Log 20210329

Midday Onesday on CD 7-02.

Ghost cries out and vectors Break Out (Red Duck) and Duster (Green Duck) on a North North East vector.

She has detected between a dozen and a score of small airborne craft headed straight at the Azure Duster. Ghost also reports to Wrasp that the two air traffic radars have switched from general sweep to directed targeting! (One located close by on the east side of the island and the other one located on the west side of the island).

With the Azure Duster hovering above the habitat dome, Wrasp kicks the drives on and starts heading east, while pulling to starboard (away from the inbound unknown fighters) while Ghost calls the rest of the crew to combat stations!

They’re already at combat stations, but Aliz (Spice) stumbles out of bed and heads out to man the dorsal quad turret. She’s barely ambulatory but stumbles off to combat.

Break Out and Duster can’t even detect the inbound fighters and are relying on Ghost to vector them into the fight. They both direct their shields to double front and try to boost the forward shields until they merge with the enemy. (Boosting shields fails for both of them).

Wrasp and Slider (both piloting the Azure Duster) pilot their ship toward the east radar tower and notify Devo and Shiny (manning the port side weapons batteries) that they’re approaching the radar and that they intend to destroy the radar tower.

Wrasp and Slider also notice that the port side shields appear to be failing. That’s the side that the inbound fighters are coming from!

Break Out and Duster verify the inbound bogies and brace for combat. There’s close to twenty fighters and they’re clearly smaller than the X-Wing and Y-Wing that the Duros and Human (respectively) are piloting. Both pilots recognize the ships as they merge and report that they’re fighting Clone Wars era Vulture droids! (Which the group has already encountered)!

During the Merge, Break Out is able to blast two of the Vulture fighters and Duster takes out one on her own.

The programming of the Vulture droids isn’t up for a Merge attack and though several of the older fighters attempt to attack Break Out and Duster, none of them are able to land an attack on either of the rebel fighter craft.

Four of the Vultures continue to race toward the Azure Duster while the surviving Vultures break left and right to swirl back toward the rebel fighters.

Duster pulls out a Koiogran Turn then performs a Full Throttle to chase down the Vulture Droids that are attacking the Azure Duster. Due to Full Throttle, she is able to catch up and take out the Vulture Droids each in turn.

Meanwhile Break Out starts with a Tallon Roll (to his starboard) to intercept half of the other Vulture Droids. This allows Break Out to turn in tighter with his X-Wing than the Vultures. Scratch two more Vultures!

Next, Break Out pours on Full Throttle, boosting his X-Wing to speed 6. Break Out turns tighter to avoid the Vultures behind him from getting into range and attacking him from behind.

Duster is doing great taking out her Four Vultures and reports that the droid fighters aren’t even trying to avoid her fire!

Break Out executes another Koiogran turn, facing the fighters that he just outpaced and engages them in another Merge attack. With the small attack window, the Vultures fail to hit Break Out again yet the Duros scratches another two Vultures in his pass.

Azure Duster gets into range with their light turbo lasers to the east radar tower and Wrasp turns his C-ROC so that his gunners can line up a shot. Devo is able to send a salvo and takes out the radar tower.

Wrasp then turns to starboard, pulling away from the Vultures inbound, so that they are running a tailing engagement, giving Duster the maximum time available to finish off the Vultures.

Break Out continues his one sided slaughter of the Vulture Droids in a couple of minutes and clears the skies.

Wrasp asks Break Out to take out the nav radar located on the west side of the island.

Duster brings her Y-Wing along side the Azure Duster to fly escort while they return to the residential dome.

The scopes are clear and there are no signs of enemy opposition on the ground.

Wrasp sets down in front of the dome’s main entrance and they set up a team to head into the dome to investigate.

Wrasp, Break Out, and Slider head in on foot.

The trio are able to enter the bio dome with little delay. There is an air lock system to keep the air pollutants dominant on the planet from getting into the bio dome and the locks are just there to make it easier to keep the bio dome clean. (That’s going to become impossible shortly now that Break Out has blown the top of the bio dome open). There’s still a positive inner air pressure inside the bio dome so the air is fresh.

Inside the dome, the landscape is covered in plenty of green shrubs and trees. There is a clear and wide road that leads into the dome and there are meandering roads that lead to twenty obvious homes. Studying the hillside, it’s obvious that there have been scores of other residential homes like the ones present, but all were abandoned and or torn down centuries ago.

The greenery around the twenty homes are carefully maintained.

The trio begin walking in the bio dome to check and see if they can find anyone alive in this area.

They notice lawn maintenance droids still tending to the yards and taking care of the greenery, but there’s no sign of people or vehicles. All of the homes are large and structurally identical. The exterior decorations are all slightly different (colors and some trim details). And each home is settled on a four acre sized plot. Big homes on large well maintained yards.

After walking past about eight of the homes, the team decide to see if they can enter one of the homes.

They gain entrance easily enough and are greeted by a C3 series protocol droid who is happy to greet them. It introduces itself as C3-11 with the nickname “Won-Won.” It serves Camkeel Blakew and it hasn’t seen her in 283 days. The droid offers to prepare the three refreshments, but the three decline.

Camkeel awoke as normal 283 days ago and headed out to the CSR building for an early morning meeting.

Won-Won has no problem with the three heading upstairs and the team find themselves in an open home office environment.

With a terminal!

Wrasp asks if either of them know how to slice a computer and Slider is able to easily access the system.

Camkeel Blakew is the team Bookkeeper and her job was to post accounting transactions. They’re huge but everything seems normal up until 283 days ago. And then there’s nothing else recorded!

They check her email accounts and there is nothing unusual in the communications. Everything seems normal up until everything just stopped 283 days ago.

Without further investigation the team heads out to see if they can find anyone else.

None of the other homes are any different. They’re well maintained and there are sufficient droids to take care of them in evidence, but no people.

With no change to tip them off, the three approach another home.

They ring the bell and are greeted by another C3 droid named C3-B8 aka “Bait.” This droid was serving an Engineer Rodntris Chaask who also attended an early morning meeting at the CRS 283 days ago and Bait hasn’t seen anyone since!

Bait confirms that Chaask received a comms call from the Human Resources Supervisor Yveayan Hallpoo that morning and headed out to an early morning meeting at the CSR.

The team heads upstairs and hacks Chaask’s terminal and confirm that there isn’t anything unusual in the communications on Chaask’s calendar. They note that Chaask should have left a couple of weeks again for a vacation. But again, no activity is on his system after he disappeared 283 days ago.

Wrasp decides to pick up one of the local air cars so that the three of them can return to the CSR while leaving the Azure Duster at the bio dome.

The team finds a four person vehicle but because the vehicle has been abandoned for almost a year, the three of them can’t get that air car up and running.

Chaask (the engineer) has plenty of tools and a two person coup. They are able to get the two person air car up and running, but it takes some work.

Also, to help Boomer, the three of them raid Chaask’s tool kits and load them up. They’ll transfer the tools onto the Azure Duster.

Opting for the operational air car, Break Out decides to take his X-Wing to the CSR while Wrasp and Slider use the Aircar.

A while later, as the sun sets, the three of them arrive at the CSR to investigate.

The remains of the droids that they destroyed are still evident and when they enter the CSR and the lights flicker on when the three enter.

There are six offices in the CSR belonging to the HR Supervisor, Sales Director, the Chief Financial Officer, and Security Specialist.

In turn the team checks a couple of these offices for information. Chillingly there is little more known. Each office is personalized, and have been cleaned and maintained by the service droids for the past year. But business seemed to be going very well up until 283 days ago when everything just stopped.

Searching through the local records, the team learns the location of the Central Control Center (C3) and the Product Improvement and Testing (PIT). Both are located well West and slightly North of the island housing the CSR. It’s far enough away that the trip will take a couple of hours flight time with the Azure Duster.

However, they are reticent to head to the meeting room as that was the location of the last meeting.

The meeting room is clean and even has a relatively fresh tea service set up. (Weird).

The three search the room more closely and find that this was the location of a slaughter. Under some of the base boards and under the feet of the table, they find dried blood where the cleaning droids weren’t able to clean.

They also find evidence that some of the walls were damaged (and subsequently repaired) by a light saber.

It seems to confirm that the Obi-Wan Proxy droid was here earlier!

The trio check with building waste disposal system (looking for human remains) and they determine that while there is cleaned blood, there are no other evidence of the slaughter (no bones).

It’s now after nightfall but the team heads over to the warehouse.

Break Out flies his X-Wing over and noticing the delivery rail line to the island, Break Out attacks the line and severs the train line (hoping to keep another batch of Droids from arriving at the island).

Instantly its obvious that there was a battle here. Ship based medium and small laser canons were used in a battle here, quite some time ago and there’s carbon scoring and blast hits from scores of small arms blasters too at the warehouse. The main door to the warehouse (facing the CSR Building) are already open but the warehouse is bare. There is no stock stored in the warehouse and after searching the building, the three of them only find three droid parts and some left over packing panels. But the warehouse has been emptied out.

Wrasp decides to head out to the C3 next and since it’s a trip that will take a couple of hours, he asks that Break Out and Slider (as well as himself) get some sleep.

Break Out and Duster fly out with their X-Wing and Y-Wing and let the droids pilot the fighters on the two hour trip.

Devo is asked to pilot the Azure Duster to the C3.

It’s a quiet trip, but Devo hits the ground pretty hard and the landing awakens the team. Ghost’s announcement on the PA is unnecessary.

Wrasp, and Slider disembark the Azure Duster as Break Out lands his X-Wing next to the C-ROC.

They are approached by a pair of Battle Droids who threaten the destruction of the approaching team “Die Biologicals!” but the two droids are quickly and easily dispatched.

The C3 has a simple airlock system (to keep out the pollution) and after entering the C3, the team find themselves overlooking a recessed command and control center. There are eight B1 Heavy Battle Droids (just like the ones that were met outside) being controlled by a T Series command droid.

A battle breaks out and it looks like the three may have met their match! Fatigued and walking in with a couple of battles of wounds already, the team trade fire and blows with the eight droids. None of the PC’s are downed during the fight, and the trio maneuver into the pit, taking cover behind control terminals. They systematically overcome the eight Battle Droids and then turn their attention to the T Series command droid.

When Wrasp approaches the droid, it introduces itself as T-LMN8R and indicates that the battlefield is cleared and it accepts defeat.

Wrasp demands that the droid “Tell me everything!”

This could be a very lengthy response . . .

“A. First letter of the alphabet. Noun, often capitalized, often attributive . . .”