Log 20210419

Pa Pooga, Slider, and Break Out begin their interrogation of the T series command droid T-LMN8R at the Control Command Center (aka C3) on Mechis.

Wrasp (Pooga) demands that T-LMN8R tell him “Everything.”

The command droid points out the impossibility of the task demonstrating that the Kel-Dor’s biological functions would cease before the Droid could accomplish that task and that if a direct electrical interface were permitted to be set up, the T-Series droid would simply melt Wrasp’s brain in the process.

Wrasp and Break Out try to ask the droid for further questions, but the droid refuses to give up any tactical data.

T-LMN8R may not have any current troops to command, but a nearby factory is preparing to finish a batch of 120 B1-B Heavy Battle Droids and another 18 Vulture Droids. In about 82 minutes those reinforcements should arrive.

Wrasp asks Slider to log into the C3 systems and to order a shut down of the factories.

T-LMN8R retorts that will be unnecessary as he’s already commanded a shutdown of the planet’s factories.

Wrasp is indignant that a factory is going to produce finished droids, but ALL factories are ordered to shut down?

T-LMN8R replies that both statements are true.

Wrasp and Break Out threaten to destroy T-LMN8R with their lightsabers and the droid scoffs at the notion that the ‘biologicals’ think that he’ll be destroyed if his ‘hardware’ is destroyed.

Wrasp asks if it’s because the T Series droid doesn’t feel pain, but the droid objects. It has several malfunction sensors so it can detect ‘pain.’

As an object lesson, Wrasp and Break Out each removed one of its arms (using their lightsabers).

Meanwhile Slider struggles to get past the firewalls that T-LMN8R is trying to block his access. But the Bothan is able to bypass the security. Slider discovers that, yes all production on the planet is undergoing a systematic series of shutdowns, with the final factories scheduled to be shut down last. Slider doesn’t get a good picture of what’s happening before turning to the task of shutting down the local factory.

Wrasp and the Command Droid continue to trade barbs. The Droid reveals that it’s satisfied with it’s capacity to complete it’s mission and that the world was due to be abandoned anyway, especially in light of Wrasp’s allies arrival two weeks ago.

The droid also informs Wrasp that in spite of the disguises on his ship, that he recognized his team.

When Wrasp tells the Command Droid that he’s looking for the location of the ship Command One, T-LMN8R responds that the Nebulon B was never assigned to its Order of Battle.

“Bingo!” Wrasp thinks. He’s confirmed that the droids are connected to Command One and the Obi-Wan Proxy Droid.

Wrasp asks T-LMN8R about the GR-75 in orbit, but the Command Droid declines to comment on his “current assets.” He indicates that the plan was to relocate the assets out of the system.

Wrasp’s communicator chimes and it’s Ghost. She reports to her Commander that there are scores of ships launching from the surface of the world all headed to break orbit. The ships are smaller bulk freighters of various unrelated design, but mostly CEC models (From what she can determine at a glance).

Wrasp wants to take direct action against the battle droids coming online in about an hour and asks Slider to try to locate where that facility is on the planet.

Unfortunately, the geographical mapping data has been erased! Slider has no way to locate that factory!

Wrasp decides that it’s time to bug out! He and Break Out dismember T-LMN8R further and grab the parts. They want to take it back to the Alliance to see if their computer technicians can glean more information (like they previously did with the Obi-Wan Proxy Droid).

Wrasp stops by Engineering and asks Goldie to plug into the remains of T-LMN8R to see what the astromech droid can learn. But Wrasp needs to get his ship into orbit, so he heads immediately off to the bridge to get his ship off the surface.

Take off is uneventful, but the Azure Duster is slower than most of the smaller ship that are headed out of orbit, so the C-ROC won’t be able to catch up with any of the fleeing bulk freighter and merchant ships.

The fleeing enemy transport ships are all lining up and taking off into hyperspace all on the same exit trajectory towards the Galaxy’s Rim along the Corellian Trade Spine. But they could also deviate along the Rimma Trade Route as well as that junction is just point two parsecs out.

Lastly, Ghost detects the arrival of four very large contacts via hyperspace.

She determines quickly that they are Imperial Star Destroyers and learns that one of them is the Chimera!

With Thrawn’s reputation preceding him, the Rebels expedite their exit of the Mechis system!

They Depart on CD 7-22 on Twosday with an ETA to their home base on Kirdo III three days later.

Most of the ground team are injured and spend most of their time in bed after Slider tries to tend to the wounded (Primarily Wrasp and Break Out).

Wrasp does check in on Goldie’s progress with the T Series droid, but Goldie is still working on processing the information . . .

When they arrive on Kirdo III, they aren’t in much better shape as their crew doesn’t have a medic to take care of them.

Rachel Starrunner has the on base medical team grab the wounded and taken to the med bay.

A couple of days later the three wake up after being tended too. Their wounds are healed and injuries have had sufficient time for recovery. They’ve been under for about three days so they are back up and running on Lightday.

Rachel is eager to talk to Wrasp about his insights on the operation.

Rachel Starrunner also informs Wrasp that Marhan Gadhan (Stitches) has officially transferred and joined a Mando team and will not be able to act as the team’s medic.

Rachel has also been trying to find crew who can help fill some of his vacant gunnery slots and has assembled some personnel to interview. And in light of the fact that they “lost” their medical droid Rachel scrambles to see if she can find a volunteer to fill that open slot too. Rachel prepares for the team to interview the candidates the following day.

On Onesday morning (CD 7-28) Rachel starts by introducing three Gunnery/Able Space Crew candidates.

The first is a young Iktotchi named Anvo Neji. He’s a call level headed kid fresh out of Alliance basic training. He equivocates to a lot of the questions asked of him as they’re too “hypothetical.” Wrasp assigns him the call sign “Tusk” due to his side horns.

The second recruit is a Mustachioed Human with black hair from Alderan (named Mash Biliggass). He’s already an experienced spacer and joined the Rebellion seeking the best opportunity to blast as many Imperials as possible motivated by revenge. He (and Break Out) takes umbrage when he’s accused of being a smuggler, but “Mustache” seems awfully motivated by money (besides revenge). The three are impressed with Mash and he’s eagerly hired and reassigned with the call sign “Magnum.”

The last recruit is a squared away Sullustan who’s taken care of this uniform and looks like he’d fit in well in any navy. He comes off as a bit clumsy, but he answers the questions like a team player motivated to look after his teammates.

After interviewing all three, ultimately all three are added to Wrasp’s crew.

Next the medical applicants.

There are four potential medical applicants and Rachel Starrunner introduces each individually.

The first medic is a nervous Gran who twitches nervously and trips his way into the bay (in spite of the fact that there is no hindrance from the door).

He looks down when he gets in front of the player characters.

“I’m Gutag Sheeps. New medical recruit. My rebel trainers called me ‘Thumbs?’ I don’t think that’s necessary. Everyone has two thumbs. Right? Besides, I attended and graduated from medical school at Capra University before volunteering to join the rebellion.”

His interview doesn’t go well and when he’s asked if he’ll “Suck out the wound!” Sheeps balks at the notion and mumbles something about there being a tool for that. He’s quickly dismissed.

The second medical recruit is an Arkanian dressed in a white surgery gown and is consulting a datapad as he enters. He wraps up his notes and introduces himself, “I’m Dr Var but for all of the obvious reasons, you may call me ‘Prime.’”

Prime then recommends a custom respirator cybernetics upgrade for Wrasp. It quickly becomes obvious that Dr Var is eager about cybernetics. When asked about lightsaber wounds, Var indicates that he’d be able to easily install a cybernetic upgrade.

During the “stunned patient” test (Yes the PC’s shoot and stun someone to see how the medics react) Var is insulted that he’s been asked to deal with such a menial medical issue.

Var is up for serious consideration.

The third applicant is a tall blond human female with dark brown eyes. (She’s just as tall as Slider).

She walks easily into the room and smiles easily and pleasantly as the stops before the interviewers.

“I’m Iassin Seevins, and I just graduated from the Theed medical school from Naboo. When I heard about this opportunity to serve as a medic for your team, I just got so excited. I’d love the opportunity to travel about the galaxy and meet new people and see interesting new things!”

When asked if she would “Suck out the wound” Seevins response is “Why does everyone ask me to do that?!?”

When questioned about dealing with lightsaber wounds, Seevins answers that those weapons are very rare and that she doesn’t anticipate having to deal with then. And then the PC’s all ignite their lightsabers.

Lastly, when confronted by a stunned patient, she gets agitated and shocked at someone being shot. She talks her way through but ultimately revives the stunned patient.

The last medical applicant is also a human female, but is a contrast to the new recruit. She is short, with reddish brown hair and has greying hair creeping in at her temples and has crows feet.

She struggles her way into the bay, wearing a backpack and lugging a heavy duffel bag. She also has a blaster rifle strapped to the side of the backpack. She drops the duffel bag on the floor and squares herself to Wrasp.

“Commander Pooga. I understand that you need a combat medic. I’m Amolle Vulpine. Call me Fox.”

“When do we leave?”

The team asks Fox about her medical background and she admits that in her youth, Fox started her anatomical training focused on how to make the body to stop working. But she’s getting a bit slower and can’t stay in the ‘teams’ in her old age. In order to stay as close to the action as possible, she took some medical training, learning how to sew, and patch people up to get ready for this.

Slider realizes that Volpine is the identity of a Naboo Expeditionary Security Forces operative, and lets Wrasp and Break Out in on that salient detail.

Yes, Fox admits that she has additional training outside of medicine that might be useful to the team.

When asked, Fox does have minimal gunnery training, but no experience. For her starships were simply ways for her to get from where she was to where she needed to be.

When asked if she would “suck the wound” Fox replies, “Nothing’s stopped me in the past.”

When asked about lightsaber wounds, Fox indicates that she’d patch the stump and grab the limb so that it could be reattached later.

For the ‘stunned patient’ drill, Fox enters the bay with her weapon at the ready and she scans the environment for a threat before tending to the patient.

The crew signs Fox up to join the team.

Wrasp has the four new recruits assigned to his team and invites them to get their gear transferred to the ship as they intend to leave soon.

There is a brief discussion about heading out to Geonosis but Slider asks if they could reroute to his home world of Bothawui due to the fact that Slider’s father has been murdered!

Well okay!

The team plans to check out that murder and then head on to Geonosis since both systems are relatively close to each other.

The trip from the rebel base on Kirdo III to Bothawui takes seven days with the team arriving on Twosday CD 8-06.

In preparation for their arrival to Bothawui, they select a new transponder identity for the Starbound Wayfinder and fly in under the identity of the Vigilant.

For landing instructions, Josus instructs the ground control that they are there under the sponsorship of Cadrec Nitheli (who is actually Josus sponsor).

The Vigilant is directed into the primary starport and lands without incident.

A corrogated box delivery truck arrives to greet the away party.

It’s clearly a cargo delivery truck and Josus, Wrasp, and Break Out are invited to take a seat in the rear of the transport.

They are delivered to the back entrance of a restaurant and are led to Cadrec’s on site office.

Cadrec offers to feed his guests a fresh meal (meanwhile just a couple of rooms down, a Bantha is being slaughtered. Very fresh indeed).

Cadrec asks Josus about the Yag’Dhul investigation in regards to the rumors of the Empire building a new Death Star and Josus reports that his team both confirmed the participation and tracked down a construction facility in Nkllon that was ultimately destroyed.

Nitheli’s contacts indicate that construction still may be ongoing. They’ll need to see if they can find new information or contacts.

But Josus is actually here due to the recent death of his father.

Nitheli confirms Jobai’s death and reports that Josus’ mother, Mari has moved into the home of Jobai’s brother and has married Josus uncle Morac!

Morac is also closely affiliated with the pro Empire factions on Bothawui. Additionally, during the past several months, the openly pro Rebel Alliance Bothans have been disappearing. As of now, the only members on the Bothawui Counsel are those who are in favor of the Empire as the other dissenting Counsel members have all mysteriously vanished!

Per Cadrec Nitheli’s sources, it appears that Josus’ father, Jobai was poisoned.

Next, Josus decides to visit his Uncle and Mother with Wrasp and Break Out accompanying their friend.

Morac, is defiant to the death of Josus’ father and resistant to Josus’ attempt to speak with his mother alone, “as the two have nothing to hide from the other.”

Eventually Morac relents and Josus and his mother retire to her bedroom. Meanwhile, Wrasp and Break Out are left to cool their heels in the ‘Blue Room.’

The conversation isn’t too productive. Mari is unconcerned about her late husband’s death and she encourages her son to abandon the Rebel Alliance as the Rebels are doomed to failure! Morac has it on good authority that the Empire has a new Death Star under construction.

Josus and his mother part ways on less than pleasant terms, but Josus updates Wrasp and Break Out with what he’s learned about the current situation on Bothawui.

Wrasp, upon learning that pro-Rebel individuals are disappearing on Bothawui, calls Aliz and informs her that all of the crew of the Vigilant need to stay aboard the ship.

Aliz is happy to convey that message to the crew, but the new medic is already off of the ship! Aliz did warn the woman that Wrasp would be unpleased with the unauthorized leave, but would the woman listen? No!

Wrasp comms over to Fox and learns that she is “hanging out with some old friends.”

No it’s not ‘safe’ to talk on a comms, but Fox can break away and meet up with the Captain later that evening and they plan on meeting in a couple of hours. Ultimately Wrasp asks Fox to see if she can learn anything from her friends about the construction of a new Death Star. She asks for and receives 100,000 credits to bankroll her operations.

Later that evening, under cover of darkness, Josus and his team borrow a stealth air car from his Sponsor (Cadrec Nitheli) so that they can approach the abandoned homestead unobserved.

Slider is easily able to get into his old home and restore the power generators. They team keep the lights off, but make their way into Jobai’s study.

The room has been emptied of the normal trappings of life (data terminals, desks, etc) but Josus is able to find a secret stairway that leads into a secret room below the house.

Better, Josus palm allows him into the room. The room contains a holo emitter that comes to ‘life’ with an image of Josus father Jobai!

While Josus collects the data stash left by his father, Break Out and Wrasp stay in the above floor office covering Josus’ back.

And it’s a good thing that they do!

Someone tries to sneak into the darkened room, but Break Out shoots the intruder in the back stunning them into submission!

Wrasp and Break Out prepare themselves for further combatants but no one else dares intrude!

Once Josus finishes his data transfer, the three check out the house and determine that no one else is present.

They grab the intruder, a female Bothan that Josus recognizes, It’s Mako Talhem, a childhood friend.

They grab her, stuff her in the trunk and return the stealth aircar to Josus’ patron.

Back at Cadrec Nitheli’s home, Mako is sedated for good measure to ensure that she remains unconscious for the remainder of the evening.

The group then return to the Vigilant for the rest of the evening and to prepare for another day of adventure on Threesday CD 8-07.