Log 20210308

Aliz’fama, “Ne me dis pas! Je peux le voir d’ici!”

Aboard the Polar Thrash

Break Out, Duster, and Boomer wipe out the last two damaged TIE Interceptors from the Third wave of attacking TIE’s as Wrasp and Slider make their way hastily to the Bridge of the Polar Thrash, illuminated only by the red emergency lights on the ship.

On the Bridge they find the three bewildered crew of the Polar Thrash, including the Captain all of whom quickly surrender to the two armed intruders.

The Captain of the Polar Thrash expresses surprise that his ship is being targeted for a hijacking (especially in light of the heavy Imperial presence) and Wrasp objects by claiming that he’s engaged in an “Aggressive re-acquisition” of the Polar Thrash.

The Captain objects to the term as Wrasp never possessed the Polar Thrash originally. The Captain also begs for Wrasp to leave the ship as it’s a ‘family asset’ and that the material loss will be hard felt.

Wrasp offers the let the Captain and his crew to stay on the ship and begin to serve the Rebel Alliance. The crew bail at that point and ask permission to board the escape capsules.

Wrasp relents but before he’ll let the crew go, he demands that the Captain call the rest of his crew and have them leave with him.

The Captain complains that he would be happy to so long as Wrasp and his buddy haven’t killed all of them! It turns out that there is one other crew, who emerges and joins the other three survivors. They eject via one of the Bridge escape capsules.

Wrasp asks Ghost for a status report update. All is quiet outside the ship and DC-02 has revived their engineer. DC-02 is working feverishly to restore power to the Polar Thrash! However, the closer Imperial Star Destroyer is turning (to port) to face the Yellow Duck. Boomer has called Ghost and recommends that the Yellow Duck detach from the Polar Thrash so that the two ships can independently prepare for the jump to hyperspace. Wrasp lets Commander Chand Arley (aka: Fish Fry) know that he is in command of the Polar Thrash and that Wrasp and Slider are departing for Yellow Duck.

Fish Fry is on his own!

Arley confirms.

Wrasp comms to Ghost and asks her to prepare to activate the Yellow Duck’s shields and to prepare to pilot the ship away from the Polar Thrash.

Ghost does not acknowledge Wrasp’s command!

Wrasp and Slider race to exit the Action IV freighter to return to their own ship, as the Imperial Star Destroyer closes.

Just as Wrasp shuts the hatch to the Yellow Duck, the Kel-Dor notices that Drips is on the other side and still on the Polar Thrash.

Wrasp is gleeful at this turn of events (as he hates the medical droid).

However the crew no longer has a medic on the team.

Space Battle

The Swarm of TIE’s just outside of sensor range continue to wait, but Ghost determines that a flight of about half a dozen TIE Fighters have left the approaching Imperial Star Destroyer but are vectored on a course that will take them across the bow of the Yellow Duck. Boomer exclaims that these TIE’s are trying to obstruct the Hyper Path jump of the team to trap them in system! Ghost does a quick check and confirms the theory.

Break Out takes his flight of fighters and returns them close to the two Transports, preparing to leap into action when the TIE’s make their next foray into the fray.

The Rebel pilots only wait a few minutes before the Imperial Pilots marshal into range. But the Imperials are learning and this flight is coming in a loose formation, making the proton torpedo attacks which wiped out multiple fighters impossible.

Break Out orders the fighters into action and the trio race forward to intercept the nine TIE fighters.

Between the fighters and the Light Turbolaser cannons, the Rebels are able to wipe out over half of the racing TIE fighters, but this group of fighters, instead of engaging the Rebel fighters, instead ignore the interceptors and attack the stationary and unshielded Yellow Duck!

The Yellow Duck

Ghost (needlessly) asks Break Out’s team to respond to the attacking TIE’s as they’re taking damage!

Wrasp orders Slider to man one of the Guns and the Bothan races to take station in the ventral Quad Turret as the Captain races to get to the Bridge.

Wrasp is frustrated to find that Ghost hasn’t left her station (at Comms and Sensor) nor is the ship under way and the shields are still down! Wrasp grabs left seat and gets the Yellow Duck under way, while powering up the shields!

Space Battle

After the TIE’s finish their strafing run at the Yellow Duck, they turn back and race toward the Star Destroyer. Break Out’s team turn to engage the fleeing Fighters and dog fight to finish the offending TIE’s. However another squad of TIE’s swoop in from the approaching Star Destroyer to aid the fleeing TIE’s.

Break Out realizes that his team has been pulled out of range of the protective fire of the Yellow Duck’s light Turbolasers and, now vastly outnumbered, they turn to return this fight next to the protective cover of the Yellow Duck.

Fortunately the two transports have separated and that’s a positive sign for the Rebel pilots. However, they are shocked by a squad of TIE interceptors that swoop around from the port side of the Polar Thrash!

Break Out’s team is now between two squadrons of attacking fighters!

Break Out catches sight of a red TIE Interceptor and recognizes that it’s piloted by an Imperial Ace. Break Out turns to engage the Ace and finds himself lucky to land a minor hit on the agile interceptor. Undaunted, the Duros continues to hari the skilled enemy.

Boomer and Duster fly their fighters toward the port side of the Yellow Duck while taking out two more TIE Interceptors. The swarm of TIE’s is intense and the two Y-Wings take a couple of blaster hits, but the shields and armor of the two Fighters protect the diminutive fighters from damage. But only barely!

Unfortunately all of the TIE Fighters are a distraction. An Imperial Boarding Shuttle swoops in and blasts the port side of the Yellow Duck, taking the shields down and allowing the shuttle to successfully dock with the Gozanti C-ROC!

Yellow Duck

Everyone aboard the Yellow Duck knows that they’re about to be boarded and Wrasp asks for Slider to meet up with him in the Cargo Bay (as the Imperials are attempting to board via one of the loading tubes on the port side.

Wrasp, exasperated, asks Ghost how she missed the approaching shuttle and she reports that it came in the sensor shadow on the other side of the Polar Thrash.

Wrasp, “Don’t sensors see in a 360 degree area?”
Ghost, “The sensors still don’t see through other ships!

Wrasp races out of the Bridge and back down to the Cargo Bay in order to repel boarders.

Space Battle

Break Out in X-Wing “Red Duck” continues to dog fight with his playmate and finishes off his opponent. Meanwhile a cluster of other fighters swarm around him, trying to get on his six while several fighters make attempts to fall onto his tail to get him in perfect firing position, but few are able to keep up with the wily Duros.

Duster and Boomer bank to starboard, flying between the two Transports to try to take care of the shuttle and the TIE Interceptors.

Duster launches two of her Proton Torpedoes and both hit the Shuttle, severely damaging it, but this shuttle remains intact.

Boomer takes out one of the TIE Interceptors, but at the end of that sweep, both Duster and Boomer have TIE Interceptors on their tail!

Fortunately for Boomer, Aliz in the dorsal Quad turret is able to clean her back.

Duster starts taking hits to her tail!

While Wrasp and Slider prepare to repel the assault team cutting through their hatch, there is a loud snap and an explosion as the Yellow Duck’s shields (which weren’t turned off) burn the rest of the assault shuttle off of the C-ROC. The boarding team is dead and Wrasp and Slider no longer need to defend the ship from Stormtroopers.

Wrasp races back to the Bridge and Slider heads back to the Quad turret.

Duster does her best to keep from getting blasted by the lone TIE Interceptor and to talk Boomer into a kill shot on the persistent TIE pilot. Eventually the two are able to work up a solution and Boomer scratches Duster’s back.

On the other side (Starboard Aft) Break Out flys like a demon and with the helpful fire of the Yellow Duck’s gunnery crews, Break Out is able to come out on top.

Once again, the Duros finds himself way to Starboard of the Yellow Duck and outside of her covering batteries. But the TIE Fighters have cleared the area.

However the Imperial Star Destroyer Cold Hand has closed within range of the Yellow Duck and opens up its batteries, pounding the side of the C-ROC!

Boomer and Duster contemplate a run against the Star Destroyer but prudently decline. With Wrasp back at the controls of the Yellow Duck, the two Y-Wing pilots slave their Hyperdrives to the Yellow Duck and prepare to exit the system!

Wrasp is able to plot a quick exit for the three and Ghost gives a final warning to DC-02 that they need to leave NOW!

In answer the running lights and power systems on the Action IV come to life.

Break Out, finding himself too close to the Cold Hand begins dodging light turbolaser cannon fire directed at himself!

Fortunately his X-Wing is much faster than the Imperial Star Destroyer and he out flies the range of the Destroyer’s cannons quickly. However, he messes up his calculations on the Hyperspace jump and stays in system another five painfully long minutes.

But it’s also enough time for him to watch the Action IV Polar Thrash hyper out of the Kinyen star system.