

Wrasp races from the bridge and bumps into Drips, who offers the Captain a nice hot cup of Kaff. Wrasp grabs the drink and continues to race down to the cargo section of the Yellow Duck. Drips then continues his delivery of the second cup of Kaff to Ghost on the Bridge.

Wrasp arrives a moment later and takes stock of the situation (with Slider). Fish Fry and his companion are shell shocked and unable to advance. Fish Fry answers Wrasp’s question about how many opponents he saw and Fish Fry responds that he only saw two.

Clearly there are way more than two!

Slider and Wrasp ready their weapons, Slider grabbing his two blaster pistols, while Wrasp readies his Light saber and his beloved disintigrator pistol.

There is a single hallway from the engineering section leading to the forward sections of the Action IV and Slider and Wrasp rush it to take up positions on either side of the hatch. There are six troopers in a section on the other side of a long hallway. Two of the troopers open up on the two Rebels with their E-11 Carbines and Wrasp is able to push Slider out of the way before succumbing to any attacks, while evading the initial barrage himself. Behind the two Stormtroopers, another four are setting up an E-Web.

In turn Wrasp and Slider make a concerted attack against the two closer Stormtroopers and they take out one, while wounding the other. The wounded ‘trooper falls to the side and out of view.

With an opening, Wrasp and Slider race forward attacking the team of troopers setting up the heavy blaster and drop two more troopers.

In response, the E-Web Gunner lets loose a salvo at the Kel-Dor (who is much closer) but Wrasp ducks behind a bulkhead, narrowly avoiding the vicious barrage of blaster energy. Slider prudently takes cover too!

In the next break of combat, Wrasp makes the rest of the distance and is able to light saber the gunner, taking him down, and Slider blasts the last E-Web operator. However, the wounded Stormtrooper takes the opportunity to shoot Wrasp in the back, Wounding the mission commander. But he falls moments later to Slider’s attack.

The session ends.

The Empire has another wave of fighters just outside of weapons range of the Yellow Duck.

Wrasp and Slider have moved forward and are preparing to find and take the Bridge of the Polar Thrash.

Fish Fry has commed to Drips and requested that the medical droid come over to the Polar Thrash and tend to the downed Engineer on DC-02 (the guy tasked with restoring the power to the disabled Action IV)!