Log 20210322

Log 20210322

Immediately following is a creative writing insert to prep the players for the session.


Going from the war zone at Kirdo III into hyperspace was both a relief, exhilarating, and terrifying.

The Y-Wing was a solid state fighter and crawling into the cockpit had been a reassuring task, with the sturdy paneling and frame design.

By even with all of the thick armored frames, the view was impressive enough and you could still get a good 360 degree look in any direction.

And this was just Boomer’s second opportunity to jump into hyperspace in this tiny craft.

But the first jump had only been a couple of minutes ago . . . darkness just 12 minutes ago!

The whole experience had been like getting onto an exciting roller coaster ride, blowing through all the twists and curves once, only to get off in the middle of a firefight, while one scrambled through the cue line amidst a storm of blaster fire, only to jump back onto the front seat of the thrill ride and to be shot off without the safety briefing reminding riders to keep their hands and feet inside the car at all times!

But the ‘front seat’ view of the stars streaking past you, while sitting in a fighter was unlike anything Boomer had seen before.

Sure, she had seen it often enough while a passenger on freighters, but the visual inside the Y-Wing was unmistakably everywhere.

Boomer sighed with relief as her fighter settled into the omnipresent darkness of hyperspace.
When the jump had initiated, the Starbound Wayfinder had blocked out her view of everything to her starboard, and Boomer remembered Duster’s Y-Wing nestled just behind her and to the left in a neat formation. The Starbound Wayfinder had only been about 20 to 30 feet away while Duster’s fighter had been less than five feet from Boomer’s drive assembly.

And part of what freaked Boomer out now was the fact that she could see neither of those ships now!

Theoretically, neither of the other ships existed anymore while simultaneously still being exactly there. (It didn’t bear thinking but there was the one theory that said that both of the ships were perilously closer to her, separated by mere microns)! No, best not to think about that . . .

Behind her Goldie chirped and whistled with contentment.

On the translator, the R3 reported that the transition into hyperspace was successful, and that the droid was ‘pleased’ to be away from danger. ETA to Mechis was about 25 hours from now.

Then the droid started tooting and whistling, in it’s unique astromech voice, the theme song to the Girl of Ipanema.

“Stop it!” Boomer blurted. She couldn’t survive the next twenty five hours to Goldie ‘singing’ that song.

“Querry?” Goldie printed on the droid translator interface.

Break Out

By the FORCE, Duster had been right about the X-Wing!

Break Out wasn’t out of the fray, yet, but he was a god among mere mortals in this craft.

He’d lost count of the number of TIE Fighters that he’d zapped, but he had easily become a double ace in the last ten minutes.

The Starbound Wayfinder had just streaked into hyperspace with the two Y-Wings on a slaved trajectory.

Break Out could stop worrying about whether his friends would survive the battle at Kirdo III.

Now if the blackened Polar Thrash could get its gears lined up!

The bulky Action IV had just powered up and the only thing left was for the crew to lock in it’s jump calculations for hyperspace and to push the go button.

But according to the Hiks theory, one couldn’t just toss that much mass into Hyperspace instantly!

That and the poor team were trying to make that task with only Humans. Now if they’d had a Duros to take care of that math problem, maybe Unsien could be on his way by now.

Back to work! Moss chided himself.

The sitrep was clear enough. That ISD was astern and punching the vacuum around his X-Wing with blaster bolts. Turbo-lasers actually!

That should be a scary thought for Break Out, but they’d have to connect, and thank the Force that the gunnery crews on the ISD had attended the Imperial Academy Gunnery Marksmanship School (what an ironic name) but Moss kept jinking and dodging the nimble X-Wing. No need to make the gunners job easy. Right?

Off to starboard, another swarm of TIE Fighters buzzed and swam around in a loose formation, but after watching his team swat scores of the fragile fighters with contemptible ease, they kept their distance from the X-Wing.

Well, that and with the volume of fire that ISD was pushing his way, the TIEs also kept out of way. No need for the Empire to lose any more fighters when this ISD could target his snub fighter now.

Now if only that Action IV would move!

Checking the scanners, there didn’t seem to be anything approaching the big bulk freighter.

The Imps had tried to board the Starbound Wayfinder with a shuttle, but that plan had hit a ray shielded reinforced steel barrier called Wrasp and Slider!

Unsien was torn.

Part of him wanted to break to port and race out to the Polar Thrash to see if there were any fighters (or other shuttles) that needed him to swat them off. But with the Empire’s attention on his tiny X-Wing maybe it was better if the attention were kept away from the seemingly dead Action IV.

The other part of him wanted to break to starboard to dive into that swarm of TIE Fighters so that he could teach more Imperial pilots the invaluable mistake of fighting his Black and Blue death machine!

Okay, decision made.

The Action IV jerked forward as it started to streak into hyperspace.

“Alright, Scarlet! Let’s start the jump to hyperspace!”

The droid responded with an affirmative series of chirps and initiated the program while Break Out tapped the switch to bring his S-Foils into flight formation.

A quick adjustment to Scarlet’s calculations shaved a minute of the jump calculations and the Duros slipped into hyperspace.

Even the almost unobstructed panoramic view from the X-Wing was superior to everything else!
Well maybe that Alpha prototype fighter would be better. With it’s new bubble canopy.

But the light show in the X-Wing was still amazing!

Break Out was truly on top of the Universe!

Next stop. Mechis!


Cop pulled the headphones away from her sensitive ears as a woman screamed into the headset.
Aliz, Cop thought until the other Twi’lek responded with a “Mon cherie! Mes oreilles!”

“We have GOT to do this again sometime! Soon!”

Cop blinked. Who was that?

“Yes! Yes!” the woman continued excitedly.

“Sern?” Cop asked over the coms.

“YES!” Sern responded. Light, the woman sounded like she was in the midst of an orgasm!

Cop shook her head and her leku quivered. She couldn’t share the Mirialan’s excitement, not with her front seat view of the battle.

Worse, the Cold Hand had just loosed a deadly volley of heavy Turbolasers at the Starbound Wayfinder and that barrage of fire had swept aside the ray shields of the C-ROC with contemptible ease and battered the hull with deadly consequence.

Cop felt it a miracle that this ship had held together at all under that battery of plasma fire.

She tried to swallow, but her throat was parched dry and her hands shook.

She couldn’t stop her hands from shaking!

But they were safe now.

Weren’t they?

Cop turned warily to her left and glanced at the pilot chairs with their sole occupant.

Wrasp was decompressing himself from the fight and Ghost didn’t want to intrude. The fight had been stressful for their commander.


“Captain. Do you have orders for the crew?”

Note: This is where the Role Playing Game Session actually began.

Starbound Wayfinder

Now safe in hyperspace and with a twenty five hour trip to Mechis, most of the crew are given leave to get some much earned rest and relaxation. Most of them retire to their various quarters and sleep.

Aliz’fama, learning that her beau (and Sern) are trapped in their gunnery stations, notifies Captain Pooga, but he’s too exhausted to care. During the battle, the Starbound Wayfinder took a couple of hard hits from the Imperial Star Destroyer’s Heavy Turbolasers, which openned up some holes in the starboard side of the C-ROC. Presently, the cargo hold is opened to vacuum! (And the side gunnery stations are accessed via the cargo hold). Pa Pooga confirms that the two are “okay” and confident that they’ll survive for twenty five hours, heads off to get some much needed sleep.

Undaunteded, Aliz works with the available emergency gear to brave the vacuum and rescues her two ship mates from a twenty five hour ordeal trapped in their gunnery stations without food or water.

Aliz is also motivated with alone time with her boyfriend. But she also gets Sern out as well.

Later . . .

During his downtime Wrasp looks up the general information about Mechis and learns that the world is owned by Mechis Corp a subsidiary of KDY. The world is a mostly self sustaining planet with near totla robotic automation devoted to the production of robots. It is the leading manufacturing world in the Galaxy for the production of the latest most innovative robotic designs with licence to produce just about any robot currently available. The on world staff numbers twenty people.

Before arriving, Wrasp briefs the crew on their mission to Mechis.

During the battle at Queyta the Rebel Alliance was able to destroy all of the Vulture Droids and ground based attack robots, but the five capital ships fled the system. DC-01’s job is to locate and (hopefully) destroy these assets! (1 Nebulon B Frigate and 4 Marauder Assault Corvettes). Failing that, the Alliance Navy want’s to know the location of these five ships so that they can destroy them.

DC-01 retrieved a Proxy Droid, working with this droid army and Rebel Intelligence was able to learn that the systems of Mechis and Geonosis may provide leads.

Wrasp’s plan is to talk with the people running Mechis and see what he might learn.

He orders that the transponder be switched from the Yellow Duck to one of their identities that hasn’t been burned yet. Wrasp opts for the Azure Duster identity.

Once the team arrives, Ghost starts scanning the system. There isn’t a lot of traffic in orbit at Mechis, but that’s not unussual, per Ghost and Duster.

Ghost determines that there is one ship on her sensors and it’s in an unussual location. It’s heading away from Mechis and it kills it’s engines shortly after the Azure Duster’s arrival.

Ghost positively identifies the ship as a GR-75 Transporter. Since it’s not a Neb-B or a Marauder, Wrasp ignores it.

Ghost also locates a substantial debris field orbiting the planet of Mechis, but it doesn’t pose a navigational hazard to the C-ROC.

Boomer declares a medical emergency and requests clearance to board the Azure Duster. Boomer is suffering from the Valarian Flu (Mirialan strain)

Without any threat, Wrasp authorizes her to board the ship. Duster opts to stay out and to continue to fly escort. She’s been to Mechis before and is terrified because her last visit went poorly.

Break Out has not arrived with his X-Wing . . .

Ghost is contacted by the Mechis ground control and begins a conversation with a C3 protocol droid named C3-B9.

Wrasp reports to B9 that their ship is damaged and requests the opportunity to affect repairs. B9 reports that they are willing and able to facilitate any needed repairs.

B9 invites the Azure Duster to land and they are given clearance and an approach pattern to land next to the Customer Service/Reception (CSR) building.

Wrasp asks about the human personel available on the planet and B9 reports that they are unavailable currently. Both the Director and Sales Director are out with medical issues. But B9 is unable to provide details and claims that he doesn’t have any details to provide.

Shortly after signing off with B9, Break Out arrives in Red Duck (his X-Wing).

After being brought up to speed, Break Out also opts to fly escort until they land.

This is the first time for most of the crew to visit Mechis and visually, Mechis is an ecological mess. Most of the world is obscured in factory smoke (smog) and polluted clouds. There are rivers and lakes on fire evident during descent and they notice the obvious scarring from long term strip mining.

However the CSR is on a somewhat remote island and mostly separated from the worst of the pollution.

Other than site seeing, the descent to Mechis is quiet. Wrasp and Slider are piloting the Azure Duster down and are able to handle the wounded ship well enough in spite of the difficutly of dealing with the yawing that accompanies the damage to the starboard side of the Gozanti C-ROC.

Wrasp is looking forward to affecting repairs to his ship once he is able to discuss this situation with the ground crew.

The island that they live on has three structures immediately apparent. The CSR, is close by and there is a warehouse in close proximity. In the distance is a shallow but huge geodesic dome covering a lush forested area.

No one is readily in the area of the landing pad and Wrasp puts together a group to check in at the CSR. Break Out lands his X-Wing next to the Azure Duster while Duster continues to fly overhead in her Y-Wing. Break Out joins Wrasp. Slider joins up with Wrasp and the Commander asks Aliz to secure a cargo. She joins the trio so that she can talk to the sales agents at the CSR.

As the four of them disembark and walk toward the CSR Building a C3 Protocol droid emerges and approaches the group. The droid introduces himself as B9 and welcomes the group. The droid begins discussing the droid purchase options available from Mechis.

C3-B9 leads them into the reception area of the CSR Building and the automated lights begin to click on. The area were a receptionist might sit is unoccupied.

B9 tries to offer the group refreshments as they will be waiting for a bit, but all four decline.

Wrasp tries to press B9 for more details about the human staff and once pressed B9 drops his pretense and announces that its time for them to die!

From the back room, B1 Heavy Battle Droids enter, armed and ready for a fight!

Wrasp rapidly draws his disintigrator pistol and blasts the malignant C3-B9 into pieces.

The fight turns into a retreating fight from the CSR building as five B1 Battle Droids push forward at shoot (mostly) at the retreating team members.

Aliz asks Wrasp for a weapon and Wrasp initially declines. He’s upset that the Twi’lek came unprepared for combat and urgers her to get back to the ship as soon as possible!

The team quickly exits the CSR, chased by the Battle Droids and Slider is able to jam the door shut with his blaster (after failing to close the door with the switch. The droids claim to have control of even the doors).

Once outside and now armed with his light saber, Wrasp relents and hands Aliz with is Blaster Pistol after watching Aliz beg a pistol off of Slider (without success).

Outside there are two colums of B1 Battle Droids approaching the ship and attempting to cut off the PC’s as they flee toward the CSR.

The PC’s mostly take light damage as they flee toward the Azure Duster while Break Out races to get back into his X-Wing.

Wrasp notifies Ghost that they are in combat and asks his team to man their weapons on the Azure Duster.

With Duster flying overhead, she wipes out almost the whole closest column with the last of her Proton Torpedoes. This gives the ground team the openning that they need to get back to their ships, but Aliz is downed.

Wrasp and Slider grab the fallen Twi’lek and drag her onto the ship. Slider applies a Stimpak and barely revives her. Meanwhile, Wrasp races up to the bridge so that he can get his wounded ship off the ground ASAP! Wrasp is joined shortly after by Slider and the two of them are able to get the transport off of the ground quickly.

Between the Y-Wing straffing the droids, Break Out’s X-Wing, and the guns on the Azure Duster which are brought to bear, the team disperses the droids after destroying about 25% of the Battle Droids.

Wrasp then orders his team to fly towards the geodesic dome.

Wrasp is looking for a way to get his team into the dome without landing next to the obvious ground enterance and asks Break Out to “make a hole” in the top of the dome.

Break Out is easily able to shatter several of the top panels with his X-Wing’s Medium Laser Cannons, but it’s still too small for Wrasp and Slider to pilot the C-ROC through the hole. Instead, the Kel-Dor brings his transport into a hover over the top of the dome and tries to figure out a way to insert a team down to the ground (with the X-Wing and Y-Wing flying escort).

They don’t have a lot of time to think about it as Ghost picks up a cluster of small ships inbound to their location (Range is L+2). Ghost directs Break Out and Duster onto an intercept course.

And the session ends!